We raised $1.2 million to help you make better hiring decisions

Make better hiring decisions

Good news! We raised $1.2 million in seed funding from CapitalT and a group of international angel investors. We’ve been growing quickly as the pandemic continues to lead to an increase in remote work. In fact, we’re currently receiving 150 free trial signups a day from companies around the world!

Eva de Mol

In case you missed it, here’s the scoop on TestGorilla. The online skills assessment platform was founded by serial entrepreneur Wouter Durville and former Bain & Company partner Otto Verhage. And, believe it or not, we only launched last summer. We’ve been growing quickly thanks to our ever-growing test library and our robust feature set. Our primary goal is to make hiring more efficient and less biased, by allowing organizations like yours to use skills assessments at the top of the hiring funnel.

“We believe that TestGorilla has launched at the perfect time,” Eva de Mol, founder of CapitalT said. “There’s a real need to increase efficiency early in the hiring process as companies new to remote hiring are being flooded with more resumes than they can review.”

Eva isn’t just an investor. She’s also a happy TestGorilla user. She used the platform when she needed to hire an investment associate. She had over 600 applicants! Fortunately, she had included a link to an assessment in her job post. So 250 people took the assessment, and she was able to shortlist a much more manageable 30 candidates.

In addition to assessments, we provide one-way video interviewing functionality. As the trend towards remote hiring continues, this feature has led to an increase in user adoption. 

Also contributing to our rise is our focus on reducing the impact of hiring bias. Events in the United States have highlighted the opportunity for leaders in the HR tech space to make a positive impact in the fight for equality.

“The importance of diversity has never been more clear,” Wouter said. “We developed TestGorilla to allow hiring teams to focus on qualified candidates more efficiently and without hiring discrimination.”

We will use the funds to make TestGorilla the best it can be for our users. We’ll be continuing to develop new features and add new tests to our growing library of over 120 tests!

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