How McGillicuddy Hospitality transformed and scaled their hiring funnel

How McGillicuddy Hospitality transformed and scaled their hiring funnel

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McGillicuddy Hospitality is a team of hospitality operations consultants working with top international hotel and cruise brands to build world-class service programs. 

Darragh McGillicuddy is the Managing Director of McGillicuddy Hospitality and was looking for a smart solution that would help him and his team scale their hiring funnel efficiently. 


McGillicuddy Hospitality’s hiring process was very labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly.

Darragh and his team were mostly using LinkedIn Jobs or the services of external recruiters when recruiting for new roles at the company, which proved to be slow and expensive. 

In addition to that, Darragh was facing another challenge. Due to Covid-19, the market was flooded with talent, meaning he would need a way to effectively screen a huge number of candidates. 

For these reasons, he was trying to find an automated skills assessment solution to help his team optimize and scale their hiring funnel and make sure they were making the right hiring decisions consistently. 


Darragh needed a recruitment tool that would allow him and his team to leverage technology, speed up hiring, and make the recruitment process more efficient. 

After considering different platforms and seeing a demo of TestGorilla, he chose the latter because of its: 

  • Functionality and ease of use
  • Wide variety of ready-to-use skills tests
  • Transparent pricing model

Darragh was particularly impressed with the option to create customized questions, in which candidates are prompted to answer with a short video or an essay.

Using skills tests and asynchronous video interviews in the hiring process helps his team to pre-screen candidates quickly and efficiently. 

They now shortlist the most skilled candidates based on data and objective measurements: The test results provide the team with an instant overview of their talent pool and the skill set of each applicant, allowing them to quickly identify top talent to interview. 


Thanks to TestGorilla, McGillicuddy Hospitality’s team was able to optimize their hiring process significantly, greatly reducing their time to hire and cost per hire.

Darragh and his team no longer need to hire a recruiter to help them source the best talent — they are now able to handle their hiring process in-house from A to Z.

They also spend much less time scheduling and conducting early-phase interviews. Darragh estimates that the company is saving about €2,000 in hiring costs per position. 

“So far, we have made two successful hires in a fraction of the time and at much lower costs,” Darragh says.

McGillicuddy Hospitality now has a lean, funnel-shaped hiring process that produces highly skilled candidates for the final round of skills assessments and face-to-face interviews, after which a hiring decision is made. 

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