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How to hire a skilled teacher featured image

How to hire a skilled teacher for your educational institution

Hiring new teachers for open roles in your school may be hard, in part due to the ongoing shortages in the United States and elsewhere.  As an administrator, you would benefit by leveraging a wide range of sourcing tools, such as teacher job boards, online platforms, and forums. Cast a wider net and consider recruiting across state lines and even from other countries.  Your hiring decisions will have a major impact on the quality of education your institution offers and on its drop-out rates and

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What is equal employment opportunity featured image

What is equal employment opportunity (EEO)?

Equal employment opportunity (EEO) is a principle that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. It guarantees fair treatment in employment decisions, such as hiring, compensation, and termination. In the US, various anti-discrimination laws protect EEO. Understanding these laws and your EEO responsibilities as an employer is crucial to avoiding potential fines and lawsuits.  This article explains how EEO benefits employees and employers and how you can comply with your o

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Quant interview questions featured image

7 quant interview questions (+ answers to expect)

Hiring talented quantitative analysts (quants) can be a challenge for many organizations. The specialized skills required for this role, such as math, statistics, and programming, can lead to candidate shortages and create fierce competition between companies striving to secure top talent from a limited candidate pool.  To secure skilled employees for your organization, it’s crucial to adequately assess candidates and avoid the costly mistakes of mis-hiring, such as wasted resources, reduced pro

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Bias in hiring featured image

Bias in hiring: How talent assessments help you focus on what matters

Even when you’re careful to hire consciously, it’s hard to avoid the fact that biases are innate. They aren’t always easy to identify in the heat of the moment, especially when you’re under pressure to fill an open role quickly. But the consequences of hiring bias are real. Bias in hiring decisions could lead to expensive mis-hires based on a misplaced “gut feeling.” Or, in a worst-case scenario, it could even result in workplace discrimination – harming your workers and your ability to attract

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hiring needs featured image

Identifying hiring needs: How talent assessments help you understand what to hire for

You’ve just hired a great new receptionist: He’s punctual, friendly, and organized. But there’s a problem. Half of your clients speak Spanish, and your receptionist only speaks English. You could have tested for Spanish language ability during hiring if you had recognized your clients' needs. But now you’ve made a mis-hire, worsening 50% of your customers’ experience. Understanding your hiring needs before you start recruiting is crucial.  A good hiring-needs analysis makes the difference betwee

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What is a recruitment management system featured image

What is a recruitment management system, and why should you use one?

The recruitment process can get complicated fast. Depending on the size of your organization, adequately assessing every candidate who applies for an opening can seem impossible. Even if your talent pool is small, keeping your hiring process organized and accurate is crucial to your organization’s success.  That’s where a recruitment management system (RMS) can help. It’s a significant upgrade from spreadsheets and flooded email chains. Using one can also save your business money by avoiding mis

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How to hire a data engineer for better decision making featured image

How to hire a data engineer for better decision-making

By creating and maintaining infrastructure that allows for efficient data collection, storage, and retrieval, data engineers can power everything from real-time analytics dashboards to machine learning models – all which help you make informed business decisions. Although many data engineers are highly skilled, the current job market is a melting pot of fresh graduates, experienced professionals, and coding cowboys. In fact, finding a candidate with the right soft skills, personality, and techni

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How to hire a financial advisor featured image

How to hire a financial advisor: Skills to look for and how to test them

Financial advisors play a strategic role in their clients’ financial health and help them make important financial decisions that will have effects for years to come. So, if you’re looking to hire a personal financial advisor, finding the right person is crucial for your financial future. And if you’re looking to recruit an employee for your team, the same is valid for your clients’ financial well-being: The successful management of their investment portfolios will depend on the expertise of you

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What is skills-based hiring?

Skills-based hiring is a hiring process where evidence of candidates’ skills, rather than other information such as their prior experience or where they were educated, is used to make hiring decisions. As such, employers set specific skill requirements and then measure for these skills. We’re all about skills-based hiring at TestGorilla, and the rest of the world is finally catching up. Skills-based hiring has had lots of press of late, with big names such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, CNB

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16 UX research interview questions and answers featured image

16 UX research interview questions and answers

User experience (UX) researchers provide insights that shape a digital product’s core design and interface. Hiring an unsuitable candidate for this role can damage how users view and rate your product, making it difficult to attract and retain customers.  It’s vital to create an airtight assessment process before hiring candidates for this role. The right interview questions can help you dive deeper into a candidate’s experiences, verify their knowledge with concrete examples, and evaluate their

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how to hire the best UX researchers featured image

How to hire the best UX researchers: Ultimate guide

User experience (UX) researchers are pivotal in informing your product design and ensuring it meets your target audience’s needs and desires. An unqualified UX researcher can miss important user insights, mess up your app or website interface, and push customers to competitors. Thus, finding the right UX research candidates and assessing their skills and traits thoroughly before bringing them on board is critical. However, knowing how to hire for this highly technical role can be challenging, an

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13 questions to ask in a digital marketing manager interview featured image

13 questions to ask in a digital marketing manager interview (with answers)

Knowing which questions to ask in your digital marketing manager interviews is essential to identifying the perfect candidate for your company. Otherwise, you risk hiring the wrong person, which can have serious consequences – from mismanaged marketing campaigns, blown budgets, and even a damaged company reputation. In this guide, we share 13 questions to ask in a digital marketing manager interview, each with example answers. We also explain how to combine interview questions with tests for mar

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