How TestGorilla helped mDEVZ reduce their cost per hire by 30%

How TestGorilla helped mDEVZ reduce their cost per hire by 30%

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mDEVZ is a software development company that helps businesses across the globe build the software they need. mDEVZ can handle end-to-end projects, jump on a running project, or work alongside clients’ design teams.

The mDEVZ team has more than 10 years of experience and has worked with companies such as Autodesk and Electronic Arts. They have experience in many different domains, from videogames, multimedia, and desktop applications, to mobile applications and web systems.

Mauro Lopez is the Founder and Director of mDEVZ and needed a reliable way to test candidates’ coding skills. 


Prior to implementing TestGorilla, Mauro and his team would spend lots of time interviewing unsuitable candidates, resulting in a slow and expensive hiring process.

First, they would pre-screen candidates on the phone. After that, they would administer pre-defined tests via a shared screen with the candidates. Finally, a third call would focus on more technical questions. 

Mauro was looking for a way to test candidates’ coding skills and knowledge, and filter out unsuitable candidates before moving on to an interview. 


Mauro liked TestGorilla’s flexible and transparent pricing structure and was impressed by the variety of tests added to the platform over time. 

With TestGorilla, the mDEVZ team could rapidly screen out candidates who didn’t have the right coding skills and only concentrate on applicants who had the knowledge and experience they needed to succeed.

At the moment, mDEVZ’s hiring process is simpler and more efficient than before:

  1. The team pre-screens applicants
  2. They invite selected candidates to complete a TestGorilla assessment  
  3. They have a brief validation call with the right candidate to discuss the test and extend an offer

The screen recording history has helped them make sure candidates aren’t cheating.


TestGorilla helped the mDEVZ team create a robust recruiting funnel that allows them to filter out unsuitable candidates quickly and efficiently, saving a lot of money and time on recruitment. 

Mauro estimates that the company has cut the cost per hire and the time to hire by approximately 30%. This has allowed him to allocate additional resources to managing the company’s projects more efficiently.

Thanks to TestGorilla, mDEVZ has been able to avoid costly mis-hires, too. Three out of 10 candidates profiled looked very promising, but after administering a coding skills assessment, Mauro realized that they weren’t the right match for mDEVZ’s requirements.

As a result, the team avoided wasting time interviewing unsuitable candidates and hiring applicants who’d later underperform in the job. 

TestGorilla has helped mDEVZ significantly simplify and optimize its hiring process, filter out unqualified candidates, and consistently improve the quality of hire.

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