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10 CoderPad alternatives for 2023


CoderPad is a pre-employment interview platform that can help you hire programmers, but are there CoderPad alternatives that offer more features? What online assessment tools improve the quality of your hires without being too expensive or difficult to use?

Pre-employment screening should be a simple and positive experience for you and your applicants. Finding the right platform will improve your interviews and engagement with top talent.

Read this comprehensive post to find the best CoderPad alternatives for 2023.

What 10 CoderPad alternatives do you need to try?

10 CoderPad alternatives to try

According to a survey of 500 job seekers, 58% have declined open positions after a bad hiring experience. Further, 72% of candidates who have had a negative candidate experience have told others about it, either online or in person.

To keep top talent interested and safeguard your employer brand, it’s critical to provide the best candidate experience possible. These ten high-quality CoderPad alternatives are the best online coding platforms for hiring the right candidates and attracting top talent for your business. 

  1. TestGorilla

  2. CodeSignal

  3. Codeaid

  4. CodeBunk

  5. CodeInterview

  6. Coderbyte

  7. CodeSubmit

  8. Xobin

  9. Woven

  10. EmployTest 

Breakdown of CoderPad alternatives 

Do you need a quick summary of the key differences between CoderPad and its alternatives? Read our table below to get the most important facts. 




Free plan option

Customer support


Start with a free account or choose from the Pay-as-you-go, Scale, or Business plans for an annual fee of $300, $3,600, or $24,000, respectively

No live video interviewing feature


Live chat feature, dedicated help center, email discussions, training and onboarding tour, and phone calls


$30,000 per year or $10,000 per year for a three-year subscription

No suitable tests for soft skills


Assistance via email and chatbots with helpful resources in the library and knowledge base


Free subscription

Not many features available

Completely free

Contact form


A small team of 4 members is $9, a medium team of 10 is $48, a large team of 20 is $126, and an extra-large team of 40 is $267 (fees are paid monthly)

No pay-as-you-go plan

No, but a free trial is available

Email support


Pay-as-you-go plan for three user accounts and $5 per interview or the Pro version for $55 a month with 20 interviews

Distracting UI features

10-day free trial with three free interviews

Sale team quotes, help center, live chat, text messages, letters, and phone calls


Prices are different depending on the add-ons selected (the highest price is $1,800 annually)

A lack of multiple spoken languages


Help center, contact form, and FAQs


Startup plan for $199 a month, Scaleup plan for $299 a month, and Business plan for $499 a month

A lack of ATS integrations

Only free trial available

FAQs and email support


Essential plan is $166 a month, Standard plan is $399 a month, and Enterprise pricing is available on request

Not enough technical questions


Phone calls, email support, and FAQs


Plans start at $3,500 per hire, but you need to request a quote from the team

Candidates run out of time when completing assessments

Only free trial

Contact form and phone calls


5 test credits are $199, 10 credits are $299, 25 credits are $599, and 100 credits are $1,999 (you may receive more if you have more than 200 applicants a year)

Unable to answer questions with shortcuts

Only sample tests available

FAQs, contact form, email support, and phone calls

What is a CoderPad interview, and what features need improving? 

Coderpad homepage

A CoderPad interview is an online integrated development environment (IDE) that interviewers and candidates can use to evaluate coding skills collaboratively. Both parties have the opportunity to write, execute, and debug code in the dedicated interview pad. 

You can also use this interview platform to design technical architecture and sketch coding ideas using the features in drawing mode. This virtual whiteboard encourages technical conversations that help you and your candidate draw basic coding structures. 

Pros of CoderPad 

CoderPad is simple and easy to use, which is great for candidates who are new to coding interviews. You can use front-end frameworks, live interviews, and drawing mode features as part of your technical assessment. 

List of CoderPad pros and cons

The code also runs quickly on all platforms, helping create a better coding experience for you and your candidate. 

Even though CoderPad is completely transparent about its features, you should still consider its disadvantages before making a final decision. 

Cons of CoderPad 

Below are some cons of using the CoderPad platform. 

Not suitable for large projects 

You can’t use CoderPad to design a comprehensive take-home project for candidates to complete. This is because you only get one link per candidate with a single technical question. If you want the interview process to be more detailed, consider finding another platform.

Minimal features on the free plan 

CoderPad’s free plan only gives you a limited number of interviews before you have to pay. The average price is $20 per interview if you exceed the free limit. This might not be suitable for beginners or startups. 

Support is only available through email 

There aren’t many support options on CoderPad’s website. Contacting the company via email is the only way to ask questions and receive advice, which can be frustrating if you want a quick answer. 

10 CoderPad alternatives that can improve your hiring process

Below are some CoderPad competitors you can use in recruitment. 

1. TestGorilla 

TestGorilla website homepage

TestGorilla is one of the best interview coding platforms in today’s market. 

You can create high-quality assessments that encourage candidates to use their programming skills. From entry-level algorithms to data structures, there are plenty of programming skills you can test. This online platform helps you screen candidates fairly by giving them an equal and unbiased experience. 

Studies show that online interviewing has increased by 49% since 2011. TestGorilla has accounted for this change to help companies build a professional and data-focused HR culture.

The platform is a top CoderPad alternative thanks to its growing library of programming skills tests. If you want to evaluate applicants easily and accurately while providing an excellent candidate experience, consider using this platform. 

TestGorilla customer review

Overall, TestGorilla has a user-friendly interface with a huge variety of coding problems, recruitment tools, and skill assessments that put your candidate’s knowledge to the test. Use the platform today to create your desired interview and hire the best talent. 


  • Free account 

  • Non-technical and technical tests

  • Wide range of applicant tracking system integrations

  • Plenty of support

  • Comprehensive test library

  • Mobile friendly

  • Anti-cheating precautions 

  • Custom tests and assessments 

  • Creative, user-friendly interface 

  • Outstanding customer service


  • No live video interviewing feature 

2. CodeSignal 

CodeSignal website homepage

CodeSignal is a technical interviewing platform that helps you to identify top talent without scanning through countless resumes. 

It has an advanced IDE that enables you to code collaboratively with candidates. This is great if you want to see applicants solving problems and designing code in real-time. 

Certain features, like its expert live interviewers and ability to prescreen work experience, make it a solid alternative in the programming industry. If you conduct fair and predictive evaluations, you’re more likely to attract candidates with strong programming knowledge


  • Good customer support 

  • Simple, easy-to-use editor

  • Fun and creative interface

  • High-quality questions 


  • No tests for soft skills 

3. Codeaid 

Codeaid is a free skills-testing platform that enables programmers and developers to display their knowledge. They can work on realistic projects that can help you determine whether they’re suitable for your organization. 

Codeaid uses a Git-based system to generate coding challenges for the candidate in a real-time interview. 

The in-depth coding system simulates a “real” environment to encourage candidates and interviewers to collaborate on a single interactive document. 

Most of this platform’s features are free, making it one of the top CoderPad alternatives for small businesses that need a pre-employment assessment product that’s easy to use and within their budget. 


  • More than one team can use the platform simultaneously 

  • Cancellations for test invitations 

  • The ability to tell whether candidates have cheated


  • Limited features 

4. CodeBunk 

Codebunk website homepage

CodeBunk is an online interviewing platform that offers collaborative editing, question banks, and text chats. You can also speak to candidates through video and audio calls during or after the interview.

The interview playback option prevents subjectivity during recruitment. Simply listen or watch the recording again to see how well the candidate performed. A read-eval-print loop (REPL) is also available to help evaluate and execute coding demands. 

One of CodeBunk’s unique features is its team invitations. You can invite your colleagues to access the central network of recorded interviews to help them keep track of how each candidate is doing throughout the hiring process. Features like this make CodeBunk one of the best CoderPad alternatives.


  • Online REPL shells

  • Communication through video, audio, or text chat

  • Real-time collaborative editing 


  • No pay-as-you-go option 

5. CodeInterview

CodeInterview is another online platform that lets you run code in real-time with candidates. This means you can track their thought processes and monitor how they resolve coding problems.

There are also templates that make creating interviews much faster. You can simply reuse questions in different programming languages to speed up the hiring process. This saves time and effort so that candidates won’t be waiting around. 

The virtual whiteboard enables you to provide feedback and tips to applicants. You can use it to illustrate problems when briefing candidates and reviewing their performance. 


  • Powerful code-editing tools

  • You can see how candidates solve problems

  • Code editor is easy for interviewers and candidates to use


  • The UI feature can be distracting 

6. Coderbyte 

Coderbyte website homepage

Coderbyte is a platform for technical interview prep and coding challenges. You can select from more than 1,000 challenges, more than 30 languages, and more than 100 skills in its library when designing your collaborative interview. 

It also enables you to design custom templates using multiple-choice, open-ended, or video response questions. The platform’s engaging questions will help you comprehensively test candidates’ knowledge and abilities.

One interesting feature is the ability to create private notes during the interview. This may be important if you want to give feedback at the end of interviews.


  • More than 30 supported languages and challenges

  • Several anti-cheating features

  • The ability to give text and video responses


  • A lack of language-specific solutions

7. CodeSubmit 

CodeSubmit website homepage

CodeSubmit enables you to create real-world engineering tasks that evaluate how each candidate uses their technical skills. It encourages you to perform fair and unbiased interviews that make candidates feel comfortable showing you their unique talents.

This platform collaborates with CodePair, a cloud-based editor. You and the candidate can share a coding environment with all the right tools.

CoderPad competitors like CodeSubmit reduce bias during hiring, improve the candidate experience in technical interviews, and save time. 


  • 70+ languages and frameworks

  • Ability to customize assignments 

  • Easy collaboration with candidates 


  • Not many ATS integrations

8. Xobin 

Xobin has pre-employment assessments and video interviews that enable you to screen candidates much faster than with CoderPad. There are also psychometric tests that determine whether candidates are suitable for your company. 

Certain features, like post-training tests, proctored exams, and flexible learning, can help meet your specific hiring needs.

One great thing about Xobin is its use of subjects in assessments. You can choose from HR, engineering, leadership, finance, sales, and marketing when creating interviews. It’s about matching your current roles with highly specific candidates. 


  • Mobile-friendly assessments

  • You can export reports to Microsoft Excel

  • More than 100 coding questions available 


  • Needs more technical questions

9. Woven 

Woven is a technical hiring platform that helps you discover top talent pools and candidates during the recruitment process. This way, you can spend less time reviewing applications for software engineering positions by conducting technical screening tests.

Woven’s same-day feedback and results also enable you to engage with candidates more actively.

Although 94% of candidates prefer to know when and why they weren’t hired for a job, 82% say they only get such feedback some of the time after an interview, which isn’t good for their experience or your hiring team. Woven acknowledges this by providing candidates with continuous feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. 

If you need a CoderPad alternative that’s quick and easy to use, Woven is a good choice. Each of the platform’s handpicked scenarios gives candidates a chance to show their talent. 


  • Reduces costs during the hiring process

  • Comprehensive library of questions and scenarios 

  • Personalized feedback for candidates


  • Doesn’t provide candidates enough time to complete the assessments 

10. EmployTest 

EmployTest website homepage

EmployTest is a pre-employment testing platform that helps you find suitable candidates. It offers more than 100 behavioral, aptitude, and skills tests that challenge applicants and encourage them to display their knowledge.

The platform’s friendly team will find dedicated employment tests that match the requirements of your open role.

You can also use it to reduce bias, retain top talent, and find skills gaps in your current team. 

EmployTest offers tests that assess attention to detail, cognitive reasoning, and general computer knowledge. You can scan through its many tests to create the best possible pre-employment assessment. 


  • Excellent customer service 

  • Comprehensive range of assessments 

  • Easy to share tests with candidates 


  • You can’t answer questions with shortcuts 

Open-source CoderPad alternatives

FirePad and Blindpad are two open-source CoderPad alternatives that are suitable for assessing programming experts. You can use either one to code with a candidate collaboratively, share documents with other users, and train new employees for your organization. 

FirePad is a collaborative text editor that makes use of “operational transform-based merging and conflict resolution” for recruitment. Candidates have the opportunity to fix common coding errors and build their own code design while the interviewer watches. 

Blindpad lets you code from any device. You can build a development environment while onboarding new hires. An open-source platform like this is great for enabling potential employees to show their coding knowledge. 

What platform do coding interviews use? 

You can conduct coding interviews with the help of CoderPad alternatives like TestGorilla. This online tool makes pre-employment screening easier and faster during the hiring process. Its purpose is to make the candidate experience better for every business.

Every candidate should have a positive and unbiased interview that gives you an accurate view of their skills.

Some other popular options include CodeSignal and CodeInterview. Both have collaborative editing and real-time monitoring features that show how the candidate is performing. 

What to consider before using CoderPad alternatives

You should look into each of these CoderPad competitors before making a decision. Remember to consider your budget and goals before taking steps to improve the hiring process.

TestGorilla is the best option if you want easy but effective interviewing features. Create your free account today to design high-quality assessments and hire the most professional programmers.


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