How INMATEC is making faster hiring decisions for complex roles

How INMATEC is making faster hiring decisions for complex roles

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INMATEC GasTechnology FZC is an international market leader in the production of on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators. Developed and produced in Germany, their systems are used by businesses all around the world. 

Morgan Meinecke is the Managing Director of INMATEC GasTechnology FZC. He was searching for a skills testing solution to optimize the hiring process and make it faster, more efficient, and more objective. 


Due to the complexity of the roles for which they were hiring, INMATEC’s team needed a reliable way to ensure that candidates had the necessary technical skills. 

Unfortunately, this wasn’t always easy. Although INMATEC’s recruitment process was quite resource-intensive, it still sometimes caused them to make the wrong hires.

Hiring decisions were based on candidates’ interview performance and manual test results, which took a lot of time and weren’t sufficiently objective. 

For this reason, Morgan was looking for a pre-employment testing platform that would allow the team to administer skills tests remotely and quickly filter out unqualified candidates.


Morgan was impressed with how intuitive and easy to use TestGorilla was and with the variety of the tests it offered. 

He particularly liked how customizable the platform was, as it allowed them to design assessments with different skills tests based on their needs and requirements for each role. 

TestGorilla’s questions and video answers were particularly useful for Morgan and his team, as they allowed them to get a better feeling of each candidate even before interviewing them. 

At the moment, INMATEC’s recruitment process features: 

  1. A pre-selection by an agency and the HR team
  2. A TestGorilla assessment
  3. The first interview with selected candidates
  4. Another TestGorilla assessment, if necessary, for a deeper evaluation of the top candidates’ skills
  5. A reference check
  6. A second interview with the best two candidates
  7. A job offer for the best applicant

This process has allowed Morgan and his team to get an accurate and in-depth understanding of each candidate’s skills and to make the right hiring decisions. 


TestGorilla has helped INMATEC save a lot of time when assessing candidates’ skills and has also improved the efficiency of the selection process significantly.

The team is now able to quickly screen out unsuitable candidates and only concentrate on interviewing those who have the right skills for the role. 

Morgan is using the time saved with the help of TestGorilla to build employee engagement and boost morale. A lunch and a trip to the park with the team were the first things in order. 

With TestGorilla, INMATEC is able to test for different skill sets based on their recruitment needs and to reliably assess applicants’ abilities and knowledge in different domains. This way, Morgan and his team have been able to avoid costly mis-hires and make the recruitment process significantly less resource-intensive.

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