How to hire Ionic Framework developers

how to hire ionic framework developers

Application development is booming with numerous opportunities for businesses in diverse industries.

The employment of digital designers and web developers is projected to grow by 13% from 2020 to 2030

It’s critical not to miss out on these opportunities. By hiring top-tier Ionic developers, your company can create excellent apps that drive business success.

Although you’re probably eager to start seeing the results of a good hire, the process of recruiting ideal Ionic developers can be tasking. Hiring an Ionic programming specialist requires tactical planning, from strategizing your hiring process to sending out interview invitations.

In this article, we provide a simple guide that will enable you to hire Ionic Framework developers who’ll meet your organization’s demands and standards. Let’s begin!

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What is Ionic Framework?

In 2013, Drifty created Ionic as an open-source HTML5 application development framework. It uses web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to enable developers to make mobile applications.

The framework has evolved over the years and shown notable success, being used by more than five million developers. It’s safe to say that Ionic is a reliable development toolkit that helps developers use a single codebase to build top-notch apps for various platforms.

The many benefits Ionic provides for app development make it worth hiring developers who specifically have skills in this framework. It not only makes it easier to create apps but also makes it possible to deploy these apps to web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

benefits of using ionic framework

Why do you need an Ionic Framework developer?

Ionic developers are invaluable in the app-development industry since their skills can benefit your business in various ways.

Some of these advantages include:

1. Minimization of costs and wasted resources

With a skilled Ionic developer, you can reduce resource wastage and cut down the cost of creating applications since Ionic Framework enables you to build cross-platform apps with a single codebase. 

Moreover, Ionic is free and open source, meaning developers can apply their knowledge of the framework to yield effective products without racking up additional costs.

2. Proper testing of applications and services

An ideal Ionic developer can thoroughly test applications and services using the framework’s commands. Furthermore, they can quickly check for and fix any bugs in the application before it gets to the deployment stage.

3. Brand awareness and expansion

Ionic developers use Ionic’s community features to help develop applications. In doing so, they can spread awareness of your company’s brand through the community and facilitate your organization’s expansion.

4. Provision of dynamic web applications

A wide range of web technologies and programming languages are available on Ionic Framework. By using these features and applying their skills to the framework, Ionic developers can develop dynamic and cross-platform applications to provide high-quality services to users.

Furthermore, they can edit, adapt, and update the applications and services your organization provides following industry standards, improving their reliability and performance.

Skills of an Ionic Framework developer

Top Ionic Framework developers are skilled in all aspects of the platform. To be effective, these developers must possess the following basic Ionic Framework skills:

1. Expertise in AngularJS

AngularJS is one of the major web technologies used in Ionic programming. To identify expert Ionic developers, you must search for candidates familiar with the concepts and workings of AngularJS. 

Since Ionic relies on this programming language for operating and creating applications, it’s paramount to hire AngularJS developers who are skilled at using this framework to develop apps.

2. A strong grasp of third-party plugins and APIs

Third-party plugins enable Ionic Framework to add additional functionalities not available in the core framework. Understanding how these plugins work enables developers to add features to apps that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Alternatively, you may need to use APIs to access these features in the absence of third-party plugins.

3. Proficiency in Apache Cordova

Almost all HTML5 mobile frameworks, including Ionic, can be easily integrated with native app functionality through Cordova.

Hence, Ionic developers must be proficient in Cordova to easily access native mobile features, such as the GPS, camera, and contacts. 

4. Knowledge of basic web technologies

Basic web technologies such as CSS are fundamental to the operation of Ionic Framework. Developers who know how to use these technologies can create applications that can run on different browsers on multiple operating systems simultaneously.

5. A firm understanding of back-end programming languages

Ionic Framework developers possess skills that enable them to align front-end technologies with back-end programming languages like Python, PHP, and Node.js.

Although the platform doesn’t solely rely on these languages, they are important for effective application development.

Steps to hire an Ionic Framework developer

As a recruiter, you want to ensure that your company gets top talent to bolster its success.

Thus, you need well-thought-out strategies for recruitment. Below are seven steps to recruit the best Ionic developers for your organization:

1. Identify your organization’s needs

The first step to hiring Ionic Framework developers is to precisely discern what your business requires. Without completing this step, your organization could risk hiring underqualified candidates.

Figuring out your needs helps you better understand the role’s responsibilities and, in turn, communicate them to potential applicants. If a job-seeker ticks all the boxes, they can apply for the position, reducing the number of unqualified candidates.

2. Figure out your recruitment strategy

Your recruitment strategy serves as a guide for onboarding candidates into your organization. By properly strategizing, you can examine all the available options and routes you can take to hire Ionic Framework developers and then pick the best methods available.

3. Consider the salary range of Ionic Framework developers

Before advertising the opening, it’s important to consider the average salary range of Ionic Framework developers. This will ensure you’re well informed about recruiting and attracting competent developers.

4. Draft a great job description

A job description can make or break any recruitment process. This is what your candidates will see when first considering whether to join your company, and it can either attract them or discourage them from applying.

By writing a good job description, you can draw the attention of ideal developers to your business. Describing the roles you expect an Ionic developer to play in your company helps you set the bar and avoid recruiting candidates who aren’t the right fit.

5. Sort through applicants

After receiving applications, the next step is sorting through them. This is an important task because it helps save time by choosing only the most qualified applicants to interview later in the hiring process. 

Scanning and filtering through applications primarily involve checking and verifying candidates’ qualifications for the job.

Though you could do this manually by screening CVs, a more effective approach is using pre-recruitment tests. These tests help save time, remove bias, and reduce the stress of going through a multitude of CVs before conducting interviews.

Furthermore, incorporating an Ionic Framework test into your hiring process helps you thoroughly assess candidates’ skills with the framework to determine if they are the right fit for the job.

TestGorilla has the following Ionic Framework tests:

The Ionic Framework with Angular test covers the following: Ionic framework layout & theming, Ionic framework with Angular, Utilities, deployment, & troubleshooting, Ionic components, CLI ,& native.

areas covered in the Ionic Framework with Angular test

Meanwhile, the Ionic Framework with React test covers the following: Ionic framework layout & theming, Ionic framework with React, Utilities, deployment, & troubleshooting, and Ionic Components, CLI, & native.

areas covered in the Ionic Framework with React test

6. Conduct interviews

Interviewing candidates involves asking them questions based on the job they are applying for and their qualifications. Therefore, it’s necessary to draft interview questions before beginning the interview process.

While interviewing potential Ionic Framework developers for your company, ask them programming skills interview questions to confirm they have the knowledge needed for the role.

7. Extend the job offer

Once you’ve found the best talent, extend a job offer to the top candidate immediately to secure the person’s post in your business. This ensures that you hire the best Ionic Framework developers before your competition and that you can start onboarding them right away.

Simplify your hiring process

It’s much easier to hire a capable Ionic Framework developer when you apply the right hiring strategies.

You can reduce the stress of sorting through candidates to find top talent by adding programming skills tests such as an Ionic Framework test to your recruitment process.

Moreover, you can include additional skills tests in your assessment to evaluate candidates’ other skills and characteristics, such as soft skills and personality traits.

TestGorilla helps ease your recruitment process with its extensive library of pre-employment tests. Sign up for free today, and start hiring the perfect Ionic developers for your company.

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