How TestGorilla helped TruTrip save money and improve the employee experience

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How TestGorilla helped TruTrip save money and improve the employee experience

How TestGorilla helped TruTrip save money and improve the employee experience

TruTrip is a Singapore-based company that aims to take the stress out of business travel management and make it more intuitive, useful, straightforward, and accessible.

To achieve this, the company combines the latest travel technology with Southeast Asia’s travel ecosystem into a simple and affordable travel-management tool for businesses of all sizes.

Hugh Batley, the founder of TruTrip, needed a way to reliably assess candidates’ skills when hiring and avoid mis-hires that cost the organization time and money – and had negatively affected teamwork in the past.


For TruTrip, identifying the right candidate for the job has sometimes been a challenge in the past which led to a few mis-hires and an unfavorable experience for both the current team and the newly-hired employees.

Collaboration issues were often compounding: If a new employee had trouble working remotely or lacked the necessary English skills to participate in discussions, this led to a negative cycle for the whole team. 

After investigating the core issues that led to this, TruTrip found out that hired candidates’ skills were not always on par with the company’s needs. 

Before using TestGorilla, the hiring process consisted of a CV review followed by two rounds of interviews.

Hugh found that this approach wasn’t delivering the consistent results TruTrip needed. For that reason, he decided to look for a solution that would enable him and the team to: 

  • Assess candidates’ skills without any bias 
  • Improve the probability of hiring the right candidate each time


The recruitment process now relies less heavily on CV screening.

The hiring team lets through more candidates they would have disqualified before and now uses skills testing to gain better insights into their skills. They’ve found that skills assessments are more accurate than CV screening.

Before giving pre-employment skills assessments, the HR team gets in touch with candidates to improve engagement and give the applicants enough information on their hiring process. Final hiring decisions always take test results into account.

Hugh needed a flexible solution that the team could use to hire across different disciplines, such as tech, travel, customer support and service, marketing and growth, and sales. 

He chose TestGorilla because of how simple and customizable the test path was. Hugh also appreciated the platform’s ease of use for candidates and the team.

TestGorilla made it easier for TruTrip’s team to identify strong applicants and make better hiring decisions. 


TestGorilla enables TruTrip to hire across many different disciplines and for different roles. It has helped the TruTrip team optimize their hiring process in a few ways. Specifically, it has: 

  • Given them a way to objectively assess applicants’ skills and knowledge
  • Helped them eliminate bias from the hiring process
  • Enabled them to make better hiring decisions consistently
  • Reduced their reliance on CV screening
  • Enhanced teamwork and communication
  • Improved the employee experience of new hires

“Our new hires appear to be a better fit,” Hugh says. “They become great contributors more quickly and, importantly, they appear to have a better initial experience with us.”

TestGorilla has helped TruTrip save money by avoiding mis-hires, which can be costly, especially in a small team. Reducing the probability of making a hiring mistake has helped the company save significant amounts of money. 

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