How to hire an excellent junior React Native developer

how to hire an excelling junior developer

React Native has rapidly become one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks for building mobile applications using React and JavaScript – even companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Airbnb use React Native to build apps that millions use every day.

This means that the demand for React Native developers is high, and finding expert developers is a top priority for many software development companies.

If your organization is one of the many aiming to hire an excellent junior React Native developer, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you find the right candidate.

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1. Establish your requirements for the ideal junior React Native developer 

First things first – before you publish a job description for a junior React Native developer position, determine your organization’s needs. Not completing this step before you start soliciting job applications will make it difficult to attract the right candidates for the role.

Start by outlining the priorities and goals of the open position.

What projects will the successful candidate support? How will the new hire support the organization’s long-term business goals? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll find yourself in a much better position to assess candidates.

2. Know which junior React Native developer skills to look for in candidates 

Hiring a junior React Native developer is vastly different from hiring a more experienced developer.

You need to be clear about the skills and capabilities your ideal candidate will have, taking into account the level of experience required for the role. Junior developers often have little to no experience, which makes this step all the more important.

Let’s take a look at some of the technical and soft skills an excellent junior React Native developer should have.

Technical skills of a junior React Native developer

  • The ability to write JavaScript code (JavaScript ES6 or later)
  • An understanding of the React Native framework and basic React assumptions
  • A basic familiarity with state/data management libraries (Redux, for example)
  • Knowledge of iOS and Android capabilities
  • An understanding of platforms’ basic features, including location services, push notifications, and the Modal component
  • Basic debugging and testing abilities 

Soft skills of a junior React Native developer

  • Problem-solving skills. Even though you’re not hiring the most experienced developer, given the nature of the role, junior candidates will still need to be analytical and approach React Native coding challenges creatively.
  • Communication skills. Many software projects fail because of poor communication, so ensure that your candidates have effective communication skills to minimize errors and increase efficiency.
  • Time-management skills. Developers with good time-management skills have the potential to positively impact your projects by balancing their workload efficiently.

3. Craft a compelling junior React Native developer job description 

Now it’s time to start putting the pieces together to craft a great junior React Native developer job description that will attract only the best candidates. 

Here’s what to include: 

what to include in your junior React Native developer job description
  • A well-defined job title. Make sure to state that the open position is for a junior developer to establish the degree of responsibility and expectations of the role. This will encourage only those with this level of experience to apply. 
  • A brief introduction to your company. Provide an overview of what your business does and its main objectives, the sector or industry you work in, and a brief summary of your company culture and ethos. 
  • An overview of the junior React Native developer role. Give details about the types of projects the successful candidate will work on, and include your expectations for the role. 
  • Duties and responsibilities. Applicants should know exactly what the role encompasses before they apply, so be upfront about what their day-to-day activities would look like.
  • The skills, experience, and qualifications required for the role. We’ve already listed the soft and hard skills an excellent junior React Native developer should possess, but be sure to add any other experience or qualifications specific to your open role. 
  • Your organization’s location and working hours. Be clear about whether the position is remote-friendly or an in-person role only, and be sure to include the working hours.
  • Information about compensation, perks, and benefits. Being transparent about the salary you can offer will give candidates an idea of whether their compensation expectations match what you can provide. You should also list any company perks and benefits to help your organization stand out from the competition.
  • Details about the application and hiring process. Clearly describe what applicants can expect from the hiring process, including how many interview rounds there will be and whether you require applicants to take any pre-employment assessments.

4. Use a React Native screening test as part of your hiring process

Integrating React Native testing into your hiring process is your best bet for finding your next great junior React Native developer. 

Even though you’re hiring for a junior position, you still need to evaluate each candidate’s skills to make sure they meet your requirements for the role.

TestGorilla’s React Native test evaluates applicants’ knowledge of the React Native framework to help you easily screen out underqualified candidates.

The test asks candidates React Native questions and assesses their:

  • Knowledge of the React framework
  • Understanding of the native components of Android and iOS
  • Skills in UI development using React Native
  • Ability to develop good workflows

In addition to testing React Native skills, TestGorilla enables you to build comprehensive assessments that evaluate candidates’ soft skills to provide you with a 360-degree view of each applicant.

Hire an excellent Junior React Native Developer with TestGorilla

Hiring a developer with the right skill set should be at the top of your priority list.

But don’t rely on resumes or simple LinkedIn React assessments – the answers to which can be found with a quick Google search – to evaluate the skills of your junior React Native developer candidates.

TestGorilla’s React Native test enables you to quickly identify and hire an excellent junior developer with outstanding skills, avoid costly mis-hires, and minimize your time to hire.

You can also easily rank each candidate by skill level, which saves you the time you’d otherwise spend sifting through hundreds of resumes.

If you’re ready to hire your next junior React Native developer, get started with TestGorilla today for free.

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