How TestGorilla helped TakeFortyTwo rebuild their hiring process

How TestGorilla helped TakeFortyTwo rebuild their hiring process

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TakeFortyTwo is a digital agency working in the intersection of design, technology, marketing, consulting, and strategy. They deliver end-to-end solutions for rapidly growing companies in the US and UK. 

Santiago Melluso is TakeFortyTwo’s Co-Founder and CEO. He and his team were in the process of reviewing their entire HR process to support the company’s growth. 

They were looking for a tool that would allow them to evaluate candidates’ proficiency in different coding languages and assess their culture match potential, eliminating the risk of hiring the wrong people. 


Before implementing TestGorilla, TakeFortyTwo didn’t really have a recruitment process in place. They sometimes resorted to ad-hoc tests that quickly lost relevancy or required manual evaluation of results.

They also had a questionnaire to assess cultural fit, but they found out it mostly gave them information about candidates’ personal interests rather than their convictions or values. 

In 2020-2021, they experienced a period of rapid growth, which pushed them to review their entire HR process. They were looking to create a system to accurately and objectively measure applicants’ skills and cultural alignment to improve the chances of hiring the right candidates. 

Santiago and his team feared that the absence of an effective hiring process hampered their progress, impacted their performance, and prevented them from achieving their goals. 

For these reasons, they were looking for a solution that would allow them to:

  • Match by culture and values 
  • Set up automatic tests in a variety of coding languages 
  • Evaluate communication skills 
  • Easily collaborate with the management team 
  • Filter out unsuitable candidates in an objective way
  • Improve the hiring process and make better hires

As a remote company, TakeFortyTwo needed to find people capable of delivering excellent results working from home and with whom they had a good culture match. 


After considering a few different options, Santiago chose TestGorilla for its fast and simple onboarding process. Although TestGorilla was a new player at the time, it lived up to – and exceeded – Santiago’s expectations.

He was impressed with the variety of tests and found a great mix of different types of tests, allowing TakeFortyTwo’s team to assess:

  • Technical skills, such as coding
  • Strategic skills, such as marketing
  • Personality and cognitive abilities, including communication and attention to detail
  • Culture, values, and behaviors

He particularly liked the platform’s ease of use. The team set up all the tests they wanted within a day, and they were already sending assessments to candidates by day two. 

At present, TakeFortyTwo’s hiring process is much more streamlined. Their LinkedIn job ads are connected to their applicant tracking system, and they’re using TestGorilla to assess applicants’ skills and personalities straight away. 

This allows them to quickly filter out unsuitable candidates and concentrate only on those with strong potential to be the right fit.

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