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We’re revolutionizing recruitment – introducing TestGorilla’s new rules for hiring

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It’s no secret that traditional, resume-based hiring is outdated. It doesn’t reflect what candidates or recruiters want and need from a hiring process, and it doesn’t embrace the automation and innovation that’s available to us thanks to advanced technologies.

A change is needed, and it’s already starting to happen.

Our new rules for hiring outline our vision for a world where recruitment processes have been revolutionized. We’re building a better, more equitable future, where everyone has a chance to reach their full potential. This is our mission, this is our cause, and this is the future we will bring to life.

1. Find meaningful work

Find meaningful work

Everyone has a shot at their dream job. 

What’s the best way to find your dream job? A job that you love doing? A job that you want to show up for?

We believe that part of the answer lies in revolutionized, skills-based hiring practices. Hiring practices where candidates exercise relevant skills to get a realistic job preview, and employers use data, not instinct, to hire the best candidates.

2. Create equal opportunity

Create equal opportunity

Unconscious bias is never an obstacle.

Bad recruitment practices are a social justice issue. Traditional hiring methods that rely on resumes invite bias into the decision-making process. The result? People with certain identities and backgrounds have less of a chance of landing their dream job. 

In an evolved, skills-based hiring process, bias doesn’t get a seat at the table. Everyone gets a fair shot and we get one step closer to equality of opportunity.

3. Respect candidates

Respect candidates

Employment is a mutual investment.

Job applicants are more than a sheet of paper. They contain multitudes and are brimming with skills, ideas, energy, and personality. All of these things fly below the radar when you use resumes as your first screening tool.

The only way to show true regard for this is to implement a hiring process that gives candidates a realistic job preview and lets them show you what they can really do.

4. Support recruiters

Support recruiters

Find needles in the haystack.

We see you, recruiters – finding the best candidate for a job is crucial work. It’s also really hard, and archaic and inefficient hiring processes make it even harder.

How can we support recruiters and hiring managers? By providing them with the tools they need to do their best. Using tech to automate processes for the better is becoming the norm across sectors, and recruitment is next. Use skills-based hiring to set your recruiters up for success. 

5. Put skills first

Put skills first

Yes to who you are and what you can do.

If you want to hire incredible talent, skills need to come first. Not background, certifications, or tenures at household name companies. Skills.

Rather than asking candidates to tell you what they can do, or making assumptions yourself about how skilled they really are, give them the opportunity to show you. When you do this first, your initial screening round becomes efficient and data-driven. You can spend your time qualitatively with the best of the bunch.

6. Put an end to resumes

Put an end to resumes

No to who you know and where you’ve been.

All a resume really shows you is how good your candidate is at writing resumes. Handy if you’re hiring a resume writer, but not for much else. We believe it’s time their reign over recruitment was put to an end.

Why dwell on the past with questions like “where did you study?”, “where have you worked?” and “who do you know?” Skills-based hiring opens you up to the future. What is this person’s potential? What skills do they have now and what kind of value could they bring if I invest in them now? 

Stop Bias. Resume Revolution.

Stop hiring bias, resume revolution

We’re building a future where skills-based hiring replaces resumes to enable meaningful work, equal opportunity, respect for candidates, and support for recruiters.

Does our vision resonate with you?

Learn more about skills-based hiring on our blog or sign up for a free plan today.


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