TestGorilla raises $10M to help companies hire the best talent

TestGorilla raises $10M to help companies hire the best talent

TestGorilla Otto Verhage Wouter Durville

At TestGorilla, we have worked hard over the last year to develop a platform that enables recruiters to remotely assess the most vital factors of job success efficiently, accurately, and without bias. 1,500 businesses, including the NHS, Sony, PepsiCo, and Bain & Company, use our tests to hire better, more diverse talent. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $10M in funding to further our mission to support your hiring efforts.

Wouter Durville of TestGorilla

The $10m funding round was led by leading European SaaS venture capital firm, Notion Capital, joined by global VC firm Partech, Jeff Weiner’s Next Play Ventures, and a group of high-profile HR tech entrepreneurs, including Indeed cofounder Paul Forster, Peakon cofounder Phil Chambers, and Justworks cofounder Isaac Oates.

“People are at the center of any successful business,” Jos White, General Partner at Notion Capital, said, “and yet the ability to find the best people is more challenging than ever. Companies are moving to more of a remote way of working at least in part to give them more pools of talent to hire from.”

Jos White of Notion Capital

According to White, another factor in their decision to invest was TestGorilla’s ability to reduce the impact of unconscious bias. In addition to the transition to remote work, more companies are prioritizing diversity and inclusion.

“TestGorilla fits perfectly with this rapidly changing environment with a platform that removes barriers and biases, and enables companies to find the people who are the very best match for a role wherever they are.”

Jos White of Notion Capital

This mission-driven approach was a key selling point for other investors as well.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with Wouter and Otto, who are on a genuine mission to tackle these major business and societal issues,” said Boris Golden, Partner at Partech. “This is exactly the right time to make it happen, with the growing digitization of hiring and the widespread awareness about the impact of unconscious biases.”

Jeff Weiner of Next Play Ventures

Jeff Weiner, Founding Partner of Next Play Ventures, said, “TestGorilla is a purpose-driven company that is helping to level the playing field when it comes to hiring. We’re excited to be working to help them realize their vision.”

Many of the hiring problems our cofounders, Wouter Durville and Otto Verhage, set out to solve in 2020 have been exacerbated by the pandemic. There has been a fundamental shift in how businesses recruit and hire new employees, making talent acquisition harder than ever.

As a result, recruiters have transitioned focus from resumes and experience to skills and intrinsic motivation.

Boris Golden of Partech

In response to this increased focus, we’ve dedicated ourselves to improving the essential hiring features of TestGorilla so you can continue to assess these critical factors with confidence. We’ll use this new funding to accelerate the continued development of our platform and grow the test library to cover even more of the job skills you need to evaluate during your hiring process.

“By developing our platform and growing our library of smart screening tests, we are making it easier for hiring managers—across industries and job roles—to make a fast, informed decision on a candidate based on the most important criteria,” Durville said.

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