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TestGorilla vs. Crystal

Pre-employment testing is one of the best ways to improve your hiring process. It offers an understanding of candidates beyond their resumes so you can find the right person for the job and avoid expensive mis-hires.  Pre-employment testing also streamlines your recruitment practices. Rather than reviewing piles of resumes, you can use pre-employment testing to gain immediate, bias-free insights into candidates so you can start interviewing sooner.  When it comes to pre-employment testing platfo

TestGorilla vs. HighMatch

Pre-employment testing is crucial for a streamlined hiring process. It helps you determine which applicants will be a good culture add for your workplace and gives insights into a candidate’s personality, skills, and capabilities, which their resume may not reveal.  It also helps remove bias from the hiring process and saves time by replacing resume screening. Selecting the right online pre-employment testing platform for your business can be tricky due to the choices available. To support your

TestGorilla vs. Aon

Pre-employment testing is the best way to streamline your hiring process and ensure you get the right person for your open role every time. Test results provide deep insights into a candidate’s skills, cognitive ability, personality traits, and more. Objective criteria take the guesswork out of comparing unreliable resume claims and remove unconscious bias from hiring. Choosing the right pre-employment screening platform is key to ensuring you get all of the benefits testing has to offer.  Below

TestGorilla vs. Sova

It’s imperative for businesses to ensure that potential employees possess the skills and abilities necessary to excel at their jobs. As a result, an increasing number of organizations are incorporating pre-employment screening into their hiring procedures. Having access to tests that can accurately assess a candidate’s job-skill knowledge helps to prevent time spent recruiting those who won’t be the right fit for the open position. For this reason, it’s important to use the best possible pre-emp

TestGorilla vs. Harver

Pre-employment testing can modernize and streamline your hiring process. By focusing on objective data, it helps you see beyond a candidate’s resume to their personality, motivations, and job-specific skills.  These deeper insights will help you understand how successful a candidate is likely to be in your role.  In addition, pre-employment testing helps remove bias from the selection process and supports you in hiring a more diverse workforce.  Ultimately, this process will not only save you ti

How to hire a ghostwriter featured image

How to hire a ghostwriter

Sometimes, as a professional writer, you don’t have time to finish a book idea, or you might even get writer’s block. You could also be a content marketer overwhelmed by deadlines for blog posts and whitepapers. Pretty much any profession that involves writing can run into a range of problems where you simply can’t write everything on your own. Ghostwriters offer a solution to your writing woes.  However, the idea of hiring one may raise several questions for someone who has never done so. How d

TestGorilla vs. Thomas International

Adopting a skills-based approach to hiring can help ensure you find the right person for the job. A useful tool for this is pre-employment testing.  Compared to relying only on resumes, pre-employment testing helps eliminate unconscious bias and streamline your recruitment process. It also offers deeper insights into a candidate’s skills, personality, and workplace behaviors.  TestGorilla and Thomas International are two leading providers in the pre-employment screening space. This article compa

How to hire a midwife featured image

How to hire a midwife

Midwives are trained professionals who support women through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. They manage a busy workload to ensure each woman in their care has the top-quality, personalized care they need to deliver their baby safely. A great midwife can make a huge difference in the birthing experience, offering support and expertise in natural childbirth. But making a bad hire can lead to miscommunication, unmet expectations, and serious risks if complications arise during birth that the mid

how to hire a mechanic featured image

How to hire a mechanic

A top-notch mechanic isn’t just a whiz with tools but also a master at diagnosing issues, making precise repairs, and staying ahead of automotive technology trends. They also shine in customer service, ensuring customers are happy and well-informed about their repairs. On the flip side, a subpar mechanic could wreak havoc. Misdiagnosed problems can lead to costly repairs, repeat visits, and frustrated customers. Plus, a lack of up-to-date knowledge can result in inefficient repairs and safety is

What is a cutoff score in skill testing, and how do you set it correctly?

Without effective cutoff testing, hiring managers often struggle to filter candidates. As a result, you might recruit unqualified applicants or overlook top talent, which wastes time and resources. Whether you are looking for a business operation manager, DevOps engineer, or marketing specialist, skills tests with appropriate cutoff scores can significantly improve the quality of your hires. Let’s see what a cutoff score is and what factors you should consider before setting one when recruiting

The contrast effect bias: What it is and how to avoid it while recruiting

HR professionals often unknowingly fall into the trap of contrast bias, the tendency to compare candidates against one another instead of evaluating each individual based on a set standard. If you hire an applicant by unconsciously comparing them to a recently interviewed candidate without considering all of their skills, you can say goodbye to diverse teams, productivity, and company morale. But is there another way? Let’s explore contrast effect bias and how to avoid it when hiring or training

How to hire a virtual assistant to improve productivity and make life easier

How to hire a virtual assistant to improve productivity and make life easier

If you’re wasting hours of your time on tasks that don’t require your specialization, struggling with time management, or constantly working long hours to complete an impossible workload, it might be time to hire a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can take over the tasks that are crucial for your business's functioning but aren’t part of your core activities, such as billing, planning your schedule, and handling customer emails. In this article, we explain how to hire a virtual assistant s

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