How CapitalT reduced hiring bias with TestGorilla’s skills assessments

How CapitalT reduced hiring bias with TestGorilla’s skills assessments

Reduce hiring bias with online skills assessments

Eva de Mol is a founding partner of CapitalT, a seed-stage venture capital fund that invests in dynamic teams that are making an impact in the world. Eva and her partners look for entrepreneurs that are working to contribute to building a better, more sustainable, and equal world.


Roles at CapitalT are highly sought after, with hundreds of candidates applying for job openings at the company.

Eva found that giving each candidate’s resume the time it deserved meant she was only able to get through about three resumes every hour. She had to find a way to be more efficient.

Additionally, diversity is one of CapitalT’s company values. It was important to them to find a solution that would increase the diversity of their shortlisted candidates.


The first time Eva used TestGorilla was for an investment associate role. She directed candidates to the assessment right off the bat.

“I was worried that people wouldn’t take the test—for a split second,” Eva said. “Then I thought. ‘If this is too much effort then I don’t think you’re the right candidate.’”

She used TestGorilla’s culture add test, along with our critical thinking and other analytical tests to get an idea of who might be a good fit for CapitalT.

Eva needed to find a way to spend less time reviewing resumes, while still identifying candidates with the skills necessary for the role. She also wanted a solution that would reduce the impact of hiring bias.

“What I like most is that if you use the filter in the beginning you have a lot less work, so you have a lot fewer resumes to check.”

Eva De Mol, Founding Partner, CapitalT

Public links is the TestGorilla feature that helped them the most. Using TestGorilla’s Public links for assessments, Eva was able to find out who was serious about the role, and who had the skills necessary to perform the role.


CapitalT’s investment associate job posting received over 600 applications, but by using TestGorilla, Eva was able to shortlist 30 candidates without reading a single resume.

Shortlisting with TestGorilla

And the anonymous nature of TestGorilla’s platform led to a diverse candidate pool and, in the end, they hired two diverse candidates.

“We ended up engaging with people we wouldn’t have spoken to solely on the basis of their resume which is very powerful.”

Eva de Mol, Founding Partner, CapitalT

If you’d like to see how TestGorilla can help you hire more diverse candidates and improve the candidate selection process, sign up for a free trial today.

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