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How to attract and assess Campaigner (ENFP) candidates during the hiring process


Campaigner personalities (ENFPs) are celebrated for their infectious enthusiasm, boundless creativity, and intrinsic people skills. When harnessed effectively, these traits can invigorate and motivate entire teams.  

However, failing to acknowledge the distinct attributes of a Campaigner can lead to them being confined to roles that are overly structured and void of creative freedom. This can diminish their job satisfaction and harm team dynamics, as the Campaigner's innate zest and cooperative spirit are squandered.

This guide will help you recognize the unique contributions of Campaigners, understand how to use personality tests to assess their skills, and suggest how to integrate their strengths into your team.

ENFP candidates: Key strengths, limitations, and personality traits

Campaigner personalities are exuberant, inventive workers known for their adaptability and eagerness to explore new ideas. They typically excel in environments that embrace innovation and offer the freedom to think outside the box. Their inherent strengths include:

  • Exceptional communication skills: Campaigners articulate their thoughts expressively, making them natural leaders and persuasive team members.

  • Creativity and innovation: They thrive on exploring possibilities and can contribute unique solutions to challenges.

  • Empathy: Their ability to understand others' perspectives makes them excellent at customer-facing roles or any position requiring teamwork.

  • Enthusiasm: Their infectious energy can motivate and uplift those around them.

However, certain limitations should be kept in mind:

  • Need for variety: Repetitive tasks can quickly disengage a Campaigner, leading to a drop in productivity.

  • Sensitivity to criticism: They can take feedback personally, which can affect their work performance.

  • Struggle with structure: They may find rigid, highly structured environments constraining, which could lead to frustration.

It's important to consider these traits during the hiring process to ensure that a Campaigner will be a good fit for the role and your company's culture.

What ENFP candidates look for in a workplace

Campaigner personalities seek workplaces that resonate with their values and offer them the freedom to innovate and connect with others. Here are some insights to help you tailor your recruitment strategy:

  • Autonomy and flexibility: Campaigners value independence and the ability to manage their own time. Workplaces offering flexible scheduling, remote work options, or project-based tasks are particularly appealing.

  • Creative freedom: A role allowing creative thinking and problem solving will attract Campaigner personalities. They flourish in roles where they can express their ideas and are not confined by too many rules.

  • Growth opportunities: Campaigners are naturally curious and love to learn. Companies that offer professional development opportunities or pathways for advancement will be more attractive to these candidates.

  • Collaborative culture: A supportive team environment where ideas are shared and valued aligns well with a Campaigner's collaborative and empathetic nature.

  • Meaningful work: ENFPs want to feel that their work makes a difference. Companies with a clear mission or social impact can leverage this to attract Campaigner candidates.

  • Recognition and appreciation: Campaigners thrive on feedback and recognition. Workplaces that celebrate achievements and provide constructive feedback will help them feel valued and motivated.

Incorporating these elements into your job descriptions, company culture pages, and recruitment marketing can help signal to Campaigner personalities that your organization is a place where they can thrive. 

Highlight how your company embraces the 16 personality types in the workplace, specifically focusing on providing the dynamism and recognition that Campaigners crave. 

By communicating your understanding of their unique needs and how your workplace is designed to meet them, you can encourage ENFP candidates to envision themselves as part of your team and be inspired to apply.

How to assess ENFP candidates

Assessing ENFP candidates requires a nuanced approach to uncover their capabilities and ensure they align with the role. Employers looking to hire a Campaigner personality should focus on understanding  and testing their typical strengths and weaknesses.

  • Creative agility: Campaigners shine in environments that value innovation. Test their ability to navigate complex problems with inventive solutions and gauge their strategic thinking capabilities.

  • Team dynamics: Their natural charm and collaborative spirit are assets in team settings. Look at how they build rapport, motivate peers, and handle group dynamics.

  • Adaptability: ENFPs typically adapt well to new situations. Observe their reactions to shifts in work demands or unforeseen obstacles to judge their resilience and flexibility.

  • Focus and discipline: Given their love for new experiences, Campaigners may struggle with long-term focus. Assess their ability to stay on task and manage time effectively.

  • Handling stress: Some ENFPs might be sensitive to stress. Examine their coping mechanisms and resilience in high-pressure situations.

  • Consistency in routine tasks: Understand their willingness to handle the less glamorous, day-to-day responsibilities of the role.

Use skills-based hiring

Personality traits associated with the ENFP type can affect the hiring process in several ways. Campaigners might be very enthusiastic and engaging in interviews, which can be a double-edged sword. While they may leave a strong first impression, ensuring that this enthusiasm translates into actual skills and fit for the role is essential. 

You can learn a lot about ENFPs by correctly interpreting the results of the 16 Personalities test, but a skills-based hiring approach can give you a more comprehensive picture of the candidate.

TestGorilla's library of over 400 assessments can help you here. It includes a 16 Personalities test as well as many skill- and job-specific tests, offering an unbiased, data-driven approach to evaluating candidates that helps avoid some of the pitfalls of traditional hiring methods.

Utilize job-specific skill tests

Consider using job-specific skills tests relevant to the position. These tests provide concrete evidence of a candidate’s abilities beyond their engaging personality.

For instance, in a video marketing role where creativity and strategic thinking are paramount, a Video Content Creator test will help you assess an ENFP candidate's ability to craft compelling marketing videos. You could pair this with a Market Analysis test that evaluates how well the candidate can interpret market factors to develop innovative campaigns that will resonate with your target audience.

In contrast, for sales positions where quick thinking and problem-solving are crucial, situational judgment tests can provide insight into how a Campaigner personality approaches real-world sales challenges. Communication and Negotiation tests can reveal their capacity to interact with customers, adapt their sales techniques, and close deals effectively.

Employ emotional intelligence tests

In addition to these role-specific tests, it's wise to include an emotional intelligence assessment. Campaigners are known for their strong interpersonal skills, but an emotional intelligence test will give you a more nuanced view of how they manage emotions—both their own and those of others—in a professional setting. This assessment can determine how they communicate, handle conflict, and maintain team morale, which are all critical factors in collaborative work environments.

By combining these various types of assessments, you create a multifaceted evaluation process that goes beyond surface-level traits. You'll be able to see how a Campaigner's inventiveness and people skills translate into practical abilities and job performance.

Hire excellent ENFA candidates with TestGorilla

Campaigners’ enthusiasm and people skills make them an asset to any team. To secure the right ENFP talent for your company, consider using personality tests alongside a suite of job-specific tests from TestGorilla's test library

Using this comprehensive approach, you enhance your hiring strategy, ensuring you attract and retain candidates who will excel in their roles and contribute positively to your company's culture.

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