How TestGorilla helps Redfish avoid costly hiring mistakes

How TestGorilla helps Redfish avoid costly hiring mistakes

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Redfish is an online marketing agency that specializes in YouTube ads. The Redfish team develops entertaining video ads with data-driven storytelling that generate powerful results for their clients. They handle the whole process, from video production to bid placement, and all their decisions are backed by data to drive results.

Noah Cinquini is the CEO of Redfish and was looking for a way to accurately assess candidates’ skills and avoid mis-hires. 


Noah felt there was a big gap between many of the claims made by applicants and their actual skills and knowledge (such as their skills in creating PPC ads), so he wanted to find a way to test their abilities reliably. 

He had made a few hires that turned out to be unsuccessful and a big drain on the agency’s time and money.

To address this issue, he was searching for a testing platform that would allow him and the team to quickly and efficiently test candidates’ skills and cognitive abilities.


After examining different options, Noah decided to give TestGorilla a try. A few of TestGorilla’s features motivated his choice: 

  • The ability to include up to five tests in an assessment
  • The platform’s flexibility and ease of use
  • The comprehensive anti-cheating measures
  • The transparent pricing structure

Noah and the team now use TestGorilla’s skills and cognitive assessments when hiring for various roles at different levels.

For basic roles, they simply send candidates an assessment and shortlist the best ones to interview. For high-level roles, they talk to applicants for 15 minutes to check whether they see good potential and to ask a few basic questions.

After that, they send applicants to TestGorilla’s assessment. Candidates who pass the assessment move on to the next phase: a company fit assessment and PPC campaign test. 


With TestGorilla, Noah was able to confidently filter out candidates who didn’t have the necessary skills without having to spend time interviewing them. Instead, he could concentrate on those who demonstrated that they had the necessary skills to succeed. 

By using skills assessments, he was able to minimize hiring mistakes and avoid hiring applicants who didn’t have the skills they claimed they had: 

“I talk to people on the phone, and I’m not quite sure about their PPC skills. Once they take the test, I often find out they do not know many of the basics,” Noah explains. 

He has been able to reinvest the resources he saved thanks to TestGorilla back into the company, concentrating on improving the business’s performance and services. 

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