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3 Best Pre-Employment Testing Software for API Integration


For companies striving to make informed hiring decisions, pre-employment testing software is a powerful tool for streamlining the recruitment process. 

These software services help assess candidates’ skills, aptitude, and organizational fit, providing valuable insights that can greatly inform the decision-making process.

The top products go beyond the standard features of the rest of the pack, offering seamless integration with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). 

API integration means that other software you use can “hook into” the testing platform to further automate your hiring process.

The best pre-employment testing software for API integration enables seamless connectivity with other systems and software, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) and human resource management systems (HRMS). 

This integration empowers you to effortlessly transfer candidate data, automate workflows, and generate comprehensive reports – all within a unified ecosystem.

With good API access, pre-employment testing software becomes a powerful catalyst for efficiency and productivity. It eliminates the need for manual data entry, reduces errors, and ensures data integrity across various platforms. 

API integration enables organizations to leverage the full potential of their existing tools and systems for a cohesive and streamlined recruitment process.

Top 3 talent assessment software for API integration at a glance 

Software provider name

Best for





Overall interoperability with third-party software

REST-based API, prebuilt integrations for over 14 ATS and HRMS

Quickly connect with the most common ATS, easy-to-use public REST API

Full API access for custom integrations requires the Business plan


Large businesses with ongoing recruitment needs

REST-based API, prebuilt integrations for around 7 existing systems

Retrieve and update test settings via API, API Explorer makes learning the iMocha API relatively easy

Requires a bespoke Enterprise plan for API access, Enterprise plan pricing isn’t transparent


Employers who want to present candidates with realistic work samples

REST-based API, prebuilt integrations for around 18 existing systems

Good API documentation, hire and reject candidates via API call

No integrations or API access on Pay & Go plan, bespoke tiered pricing on API usage (scales based on usage)

Top 3 talent assessment software/tools for API integration: Comparisons

Below, we explore the top 3 pre-employment testing software products that excel in API integration, offering a smoother and more efficient recruitment process. We look at the features, pros, cons, and pricing of each of the best talent assessment tools available.

Top 3 talent assessment software tools for API integration graphic

1. TestGorilla

TestGorilla is a comprehensive pre-employment testing platform that helps organizations assess candidates’ skills, aptitude, and cultural fit through various customizable tests, enabling data-driven hiring decisions. 

Best for: Overall interoperability with third-party software

TestGorilla is an excellent choice for businesses large and small, thanks to its free forever plan, huge selection of predesigned tests, and scope for creating custom assessments.

For companies looking for API support, TestGorilla offers an industry-standard HTTP-based public REST (representational state transfer) API. This API is well documented on the TestGorilla website, making it a breeze to create a custom integration with virtually any software you use.


  • Public HTTP-based REST API

  • Prebuilt integrations for many ATS platforms, including BambooHR, Greenhouse, Lever, and Freshteam

  • Publicly available API documentation

  • Strong technical support to help you create integrations via API


  • Instant integration is available with all of the most popular ATS platforms, including Breezy, Buk, Lever, and Zapier

  • Invite candidates, list assessments, retrieve candidate details, and get test results all through easy API access calls

  • Manage your candidates within your own system


  • Though ATS integrations are available with the Scale plan and above, full API access is reserved for the Business plan


  • Free forever at $0 - 10 free tests, including all personality tests.

  • Depending on the size of your company, paid plans begin with:

  • Starter from $75 USD per month ($900 per year paid upfront)  - start with skills-based hiring for all roles. There is also the option to pay monthly, starting from $85 USD per month.

  • Pro from $115 USD per month ($1,380 per year paid upfront) - maximize your hiring with advanced features. There is also the option to pay monthly, starting from $130 USD per month.


If you want to use other ATS or HRMS applications in tandem with your pre-employment testing platform, TestGorilla offers all the tools you need to do so. 

You can use one of more than 13 existing integrations or build your own integration with the simple yet powerful TestGorilla public REST API. 

TestGorilla’s customer success team is always available to answer any queries on how the API and integrations work, so you can get your complete automated recruitment system up and running in no time.

2. iMocha

iMocha is a pre-employment testing platform that provides thousands of skills assessments and coding challenges to evaluate candidates’ abilities and expertise. It can be used to assess a candidate’s coding skills, soft skills, domain skills, and communication skills, among others.

Best for: Large businesses with ongoing recruitment needs

iMocha is one of the more expensive pre-employment testing platforms, particularly if you need custom integrations with ATS and HRMS software, as this feature is reserved for the bespoke Enterprise plan. 

The Enterprise plan enables permissions for an unlimited number of recruiters and interviewers, as well as unlimited candidate assessments and interviews. 

Ultimately, it could be cheaper than a pay-per-test subscription with another provider if your company processes a huge amount of assessments on an ongoing basis.


  • Existing integrations with around nine CRM and ATS platforms, including Jobvite, Recruitee, and Zapier

  • REST-based API for custom API access


  • Where some testing platforms only let you retrieve data via an API, iMocha’s API includes some functions for updating test settings from external systems

  • You can invite people and cancel invitations via API

  • A web-based API Explorer tool enables you to test out API calls through your web browser before coding them into your software

  • It has both a sandbox and production environment, so you can test your integration before putting it live


  • Requires an expensive plan to gain full API access

  • The Enterprise plan, which includes full API access, is priced on a custom basis

  • Limited API documentation


  • Professional plan starting at $5000 per year for 3000 candidate interviews (no API access)

  • Custom pricing for Enterprise plan (with API access)


iMocha offers one of the largest libraries of pre-employment tests available today, backed by a solid set of features from live coding and whiteboarding to image proctoring and candidate ID verification. 

However, it offers very few integrations with third-party software on its Professional plan, and the Enterprise plan, which includes custom integrations via an API, lacks transparent pricing. 

3. Vervoe

Vervoe is a pre-employment testing platform that offers a range of customizable assessments and interview simulations to evaluate candidates objectively and efficiently. 

It stands out from the crowd because of its focus on AI-powered candidate grading and ranking, designed to show you the best candidates at a glance.

Best for: Employers who want to present candidates with realistic work samples

Vervoe also sticks out for its realistic work samples feature, where candidates can be presented with tasks and challenges they’d encounter in the actual job role. 

These interactive assessments can provide a more accurate representation of a candidate’s skills, abilities, and problem-solving capabilities as they pertain to the job at hand.


  • Prebuilt integrations with around 18 software programs

  • HTTPS-based REST API for custom API calls

  • 300+ ready-made assessments

  • Bulk invitations

  • AI grading


  • Vervoe’s clear and detailed API documentation means fewer mistakes when implementing a service

  • You can hire or reject a candidate via an API call


  • While Vervoe does offer integrations and API access, these features are only available with the two highest-tiered plans and custom annual pricing

  • Some integrations cost extra, including SmartRecruiters, Oracle Recruiting Cloud, iCIMS, and Fountain

  • For full access to the API, Vervoe requires you to pay per usage on a scheme with multiple pricing tiers, and you must contact the company for a precise quote


  • Pay & Go starts at $228 per year (no integrations)

  • Skills-based hiring with custom annual pricing (Limited integrations)

  • API skills validation with usage-based pricing (For custom integrations)


Vervoe offers a few interesting features designed to streamline the hiring process, particularly its customizable skills assessments, AI grading, and realistic work samples. 

However, for those looking for API access or third-party integrations, it’s important to remember that these features are reserved for the most expensive Vervoe plans, and several premium integrations are chargeable on top of the custom annual pricing.

Conclusion: Our top 3 choices

TestGorilla, iMocha, and Vervoe are the top choices for companies that want pre-employment testing software with excellent API integration. 

All of these services use a standard HTTP REST-based API and offer supporting documentation, making it easy to get a quick connection between your software applications. In addition, they all offer some integrations with existing ATS platforms out of the box.

TestGorilla pips the others at the post thanks to its transparent pricing plan. You can see at a glance how much TestGorilla API access will cost, whereas iMocha and Vervoe require a custom plan with bespoke pricing for access to API usage. 

Disclaimer: The information on TestGorilla competitors has been taken from the relevant competitor website and is accurate at date of publication.


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