Estrin Legal Staffing makes more placements faster with TestGorilla

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Estrin Legal Staffing makes more placements faster with TestGorilla

featured image of case study about Estrin Legal Staffing and how they benefited from TestGorilla

Estrin Legal Staffing is an L.A.-based company that provides staffing services for legal roles nationwide.

To address the staffing needs of law firms and other clients, the company works with experienced attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, and other legal professionals. 

Chere Estrin, the chief executive officer of Estrin Legal Staffing, needed an affordable platform that would allow her to test the skills and knowledge of the applicants she works with. 


Prior to implementing TestGorilla, Chere was using one of the bigger and more expensive testing platforms often used by law firms. However, the subscription cost was too high, and the platform didn’t live up to Chere’s expectations in terms of quality.

She wasn’t able to reliably test all applicants and accurately assess their skills. Due to the lack of variety of the tests offered, for certain roles, she wasn’t able to test candidates’ skills at all. 

For this reason, she was looking for a different solution — one that would be more affordable and perform similarly (or better) than the major players on the market, and that would, ideally, let her test applicants for all roles. 


Chere was impressed with the wide selection and different types of tests that TestGorilla offered at an affordable price.

According to her, most other providers were unable to match TestGorilla in terms of testing variety and scope. This helped her use skills tests for roles for which she couldn’t before.

She was also pleased with the platform’s intuitiveness and found the results very easy to read and interpret. 

TestGorilla’s pre-employment assessments are now helping her and the team accurately assess applicants’ skills and legal expertise and shortlist the best candidates quickly and efficiently. 


Thanks to TestGorilla, the Estrin Legal Staffing team is now able to quickly identify top talent and make sure their clients are getting the best possible placements for their staffing needs. 

The team now makes more placements in the same amount of time while also saving a significant amount of money. Faster turnaround times allow them to improve both the experience of their candidates and that of the law firms they’re working with.

In short, TestGorilla has helped Estrin Legal Staffing improve their performance, be more competitive, and make better placements faster.

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