How TestGorilla helped Gardenvity reduce recruitment costs by up to 80%

How TestGorilla helped Gardenvity reduce recruitment costs by up to 80%

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Milda Jasinskiene is the co-founder and Chief Customer Experience Officer at Gardenvity, a company that manufactures and sells wood-fired hot tubs that blend in harmoniously with customers’ gardens.

Gardenvity’s mission is to create well-designed, functional, and durable garden hot tubs for the ultimate outdoor spa experience. 

As the company grew, Milda and her colleagues sought to improve the hiring process to make it more efficient. 


Gardenvity did not have a dedicated recruiter or hiring manager, so they had recruited a local HR company to help them with their staffing needs. However, the hiring process was still too tedious and inefficient, and the turnaround time was slow. 

Milda needed to spend a lot of time screening applicants; she and her team often participated in lengthy discussions and review meetings with potential candidates who weren’t a good fit for Gardenvity’s requirements. She found that details on applicants’ CVs did not always reflect reality, for example, regarding foreign language level. 

“HR was not my primary function, but we did not have a dedicated person,” Milda said, “so, as a co-founder of the company, I had to participate in hiring, and I hated to waste my time on an inefficient selection process.” 

As the process was time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive for Gardenvity, Milda was set on finding a better solution. She was looking for a reliable way to assess candidates’ language proficiency, customer service, and computer skills. 


After researching and considering different options, Milda chose TestGorilla’s skills testing platform to simplify the company’s recruitment process. 

“We chose TestGorilla because it’s a simple and intuitive platform with reasonable pricing,” Milda said.

Among the top features that impressed her were TestGorilla’s:

  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Wide choice of standardized tests
  • Video replies to interview questions
  • Anti-cheating features
  • Ability to test computer skills
  • Flexible pricing

TestGorilla seemed like the best option, so she decided to give it a try. The platform was very intuitive and straightforward to use, and it helped her screen candidates efficiently and assess their skills quickly and reliably. 

TestGorilla’s skills assessments replaced phone screening interviews and allowed candidates to demonstrate their skills, knowledge, and language proficiency with a simple skills assessment. 


Gardenvity’s experience with TestGorilla has been very positive. The hiring process is now simpler, faster, more efficient, and more reliable. 

Standardized tests allowed Milda to assess candidates’ skills accurately. Seeing how candidates interact with the TestGorilla platform has also proven helpful in the hiring process, as it informs Milda about the candidate’s computer skills and attitude toward remote work. 

With the help of TestGorilla, Milda reports being able to decrease turnaround time significantly. Video replies provide a convenient alternative to live meetings, which is a relief for her and the team. 

Additionally, with the new hiring process in place, recruitment costs were reduced by an estimated 50-80%.

As a result, Milda has invested the money and time saved using TestGorilla in her direct role and responsibilities, helping her serve Gardenvity’s customers better. 

Most importantly, TestGorilla helped Milda find a candidate who was the perfect fit and worked for the company for half a year. “She’s been amazing!” Milda says.

When they start hiring again, they won’t even consider an HR agency but will directly go with TestGorilla’s skills assessments.

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