JavaScript (coding): debugging

JavaScript debugging test: Pre-employment screening assessment to hire the best candidates

About the JavaScript (coding): debugging test

JavaScript is a flexible and powerful programming language that has been evolving very fast with the introduction of classes, generators, arrow functions, and many other features.

The ability to understand and debug code is a critical skill for a successful JavaScript developer. As new features are being developed for an application, bugs may be introduced into the code, and it is important for a developer to be able to identify and fix them. Given the collaborative nature of software development, it is also critical for developers to be able to work with and correct the code of others.

This test gives candidates a small script that contains one or more bugs. The description clarifies the objective of the code and provides examples to illustrate how it should function. Candidates must identify and fix the bugs.

We recommend combining this coding test with other programming tests such as Angular, React, Vue.js, Node.js, and SQL, as well as our tests on critical thinking and numerical reasoning.

The test is made by a subject-matter expert

Bereket G.

Take a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering, combine it with a mastery of HTML, JavaScript, and PHP, and add international experience in web and software development, and you’ve got Bereket. When asked what really makes him tick, Bereket describes his passion for developing web apps from scratch—from back-end REST services to front-end user interfaces.

On top of his professional ingenuity, Bereket boasts polyglot status, with skills in Amharic, English, German, and Spanish.

Crafted with expert knowledge

TestGorilla’s tests are created by subject matter experts. We assess potential subject-matter experts based on their knowledge, ability, and reputation. Before being published, each test is peer-reviewed by another expert, then calibrated using hundreds of test takers with relevant experience in the subject. Our feedback mechanisms and unique algorithms allow our subject-matter experts to constantly improve their tests.

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What is a JavaScript coding/debugging test? How will it help you?

An online JavaScript coding/debugging skills test is a pre-employment skills assessment that helps you evaluate your candidates’ debugging skills in JavaScript. Our JavaScript debugging experts have created this test to help you hire the best JavaScript debugging talent in a faster and bias-free manner.

If you’ve been considering various options to evaluate your applicants’ JavaScript debugging skills, you can stop searching. This JavaScript debugging skills test is a comprehensive method for assessing essential debugging skills in JavaScript.

There are several reasons JavaScript debugging subskills are vital for developers. If your next hire can debug code efficiently, they can help mitigate the losses your organization may face if it releases software with bugs.

A skilled JavaScript professional who knows how to debug software code can enhance your company’s reputation, save time in the software development process, and improve the overall quality of an application’s code.

Finding the right professional JavaScript professional isn’t easy: You’ll face several challenges during the recruitment process.

Hiring objectively, ensuring your applicants have the right debugging subskills and soft skills, coming to a unanimous decision when hiring a candidate, and hiring a JavaScript debugging professional as a recruiter who lacks JavaScript skills are just a few examples.

Given these challenges, how can you avoid mis-hiring and keep time-to-hire metrics low?

There are multiple advantages to using this JavaScript debugging skills test after sourcing applicants. The test will make candidate assessment easier and instantly show you the most skilled applicants who stand above the rest.

This JavaScript online test shows you candidates’ results in the form of percentages that reflect your applicants’ knowledge and skills. This makes it easy to compare candidates to determine who is the most proficient at JavaScript debugging.

Evaluate the 4 essential JavaScript debugging skills

This JavaScript skills test is ideal for assessing technical debugging skills in JavaScript. If you’re looking for a way to evaluate all the most important JavaScript debugging subskills, this is the test you need. It will help you assess four critical debugging subskills, namely candidates’ ability to:

Identify bugs in JavaScript code: Use this JavaScript debugging skills test to evaluate how well your applicants can identify bugs in JavaScript code. Some of the additional skills you can test with this assessment include the ability to check for punctuation errors, unclosed character strings, and misspelled variables.

Understand the code’s main function and use comments: This JavaScript online test for debugging will assess whether your candidate can use the description provided to understand the main function of the code. It also shows you how confidently candidates can use comments to help with the debugging process.

Fix bugs in JavaScript code: Use our JavaScript test to find out whether applicants can determine the type of bug they’re dealing with and fix it by using iterative methods to change the code in stages. The test enables you to examine your applicants’ bug-fixing process and evaluate their ability to avoid making vague changes based on instinct.

Find solutions for bugs within a time limit: The test is timed so that you can see how efficiently your applicants debug JavaScript code against the clock. Find out if your applicants can fix a bug by a given deadline with our JavaScript online test.


Use this JavaScript debugging test to assess mid-level developers

The JavaScript debugging skills test removes numerous difficulties from the hiring process. Choose our JavaScript test to make hiring JavaScript easier in the following ways:

Assess developers even if you don’t have JavaScript knowledge: If you’re an HR staff member or recruiter without JavaScript debugging skills, it could be challenging to evaluate applicants applying for a mid-level or advanced JavaScript debugging position.

This is no problem when you use this JavaScript debugging skills test to assess applicants’ JavaScript debugging skills and knowledge. Backed with our expert-crafted tests, you’ll be able to assess JavaScript developers’ skills with minimal stress.

Keep hiring costs low: Compare applicants in an instant: The faster you hire a JavaScript developer with debugging expertise, the shorter your hiring process will be, and the less you’ll have to dip into your recruitment budget.

Our JavaScript online test for debugging will reduce your hiring expenses by helping you make quick and reliable hiring decisions. Avoid mis-hiring and long hiring periods, and hire quickly and efficiently to keep recruitment costs low.

Combine the JavaScript online test for debugging with other skills tests: TestGorilla enables you to combine the JavaScript debugging test with various other skills tests.

It’s also critical to assess applicants’ soft skills, including written communication for leaving comments, team collaboration, time management for meeting milestones, and problem-solving for debugging code efficiently. To evaluate all of these abilities, consider giving candidates a comprehensive skills assessment that features various skills tests.

Our JavaScript online test for debugging is just one of the 238 pre-employment tests the TestGorilla platform offers. These tests are used by 5,800 businesses around the world, including Oracle. Do you want to know why our tests are the preferred choice for hiring candidates? Use the JavaScript debugging test to find out.


What is the difference between an assessment and a test?
An assessment is the total package of tests and custom questions that you put together to evaluate your candidates. Each individual test within an assessment is designed to test something specific, such as a job skill or language. An assessment can consist of up to 5 tests and 20 custom questions. You can have candidates respond to your custom questions in several ways, such as with a personalized video.
Can I add my own questions to an assessment?
Yes! Custom questions are great for testing candidates in your own unique way. We support the following question types: video, multiple-choice, coding, file upload, and essay. Besides adding your own custom questions, you can also create your own tests.
How do video questions work?
A video question is a specific type of custom question you can add to your assessment. Video questions let you create a question and have your candidates use their webcam to record a video response. This is an excellent way to see how a candidate would conduct themselves in a live interview, and is especially useful for sales and hospitality roles. Some good examples of things to ask for video questions would be "Why do you want to work for our company?" or "Try to sell me an item you have on your desk right now." You can learn more about video questions here.
Can you explain how the other custom question types work?
Besides video questions, you can also add the following types of custom questions: multiple-choice, coding, file upload, and essay. Multiple-choice lets your candidates choose from a list of answers that you provide, coding lets you create a coding problem for them to solve, file upload allows your candidates to upload a file that you request (such as a resume or portfolio), and essay allows an open-ended text response to your question. You can learn more about different custom question types here.
Can I customize an assessment with my company logo and color theme?
Yes! You can add your own logo and company color theme to your assessments. This is a great way to leave a positive and lasting brand impression on your candidates.
What type of support do you offer?
Our team is always here to help. After you sign up, we’ll reach out to guide you through the first steps of setting up your TestGorilla account. If you have any further questions, you can contact our support team via email, chat or call. We also offer detailed guides in our extensive Help & Inspiration Center.
What is the cost for using the JavaScript (coding): debugging test?
You can find our pricing packages here. Sign up here to try TestGorilla today.
Can I combine the JavaScript (coding): debugging test with other tests?
Yes. You can add up to five tests to each assessment.
Where in my recruitment process should I use the JavaScript (coding): debugging test?
We recommend using our assessment software as a pre-screening tool at the beginning of your recruitment process. You can add a link to the assessment in your job post or directly invite candidates by email. TestGorilla replaces traditional CV screening with a much more reliable and efficient process, designed to find the most skilled candidates earlier and faster.
What kind of coding and programming tests does TestGorilla offer?
We offer coding tests for the following languages: Python, JavaScript, PHP, Java, C, C++, C#, and SQL. These tests feature small coding tasks for a candidate to complete. We also offer multiple-choice tests for web and mobile development framework, such as our Angular, React and Django tests.

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