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Pre-employment testing platforms evaluate candidates’ job-specific skills, soft skills, cognitive abilities, and even alignment with your company culture. They enable you to reduce the bias that comes with reviewing resumes and ensure the best fit for your organization every time.

Saving time with pre-employment screening starts with finding the right platform. Read this in-depth comparison to find out more about TestGorilla and Symphony Talent, two popular pre-employment testing platforms.

How does TestGorilla work?

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TestGorilla is a user-friendly, feature-rich pre-employment testing platform that supports hiring for all business types in every industry – from small startups to international corporations.

With 400+ tests, TestGorilla lets you build assessments for every role. You can test job-specific skills, personality type, and much more. You can also add custom questions, coding challenges, and one-way video interviews to customize your hiring process.

TestGorilla recommends tests for your open job position, so it’s easy to create the perfect assessment even if you’re new to pre-employment screening. Once you customize your assessment, you can invite candidates with a personalized invitation and link. We have various invitation options to suit your needs.

Applicants can complete the test on their mobile devices without needing to download software or create an account, and support is available if they have any questions.

Once you get started, there’s also an onboarding tour and robust support to help you make use of every feature.

How does Symphony Talent work?

Symphony Talent offers talent acquisition and CRM services. 

Skillcheck is Symphony Talent’s skill assessment product. It enables employers to test job-specific skills, personality type, soft skills, behavioral traits, and cognitive ability. Symphony Talent automatically recommends assessments to use based on the job role for which you’re hiring, and users can customize their assessments with the platform’s Test Builder.

In addition, Hiring teams can use one-way video interview features to enable candidates to record audio or video responses to questions for a more comprehensive screening process.

Symphony Talent also provides tools for evaluating current employees for internal promotion.

TestGorilla vs. Symphony Talent: Test libraries

An extensive test library enables hiring teams to gain an in-depth view of a candidate. 

Recruiters can evaluate applicants for job-related skills, such as their familiarity with specific software needed for a role, or soft skills like personality type, cognitive ability, and cultural fit.

TestGorilla’s test library

TestGorilla's new test library screenshot

TestGorilla has 400+ science-backed tests, which have been created by subject-matter experts and reviewed in a strict 28-step quality-control process before going live.

This large test library enables you to test knowledge of specific languages, customer service skills, personality, culture add, cognitive ability, and much more. The library is continuously updated with new tests to reflect in-demand skills among employers. For example, we recently added a Working with Generative AI test. Each test takes about 10 minutes to complete. 

TestGorilla also has a large selection of programming skills tests, which include coding challenges for developers. There are tests for programming languages and mobile and web development frameworks. We also have a language-agnostic test that lets developers solve challenges in their preferred language.

You can choose up to five tests for each assessment to get a big-picture view of every applicant. TestGorilla also lets you customize every assessment with custom questions and coding challenges. Choose whether candidates will answer questions by multiple-choice, via video response, or with written replies.

With localized websites in 12 different languages, TestGorilla also makes it easy to hire workers from different locations around the world.

Explore advanced skills testing with TestGorilla

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Symphony Talent’s test library

Symphony Talent offers more than 500 tests for technical skills, job-specific skills, behaviors, cognitive ability, and more. Basic skills assessments let employers evaluate typing skills, customer service, telephone skills, and similar abilities. 

However, Symphony Talent doesn’t have programming skills tests or coding challenges for developers.

Tests range in length from 5 minutes to more than 30 minutes.

Test libraries: Comparison chart at a glance


Symphony Talent

Cognitive ability tests



Situational judgment tests



Job-specific tests



Software tests



Programming tests (including coding challenges)



Language tests



Personality test



Culture-add test



Motivation test



Your own custom tests



Custom questions per assessment



Test recommendations for each job role



Multiple tests per assessment



TestGorilla vs. Symphony Talent: Customer support

Good support helps you make use of every feature and ensures candidates can complete their pre-employment tests.

Many pre-employment assessment platforms offer support via live chat, email, phone, or online FAQs.

TestGorilla’s customer support

When you first sign up for TestGorilla, you receive a training and onboarding tour to get an overview of all the platform’s features and ask any questions.

You also have access to TestGorilla’s online help center, which gives you clear instructions and tutorials about how to create assessments.

If you need additional help, TestGorilla offers customer support by email and live chat.

Why TestGorilla excels in candidate screening

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Symphony Talent’s customer support

Symphony Talent has FAQs for candidates and hiring teams. They can also submit an online service ticket if they need additional support. 

However, the platform doesn’t offer live chat or training to help you navigate the features on offer.

Customer support: Comparison chart at a glance


Symphony Talent

Live chat



Help center



Email support



Training and onboarding tour



TestGorilla vs. Symphony Talent: Pricing

Many pre-employment assessment platforms base their pricing on a subscription model. You pay a set price per month or annually, depending on the features you need and the number of candidates you want to test. Some platforms also offer free plans or free trials.

TestGorilla’s pricing

TestGorilla's new pricing screenshot

TestGorilla offers three easy-to-understand pricing options for companies of every size:

  • Free forever at $0: Full access to five free tests with up to five custom questions

  • Starter from $75 per month: Unlimited access to the test library with the ability to offer an unlimited number of unique assessments simultaneously

  • Pro from $115 per month: Everything in the Starter plan, plus integrations for applicant tracking system (ATS) software, an API, and the ability to add custom branding or one-way video interview questions to your assessments

Pricing for the Starter and Pro plans scales according to how many full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) are in your company. As an example, two part-time employees who each work 20 hours per week count as one FTE since their combined hours add up to 40 hours per week.

A company with up to 15 FTEs will pay $75 per month for the Starter plan and $115 per month for the Pro plan. As an example of how pricing scales, a company with 101-200 FTEs will pay $700 per month for the Starter plan and $1,000 per month for the Pro plan.

Companies with more than 15 FTEs can choose either monthly or annual pricing, while smaller companies must pay annually.

TestGorilla also offers a 15-day free trial to companies with more than 50 FTEs and that are new to TestGorilla’s platform.

Symphony Talent’s pricing

Symphony Talent’s pricing

Symphony Talent offers three pricing plans: 

  • Basic plan from $990 per year: Includes skills and cognitive ability assessments, simulations, support, a candidate management platform, intuitive score reports, and branded communications. 

  • Professional plan from $1,270 per year. Includes everything in Basic plus behavioral assessments, the Test Builder, industry-specific benchmarking, a dedicated assessment expert, and on-demand interviews. 

  • Enterprise plan: Contact Symphony Talent’s sales team for a quote. Includes everything in Professional plus a dedicated account manager, priority support, custom solutions, and scalable integrations. 

Symphony Talent’s pricing plans scale with company size. For instance, while the basic plan is $990 per year for 1-15 employees, it’s $9,240 per year for 101-200 employees. 

The Enterprise plan is for companies with more than 200 employees. 

Symphony Talent doesn’t appear to offer a free trial.

Pricing: Comparison chart at a glance


Symphony Talent


Price (billed annually)




From $990 per year 


From $75 USD per month ($900 per year, paid upfront, for teams of 1-15 FTEs)


From $1,270 per year


From $115 USD per month ($1,380 per year, paid upfront, for teams of 1-15 FTEs)


Contact Symphony Talent

Free Trial


Free Trial


Conclusion: TestGorilla vs. Symphony Talent

TestGorilla and Symphony Talent both offer pre-employment screening services, but they provide different experiences for customers.

Symphony Talent is focused on letting companies build employer brands, host recruitment events, and use a CRM strategy to manage applicants. However, it does provide pre-employment screening through its assessment service, Skillcheck. 

Although Symphony Talent offers some job-specific tests and soft skills assessments, it doesn’t have tests for programmers and has more limited options for customization than TestGorilla.

TestGorilla focuses on streamlining the hiring process, enabling hiring managers to make data-driven, bias-free decisions to find the perfect candidate. The platform’s easy and intuitive interface makes it simple for hiring teams to create custom pre-employment assessments and deliver a positive candidate experience. 

TestGorilla is also the more affordable solution. Plus, all its tests are available on the Starter plan, whereas Symphony Talent’s users must purchase the higher-tiered Professional plan to gain access to behavioral tests. 

Finally, TestGorilla’s varied test library and customizable assessments make it the clear winner for most organizations.

Sign up for a free TestGorilla account today or schedule a live demo with our sales team to see how TestGorilla can enhance your recruitment process.


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