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The 15 best HR blogs to follow and read every month


Being an HR professional in today’s dynamic, ever-evolving environment is challenging and exciting. You have to handle a myriad of opportunities and issues, including:

  1. Emerging hiring technologies

  2. Changing work preferences

  3. Talent shortages

  4. Upskilling, reskilling, and Internal mobility programs

Juggling all of these strategic initiatives while still meeting your day-to-day business objectives may seem impossible – but human resources blogs have emerged as an invaluable resource.

HR blogs provide essential knowledge to HR practitioners, talent leaders, recruiters, and anyone interested in managing and maximizing their human capital. 

Similar to HR podcasts, these blogs offer insights, practical advice, and thought-provoking content about today’s HR landscape, helping you think strategically and stay in the know about trends.

Whether you're looking to fine-tune your talent assessment strategy or learn how to motivate and recognize your people, these blogs have you covered.

The 15 best HR blogs you should follow, starting now

If you’re in HR, you need to envision your organization’s future by being proactive, strategic, and forward-thinking. 

These 15 blogs help you stay on the pulse of all things HR.

Before we dive into the details, here’s a quick overview of our favorite human resource blogs:

HR blog

Why you should follow it

1. Laurie Ruettimann

Shares decades of real-world HR experience, covering topics like the latest HR trends, leadership, career advice, and handling alcohol/substance abuse in the workplace

2. HR Bartender

Offers HR professionals friendly and detailed advice on workplace issues, such as ethics and employee wellness

3. The Evil HR Lady

Answers reader-submitted questions and focuses on creating better workplaces and humanizing HR

4. Ask a Manager

Specializes in addressing readers’ question on topical HR questions, making it a rich resource for handling emerging employee issues

5. Baudville

Examines various aspects of employee recognition and tips on fostering a positive workplace culture

6. Bonusly

Discusses best practices, strategies, and creative ideas for recognizing and appreciating employees

7. HRZone

Collects advice and insights from HR thought leaders on topics like talent management, employee wellness, and HR technology

8. TestGorilla

Covers everything you need to know about skills-based hiring and training, including thought leadership pieces and case studies


Provides longer form articles on forward-thinking HR policies and processes, HR tech, and people analytics

10. Workest by Zenefits

Focuses on compensation and benefits, with extra emphasis on small businesses and managing a growing workforce

11. Ongig

Specializes in creating effective job descriptions and improving diversity within your organization

12. Glassdoor for Employers

Provides a treasure trove of data-driven insights about what job seekers are looking for in employers and how to build an employer brand

13. Training Magazine

Specializes in learning and development opportunities, and how to best train employees and leaders

14. Hppy

Explores strategies and best practices for engaging employees and fostering a sense of purpose in the workplace

15. SnackNation

Helps companies create a healthier and happier workplace culture

1. Laurie Ruettimann 

Laurie reuttimann human resource blog

Topics: Diversity and inclusion, company culture, and employee wellbeing

Average article length: 500 words

What it’s about: Laurie Ruettiman, an HR thought leader, speaker, and author, brings decades of real-world HR experience to life in this blog. Laurie’s insights are grounded in practicality, making her advice highly actionable for HR pros and fresh faces alike.

Why you should follow it: The blog covers HR news, leadership development, and career advice. Whether you want to enhance your career or lead your HR team more effectively, you’ll find valuable guidance here.

Laurie boldly examines controversial topics, such as alcohol and substance abuse in the workplace. She writes about how organizations can tackle this problematic issue by educating and supporting their employees.

If you enjoy the blog, you can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter, where Laurie touches on important subjects like improving the employee experience and minimizing the impact of outdated HR practices.

Articles to start with:

2. HR Bartender

HR bartender human resource blog

Topics: Workplace issues, employee engagement, and employee wellness

Average article length: 800 words

What it's about: Primarily written by its founder Sharlyn Lauby, HR Bartender offers HR professionals straightforward advice on workplace issues in a conversational tone. 

Why you should follow it: As an accomplished human resource professional with more than 20 years of experience, Sharlyn’s advice is based on a wealth of knowledge and credibility, making her blog a trusted resource.

Sharlyn's writing style is engaging and approachable. She breaks down complex HR concepts into easily digestible articles, making the information accessible to HR professionals at all levels of expertise.

She also hosts podcasts tackling workplace ethics, making the blog a one-stop shop for employers and employees looking to understand this hot topic.

There are three to four new blog posts every week, so you are ensured fresh content every time you visit the site.

Articles to start with:

3. The Evil HR Lady

Evil HR lady human resource blog

Topics: Employment law, company culture, and employee performance

Average article length: 700 words

What it’s about: Founded and run by Suzanne Lucas, The Evil HR Lady blog has been active for nearly two decades, with the first post going live in August 2006. 

Most articles are written under the byline Evil HR Lady, covering multiple topics in a good-humored way. There are posts every few days, sometimes on a daily frequency.

Why you should follow it: Suzanne Lucas brings a wealth of real-world experience to her blog. She has worked in various HR roles, including as a corporate HR manager, which gives her a deep understanding of the challenges and intricacies of human resources.

Suzanne often answers reader-submitted questions in a Q&A format, enabling her to address specific HR concerns and provide tailored advice to her audience.

For example, you can find actionable advice on how to conduct job interviews, deal with sexual harassment at the workplace, and why you need to let poor performers go.

The blog’s writing style is characterized by its directness. Suzanne doesn't shy away from addressing difficult topics, making her blog a source of unfiltered insights.

Despite the Evil HR Lady persona, Suzanne's writing reflects her genuine concern for employees and her desire to create better workplaces by addressing the human side of HR challenges.

Articles to start with:

4. Ask a Manager

Ask a manager human resource blog

Topics: Workplace ethics, organizational culture, and workplace practices

Average article length: 800 words

What it’s about: Alison Green, a former chief of staff at a nonprofit, is the founder of the Ask a Manager HR blog. Alison brings her experience in handling people issues by expertly answering a broad range of topical HR questions – including advice about co-workers, hiring, job offers, and layoffs.

Why you should follow it: If you’re an HR manager looking for answers to routine and not-so-routine employee concerns, Ask a Manager is a valuable resource.

Alison’s real-world advice is sure to help you bolster your problem-solving skills in the workplace.

In this blog, you can find reader-submitted questions covering topics like “Can I ask my boss for feedback about how I’m doing?” or “Is it unprofessional to take a Zoom call from a treadmill?”

There are new questions and answers every month, so you’re sure to find a relatable topic. But in case you don’t find one, just head over to the archives page, where there are hundreds of posts from as far back as 2007.

In addition, it's not just Alison’s answers that are worth reading – her lively comments section contains long threads of reader contributions, recounting practical experiences dealing with the issue at hand.

Articles to start with:

5. Baudv!lle 

Baudville human resource blog

Topics: Employee recognition, employee engagement, and company culture

Average article length: 800 words

What it’s about: Baudv!lle programs have helped motivate, engage, and retain employees in schools, healthcare facilities, and non-profit organizations. The company shares this wealth of experience in its blog.

Why you should follow it: Employee recognition is crucial to effective human resource management and fostering a positive workplace culture. It helps keep your employees engaged, ultimately contributing to overall organizational success.

The Baudv!lle blog offers insights and best practices on recognizing and appreciating employees for their hard work and achievements. This includes tips on creating effective employee recognition programs, celebrating milestones, and how to build a culture of peer to peer recognition.

Articles to start with:

6. Bonusly

Bonusly human resource blog

Topics: Employee engagement and employee recognition

Average article length: 1000 words

What it’s about: Bonusly is a company that specializes in connecting people with each other and with their work. 

As an employee engagement leader, the Bonusly blog covers various aspects of employee recognition, including best practices, strategies, and creative ideas for recognizing and appreciating employees' contributions.

Why you should follow it: Articles cover employee engagement from every angle, including how to measure it, improve it, and sustain it over time.

Despite employee engagement being one of the biggest factors contributing to an organization’s success, 65% of the US workforce is not engaged. This means finding ways to keep your employees motivated is key to keeping your company competitive.

This can be especially difficult if you’re working in the HR department of a remote-first company, but Bonusly has a section specifically dedicated to engaging remote employees, including culture-building activities and party ideas.

The blog also offers insights into leadership and management, helping leaders and managers become more effective in recognizing and motivating their teams.

Articles to start with:

7. HRZone

HRZONE resource blog

Topics: Leadership, HR technology, employee wellbeing, and talent management 

Average article length: 600 words

What it’s about: Crafted by a team of experienced HR experts, consultants, and industry experts, HRZone content spans a broad spectrum of topics. There are new articles every week, making this blog a reliable source of HR tips and trends.

Why you should follow it: HRZone’s strong emphasis on leadership subjects stands out and makes it a great resource for both seasoned and emerging HR professionals. 

The leadership issues covered include supporting a workforce during company transition, empowering teams in the information age, and trends for the future of work. 

HRZone covers more than just the logistics of leadership, though. The blog also touches heavily on the more human aspects of leadership, such as how you can support employee wellness and ways that management can foster a more inclusive workplace. 

Articles to start with:

8. TestGorilla

Testgorilla human resource blog

Topics: Skills-based hiring, company culture, and talent acquisition and retention

Average article length: 3000 words

What it’s about: TestGorilla is a platform that provides talent assessments that help companies identify the best candidates and make hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free.

The TestGorilla Blog covers a range of topics related to hiring, talent assessment, and recruitment best practices. 

Why you should follow it: If you bookmark and follow our blog, you’re guaranteed to:

  1. Learn about talent assessments and how to use them to make better, bias-free hiring decisions.

  2. Get weekly updates about tips and tricks of modern-day recruiting and build up your HR knowledge, i.e., read our “how to hire” series to master hiring for different positions, from how to hire a database developer all the way to how to hire a chief financial officer.

  3. Dive deeper into skills-based hiring and learn everything there’s to know about stepping away from outdated traditions like resumes and cover letters.

  4. Get access to real-world case studies and let these success stories inspire you to optimize your hiring processes and outcomes.

  5. Read stimulating thought leadership pieces and research. For example, you can’t miss out on our annual State of Skills Based Hiring report if you’re interested in the future of recruiting high-performing talent.

Articles to start with:


AIHR human resource blog

Topics: HR technology, learning and development, HR analytics, and talent management

Average article length: 3000 words

What it's about: The AIHR blog focuses on forward-thinking HR topics, including policies and processes, the latest technology, complex HR matters, people analytics, case studies, and opinion pieces. 

Why you should follow it: The blog makes its content as practical as possible by including plenty of examples, actionable tips, illustrations, and input from industry experts.

With data-driven recruiting taking shape in the world of work, AIHR has a dedicated HR analytics blog where you can find topics on calculating workplace efficiency and data ethics in people analytics.

In addition to its written articles, the AIHR blog also offers:

  • Downloadable templates and guides for many subjects, including how to conduct a skills gap analysis 

  • Videos and podcasts for those who prefer listening to reading.

Articles to start with:

10. Workest by Zenefits

Workest human resource blog

Topics: HR technology, people ops, and employee benefits

Average article length: 1200 words

What it’s about: Zenefits provides payroll software for businesses, so its blog, Workest by Zenefits, leans heavily towards benefits administration, payroll, and compliance.

Why you should follow it: If you’re looking to keep pace with the evolving compensation and benefits landscape or emerging compliance issues, Workest is a blog to bookmark.

It places a specific emphasis on small businesses, offering growth tips for companies that are beginning to scale up and advice on handling an evolving workforce with HR software.

A rather cool feature of this page is its questions section. Here, Workest readers can ask HR questions as well as answer other people’s questions or simply join the discussion. 

There’s also a guides section where you can find deep dives into various HR topics, such as creating a strong compensation plan or automating payroll and taxes.

Articles to start with:

11. Ongig

ONGIG human resource blog

Topics: Job descriptions, DEI, and recruitment marketing

Average article length: 1000 words

What it's about: Ongig specializes in helping organizations create effective and inclusive job descriptions, so its blog focuses primarily on topics like ageism, sexism, and other diversity-related topics in the workplace.

Why you should follow it: If you want to learn the art and science of crafting great job descriptions, you need to follow the Ongig blog. Find out how to remove unconscious gender or racial bias in your job description to increase your application rates.

Besides job descriptions, OnGig also discusses many topics related to diversity and inclusion, giving you thorough advice on eliminating bias and baking an inclusive culture into your organization and its hiring processes.

Article to start with:

12. Glassdoor for Employers

Glassdoor human resource blog

Topics: Recruitment and employer branding

Average article length: 700 words

What it’s about: The Glassdoor for Employers blog is mainly focused on recruiting, and with all the feedback left by employees through its platform, it has excellent advice to share. 

Why you should follow it: Uncover a treasure trove of data-driven insights about what job seekers are looking for in employers. From salary expectations to company culture preferences, you can gain the knowledge you need to tailor your recruitment strategies.

Glassdoor for Employers offers plenty of advice for elevating your company's image in the eyes of job seekers with employer branding tools and learning how to create a compelling brand that resonates with top talent.

This matters because, more than ever, job seekers are looking at social media and online sources to learn more about a company and its values before applying.

Articles to start with:

13. Training Magazine

Training human resource blog

Topics: Training, learning and development

Average article length: 800 words

What it’s about: Training Magazine is published by Lakewood Media Group, LLC, and is a great resource for HR leaders looking to improve their skill sets and enhance their team's capacities.

Why you should follow it: Training Magazine isn’t your typical HR blog – the magazine has been around for 55 years advocating training and workforce development as a business tool.

The blog delves into management issues, such as leadership and succession planning, recruitment, onboarding, and retention. 

But as you’d expect from its name, the blog’s real focus is on building learning and development opportunities. 

With the younger workforce seeking an ever greater emphasis on growth, it’s critical to offer strong training initiatives to employees to attract and retain top talent – and Training Magazine helps you do precisely that. 

Articles to start with:

14. Hppy

Hppy human resource blog

Topics: Company culture and employee engagement

Average article length: 1000 words

What it’s about: Hppy is a platform and community dedicated to promoting workplace happiness, employee engagement, and positive organizational cultures. 

The Hppy blog serves as a central hub for sharing information, insights, and resources related to creating more fulfilling workplaces.

Why you should follow it: The blog explores strategies and best practices for engaging employees and fostering a sense of organizational purpose and commitment.

You can find articles on workplace happiness, the importance of employee wellbeing and satisfaction, and its positive impact on productivity and profitability.

Hppy also guides leaders and managers in creating supportive, empowering, and inclusive environments that contribute to employee happiness and growth.

Most pieces featured on Hppy are case studies and articles based on personal experience in the HR industry, giving you a first-hand view of what works and what doesn’t.

Articles to start with:

15. SnackNation 

Snack nation human resource blog

Topics: Employee wellbeing

Average article length: 1500 words

What it's about: The SnackNation blog aims to help organizations create healthier and happier workplace cultures.

Why you should follow it: If you’re ever in need of inspiration for anything that’s employee wellbeing-related, whether it’s employee perks, office party ideas, or simple hacks to stay healthy at work, the SnackNation blog is the place to go.

You can find a ton of resources to help you boost employee engagement – including peer-to-peer recognition ideas, best corporate gifts to give away, and swag ideas for your workforce.

SnackNation even offers remote-specific ideas for distributed teams

Article to start with:

Stay current with these top HR blogs

Knowledge is power, and these blogs are your key to unlocking it. 

So, whether you're seeking to revamp your talent acquisition strategies, enhance employee engagement, or stay ahead of the latest trends in HR, keep these 15 HR blogs in your virtual toolkit.

Subscribe to those that align with your interests and professional needs and join a community of HR practitioners and business leaders who are dedicated to making a difference in people management.

With the insights you gain – such as understanding the value of culture add – you'll be better equipped to navigate the HR landscape of tomorrow and shape the future today.

Next, learn more about quiet quitting, a topic that’s been causing a stir in the HR community, and find out how to re-engage a passive workforce.


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