How skills assessments improved quality of hire at MedX

How skills assessments improved quality of hire at MedX

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MedX is a medical billing company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Its team has years of experience in financial services and practice management, helping medical professionals streamline their billing and account management.

Kim Marr is MedX’s Director and Co-founder and is responsible for hiring new employees. She needed a solution that could help her accurately assess candidates’ skills and suitability for the job and the team.

Signing up to TestGorilla provided Kim’s team with both a more accurate understanding of candidates for vacant roles and a streamlined hiring process, allowing MedX to focus resources on maintaining its high standards.


Before implementing TestGorilla, MedX’s team relied on traditional interviews to get to know their applicants, assess their skills, and decide who to hire. 

However, this process proved inefficient as it didn’t provide enough insights into candidates’ abilities, strengths, and personalities.

Kim felt she didn’t have a way to accurately evaluate applicants’ suitability for the job and the company. This resulted in a number of bad hires, which negatively impacted the team’s productivity.

For this reason, Kim was looking for a solution that’d help her and her team optimize the hiring process and get an accurate understanding of applicants’ skills and personality types.


After looking at different options, Kim decided to go with TestGorilla. She was impressed with the variety of assessments to choose from, as well as with the platform’s intuitiveness and ease of use.

Kim appreciated the flexibility of TestGorilla’s pricing, too. She was pleased with the option to buy an assessment as and when she needed it without being locked into paying a monthly fee.

She liked the idea that the platform is accessible to small and mid-sized companies, and, according to her, it’s “economical even to non-US companies.”

At the moment, MedX’s hiring process is the following: 

  1. Kim places a job ad on a few websites
  2. She pre-screens the applications to shortlist suitable candidates
  3. She administers a TestGorilla assessment
  4. Based on the outcome, she interviews those who are a good fit

TestGorilla has helped her get to know her candidates better and make more suitable hiring decisions.


Since incorporating TestGorilla into their hiring process, MedX’s team has seen a significant improvement in the quality of new hires. 

Kim feels she’s now able to get a better understanding of shortlisted candidates, and she can accurately and objectively assess their skills, knowledge, and personality type.

This enables her to make the right hiring decisions each time and avoid costly mis-hires. 

As a result, she’s been able to concentrate on the core functions of her role and not waste time interviewing unsuitable candidates. Hiring new employees is now faster, easier, and more efficient.

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