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Time to hire how to calculate it, and how to cut it featured image

Time to hire: Top tips to calculate and cut it

Think that a longer recruitment process will guarantee amazing hires? Think again.  Yes – a thorough hiring process will help you select top talent and avoid making rushed decisions. But thorough doesn’t mean long and drawn out. In fact, long hiring times can lead to missed opportunities, higher costs, and frustrated candidates who’ll move on to more efficient employers.  That's why you must monitor your average time to hire and strike the right balance between hiring fast and hiring right.  In

8 essential skills for case managers featured image

8 essential skills for case managers

Case managers really have their work cut out for them. They need to handle everything from understanding complex healthcare systems to helping people in tough situations – all while keeping detailed records and staying on top of regulations. It's a lot, and making a bad hire can result in stressed-out clients and higher costs for employers. But when case managers know what they're doing, everything runs more smoothly – from patient care to resource management. That's why we'll show you the top

Top 25 flight attendant interview questions to hire the most skilled candidates featured image

50 flight attendant interview questions to evaluate applicants’ skills

Below, you’ll find our selection of the best 25 interview questions for flight attendants to evaluate applicants’ skills and preparedness for the role. Some of them are suitable for those who have no prior experience in the industry, while others are for more experienced flight attendants. You’ll also find our guidelines on what to expect from applicants’ responses, helping you evaluate them quickly and accurately.

11 innovative ways to attract quality talent featured image

11 innovative ways to attract quality talent

Between labor shortages, widening skills gaps, and ongoing economic uncertainty, the current outlook for recruitment can feel bleak. The competition between employers to attract and hire the best talent is heating up.  As a result, three out of four employers worldwide have difficulties filling vacancies. [1] The issue isn’t getting enough applicants – it’s attracting and finding the right ones. The solution? Think outside the box and introduce innovative solutions to entice quality talent. In t

Snowflake interview questions

55 Snowflake interview questions (+ sample answers) to assess candidates’ data skills

If your organization’s teams are using Snowflake for their large-scale data analytics projects, you need to assess candidates’ proficiency with this tool quickly and efficiently.  What’s the best way to do this, though?  With the help of skills tests and interviews. Use our Snowflake test to make sure candidates have sufficient experience with data architecture and SQL. Combine it with other tests for an in-depth talent assessment and then invite those who perform best to an interview.  During i

How to write a content designer job description

Nearly every business needs a strong content marketing strategy, and a content designer is key to making that strategy shine. What does a content designer do? A content designer improves the user experience and accessibility of your content, from optimizing UX to copywriting. This guide shows you how to write the perfect content designer job description, focusing on what matters most – skills, behavior, and culture – so you can hire the best. We also discuss different types of content designers

TestGorilla vs. Mercer Mettl assessments which better

TestGorilla vs. Mercer Mettl Assessments: Which one is better?

Online pre-employment testing is one of the best ways to hire the right person for the job. Compared to traditional resume screening, it’s quick and objective.  Choosing the right pre-employment screening platform for your business is crucial. To help you out, this article compares the key features of two of the best systems, TestGorilla and Mercer Mettl Assessments.

TestGorilla vs. iMocha

Pre-employment testing can help you predict the performance potential of candidates, identify the best talent, and make the right hiring decisions faster.  That’s why choosing the right screening software is key for the success of your business.  This guide will compare TestGorilla and iMocha to determine which software is the best option for you.

TestGorilla vs. Indeed Hiring Platform

Pre-employment screening tests are a crucial step in the hiring process. They help HR managers identify the candidates who have the right capabilities, work ethic, and skills for the job. These tests provide insights into skills that you may not be able to gauge from a resume. For example, emotional intelligence, coding skills, personality type, and more.  TestGorilla and Indeed Hiring Platform are two popular pre-employment testing platforms. This article analyzes and compares the two, highligh

TestGorilla vs. TestDome

Pre-employment testing is one of the most reliable indicators of a candidate’s success in your open role.  These assessments can measure a candidate’s personality, motivation, and skills to help you understand whether they’d be a good fit for your organization – without risk of bias.  The results of your assessments can help you make a fair hiring decision based on objective data. This minimizes the chance of a mis-hire and, in turn, reduces employee turnover. TestGorilla and TestDome are two po

60 microservices interview questions to hire top software architects and engineers

60 microservices interview questions to hire top software architects and engineers

Many tech companies strive to build agile and resilient software operations – and a microservices architecture can be one of the best strategies in achieving this. To use this approach, you need a team of skilled software developers who know how to build, deploy, and maintain microservices systems using tools like Docker and Kubernetes. Assessing applicants’ skills accurately and objectively is crucial for securing top talent – but how do you do this? The best way to hire expert DevOps enginee

Employee Burnout: Definition, Causes & Prevention featured image

Employee burnout: definition, causes, signs, and prevention

The World Health Organization estimates that 12 billion working days are lost annually due to stress, depression, or anxiety. Occupational burnout isn’t an individual employee issue; it’s an occupational syndrome rooted in toxic workplace environments and poor management. Even motivated workers don’t last long in an unsafe environment or in a culture that chronically overworks them. Addressing deeper systemic causes from the top is the only way to solve job burnout and avoid disengagement, abse

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