How TestGorilla reduced time to hire for SiddhiSai Web Solutions

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How TestGorilla reduced time to hire for SiddhiSai Web Solutions

featured image of a case study about SiddhiSai Web Solutions Solutions and how they benefited from TestGorilla

SiddhiSai Web Solutions is a software development company providing web and mobile development services to businesses around the world since 2011. 

SiddhiSai’s team has successfully developed websites and web applications for complex client projects, including online shopping, payment, commissions, communications and membership platforms, and CMS for iOS and Android. 

Pramit J, SiddhiSai Web Solutions’ owner, was looking to speed up and improve the hiring process and make it more objective and data-driven. 


Due to the complexity of SiddhiSai’s projects, correctly evaluating applicants’ technical skills and knowledge was crucial but not easy to do. Before implementing TestGorilla, SiddhiSai’s hiring process involved administering manual tests, which weren’t sufficiently reliable and resulted in bad hires. 

Manual tests didn’t allow Pramit to evaluate applicants’ skills correctly, and the hiring process was generally inefficient and slow. For this reason, he was looking for a solution that would allow SiddhiSai’s team to streamline recruitment, make it faster and more efficient, and provide him with an accurate understanding of candidates’ skills. 

To achieve this, he needed a comprehensive and easy-to-use testing platform that would allow him to administer skills tests quickly and efficiently, and which could provide him with unbiased, reliable results. He wanted to find a test that candidates could take at home, and that would also allow him to evaluate their capabilities of working remotely. 


Pramit chose TestGorilla for its ease of use and the possibility of creating custom tests and assessments for the skills he needs to evaluate in the hiring process. 

TestGorilla enabled him to:

  • optimize and expedite the hiring process 
  • accurately assess candidates’ technical skills 
  • avoid mis-hires

With TestGorilla’s skills assessments, Pramit and his team can evaluate applicants’ abilities and knowledge faster and with a higher level of precision.


TestGorilla has enabled Pramit to streamline the hiring process and make it faster, more accurate, and more objective, which has helped significantly improve the quality of hires.

According to Pramit’s estimates, TestGorilla has helped SiddhiSai’s team reduce the time to hire by at least a few weeks.

As a result, since implementing TestGorilla’s skills assessments in the hiring process, SiddhiSai’s productivity has increased. They’re now able to hire developers faster and remain better prepared to meet customers’ needs while always maintaining the same consistently high quality of work.

This allows Pramit to concentrate on business growth and performance and take on even bigger software development projects.

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