TestGorilla wins first place in Emerce’s Top 10 European Startups Awards 2022

Written by andres
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We’re pleased to announce that TestGorilla has won first place in Emerce’s annual Top 10 European Startups Awards.

The full list contains big names like Venly, a blockchain technology provider, and BeReal, an up-and-coming social media platform. TestGorilla took the top spot, inspiring the Emerce editors, VCs, bankers, and journalists from across Europe who decide on the award with our mission to put 1 billion people in dream jobs and abolish the CV.

In a recent interview with Silicon Canals, co-founder Otto Verhage set December 31st, 2029 as the date when CVs will be officially dead and buried, so mark your calendars!

Tom Dehouck, TestGorilla’s CCO, was at the Emerce ceremony to receive the award, which is the latest in a series of achievements for the company. Just this week, we were featured in Otta’s 2022 Rocket list, Leapgen’s quarterly list of cool HR tech, and Sifted’s inaugural Europe’s Rising 100 B2B list. TestGorilla has since been mentioned by WIRED UK as one of the hottest startups in Amsterdam.

TestGorilla’s CCO Tom Dehouck received the award

Just over the past year, we’ve seen a 295% growth in our employees, which just goes to show that the momentum is being recognized by candidates, companies, and thought leaders alike. We’re excited to find out where we’ll be another year from now.

If you want to join us in our mission to change the way recruitment happens, fight hiring bias, and make the world a fairer place, check out our careers page: We’re hiring and we’d love to meet you!

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