TestGorilla vs. Realcoderz

TestGorilla vs Realcoderz

Finding the perfect hire is faster and easier with effective pre-employment testing. Skills assessments enable you to determine which candidates will thrive in your business – and they’re much more accurate and quick than reviewing countless resumes. 

To make the most of targeted tests and easily identify the candidates whose skills match your requirements, however, you need the right platform – and choosing the best pre-employment testing solution for your business can be tricky. 

This guide compares TestGorilla and Realcoderz and explains why TestGorilla has the edge. 

Table of contents

How does TestGorilla work?

TestGorilla homepage

TestGorilla is a top-rated pre-screening platform that helps you streamline your hiring process and identify the best candidates. Replace tedious resume reviews with an accurate and objective skills-assessment process backed by science.

With our comprehensive library of available tests, plus the possibility to add custom questions, you can quickly identify the candidates who have the right skills needed for each open role. 

TestGorilla also decreases the risk of unconscious bias in the hiring process, because it enables you to rank candidates objectively. This improves hire quality by ensuring only the most qualified candidates are considered.

Providing a positive candidate experience is a key part of TestGorilla’s offering, which, in turn, helps you strengthen your employer branding. Assessments are easy to access from any device and every test has straightforward instructions. You can even customize all materials and candidate communications with your company branding.

TestGorilla also offers more complex assessment options, such as one-way video interviews. Personality tests can be included to accurately gauge how well each candidate will fit in your business. 

How does Realcoderz work?

how does realcoderz work

Realcoderz offers AI-driven recruitment and pre-employment assessment tools to help companies hire for technical roles such as developers. 

Realcoderz works by extracting information from candidates’ resumes and using it to create a candidate profile. Assessments and coding interviews are then used to quantify each candidate’s skill set. 

Realcoderz also uses AI to match candidates with job openings and rank them based on their skills and qualifications.  

TestGorilla vs. Realcoderz: Test libraries

TestGorilla offers an extensive test library to pre-screen for different roles in your business, whereas Realcoderz’s range of tests is limited to IT hires (and developers in particular). 

TestGorilla’s test library

TestGorilla’s searchable test library includes more than 280 pre-employment screening tests. These cover the full scope of hiring needs, from customer service skills to coding languages. 

TestGorilla doesn’t limit tests to multiple-choice quizzes. You can ask candidates to submit video responses, write open-text answers, upload files, and complete coding tasks. 

Our personality tests complement the skills tests to give you a full picture of each candidate. 

What’s more, you can use TestGorilla’s test library for hiring worldwide: We have localized websites available in 11+ languages.

TestGorilla Test Library

Realcoderz’s test library

Realcoderz’s test library features more than 1,000 skills in line with the platform’s focus on hiring tech roles. 

It’s unclear from the Realcoderz website whether the test library assesses any abilities beyond technical skills. 

There’s also no mention of additional language options, and REALCODERZ doesn’t offer personality tests.

TestGorilla vs RealCoderz test library

Test libraries: Comparison chart at a glance

Cognitive ability testsYesUnclear
Situational judgment testsYesUnclear
Job-specific testsYesYes
Software testsYesYes
Programming tests (including coding challenges)YesYes
Language testsYesNo
Personality testsYesNo
Culture-add testYesNo
Your own custom testsYesUnclear
Custom questions per assessmentYesYes
Test recommendations for each roleYesYes
Multiple tests per assessmentYesUnclear

TestGorilla vs. Realcoderz: Functionalities for hiring developers

Many companies struggle to hire skilled developers. Programming skills are a must, but other skills like customer service and general problem-solving are also required for success. 

TestGorilla and Realcoderz both test coding skills, coding language competency, and debugging skills. However, TestGorilla is better placed to assess the candidate’s entire skill set beyond their technical abilities. 

Hiring developers with TestGorilla

TestGorilla offers a range of ready-to-use tests designed to help you find the best developers. These include framework tests such as Flutter and programming-language tests like Python

You can also design custom coding challenges that relate specifically to your business and know right from the start whether a candidate can keep up with your development team.

Test recording and playback let you follow every step of the candidate’s process during coding challenges. 

Hiring developers with Realcoderz

Realcoderz focuses on assessing technical skills, and particularly on enabling companies to hire full-stack developers. 

You can use Realcoderz’s assessments to evaluate 1,000+ skills including a range of coding languages. However, it’s not clear if coding challenges can be customized. 

Functionalities for hiring developers: Comparison chart at a glance

Coding languagesJavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, C, C#, C++, SQL, Kotlin, Ruby, TypeScript, Go, R, Scala, and SwiftHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python
Web-development frameworksYesUnclear
Mobile-development frameworksYesUnclear
Algorithmic-thinking challengesYesUnclear
Debugging challengesYesUnclear
Language-specific concept challengesYesUnclear
Custom coding challengesYesUnclear
Code-playback functionYesNo
Automated scoringYesYes

TestGorilla vs. Realcoderz: Video interviews

Using video interviews makes the recruitment process faster and easier for you and candidates. 

One-way interviews can even replace time-consuming screening calls. This frees up time while still giving insight into each candidate’s communication style and personality. 

TestGorilla’s video interviews

TestGorilla makes it possible to assess many candidates quickly. Our one-way video interviews enable you to evaluate each candidate fairly by using the same questions. 

You can set time limits of 60, 90, or 120 seconds to ensure applicants give a concise response to each question. You can also check how many attempts each candidate made to finalize their response.

Once candidates complete the one-way video interview, you can score their answers by using our custom-question rating system. You can rate their submissions on a scale of one to five stars and add notes for other team members. This helps hiring teams create a shortlist for the next stage.

Realcoderz’s video interviews

TestGorilla vs RealCoderz video interviews

Realcoderz offers live-coding interviews but no other video-interview tools. 

Video interviews: Comparison chart at a glance

One-way video interviewYesNo
Custom video questions per assessmentYesNo
Track candidates’ recording attempts per questionYesNo
Recording and playback on any deviceYesNo
Rate and comment video answersYesNo

TestGorilla vs. Realcoderz: Candidate experience and company branding

A positive candidate experience is key to ensuring your candidates stay engaged in the assessment and see it through to completion. 

The ability to professionally brand your pre-employment assessments reassures candidates they’re engaging with a legitimate hiring tool. Assessment platforms also need to be easy to use and provide candidate support when needed.

The candidate experience with TestGorilla

You can brand TestGorilla assessments with your company logo and brand colors and customize emails to present a professional image to all candidates.

Assessments are mobile-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere without the need to log in. TestGorilla provides support directly to candidates via email and chat to take the burden off your hiring team.

We make it easy for candidates to understand what’s expected from them. Our testing platform is intuitive and assessments are short and focused. You can opt to send regular notifications to candidates during the assessment process to increase engagement. 

The candidate experience with Realcoderz

Realcoderz makes no mention of giving you the option to use custom branding. 

Candidate support options are also not mentioned, leaving it unclear whether a candidate would be able to find the help they need through the Realcoderz platform.

Applicants can access assessments through a job portal managed by REALCODERZ on any device. 

Candidate experience and company branding: Comparison chart at a glance

Your company’s intro or outro videoYesNo
Assessments branded with your company logo and colorsYesNo
Customizable invitation and rejection emailsYesNo
No login required for candidatesYesNo
Help and support for candidatesYesUnclear
Typical assessment length30-60 minUnclear
Qualifying questions prior to assessmentYesUnclear

TestGorilla vs. Realcoderz: Enterprise and startup friendliness

Pre-employment testing needs to suit your business, regardless of whether you’re a startup or a well-established enterprise.

For startups and large companies alike, pre-employment testing can expedite the hiring process and provide an easy way to handle data in a legally compliant way without them having to dedicate any additional resources to it. 

And for enterprises, it’s essential to be able to integrate their skills-testing platform with Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. This ensures seamless candidate tracking and communication during the hiring process. 

TestGorilla’s enterprise and startup friendliness

TestGorilla is infinitely scalable and can meet the needs of both startups and enterprises. It’s easy to use and fully GDPR-compliant, so startups can confidently grow their business with full legal compliance.

Meanwhile, enterprises can integrate the platform seamlessly with numerous ATS platforms and maintain a clear overview of each candidate’s progress. 

This can all help streamline your hiring process. For instance, TestGorilla helped Hydroemission reduce hiring time by 80%

Realcoderz’s enterprise and startup friendliness

Realcoderz was built using talent pipeline-management practices common in large enterprises and consulting firms. REALCODERZ is GDPR-compliant.

Assessments can be customized to each candidate, though the limited pricing plans don’t leave room for scaling the product. 

Enterprise and startup friendliness: Comparison chart at a glance

ATS integrationYesNo
Multiple users and role-based rights managementYesUnclear
Multiple candidate invitation optionsYesUnclear
Public link to invite candidatesYesUnclear
Public links for each candidate sourceYesUnclear
Bulk invite candidates (CSV/XLSX upload)YesUnclear
Track candidate stages from invited to hiredYesYes
API accessYesUnclear

TestGorilla vs. Realcoderz: Quality control

Quality-control measures are necessary to establish trust in the outcome of pre-employment assessments. Examples of such measures include:

  • Conducting thorough quality checks before publishing assessments to ensure accuracy and fairness
  • Gathering feedback from both test-takers and employers to improve the testing experience
  • Regularly replacing questions to prevent test-takers from sharing answers online

TestGorilla’s quality-control processes

TestGorilla Quality control

TestGorilla’s assessments are designed in collaboration with a team of subject-matter and psychometric experts. Quality checks are informed by test theory, a methodology that ensures fairness and precision in measuring candidate skills.

Once assessments are live, TestGorilla actively solicits feedback from hiring managers and test-takers to identify areas for improvement. This continuous feedback loop supports prompt follow-up and swift action to address any concerns.

TestGorilla also routinely replaces test questions after they’ve appeared multiple times to protect the integrity of assessments. 

Realcoderz’s quality-control processes

Realcoderz provides no explanation of its vetting process for test questions or how they ensure that questions identify the right skills. 

It’s unclear whether Realcoderz solicits feedback on assessments from either test-takers or employers. 

There’s also no indication that test questions are automatically retired after a certain exposure threshold to prevent them from leaking and appearing in web search results. 

Quality control: Comparison chart at a glance

Proprietary algorithms that continuously improve the quality of each testYesUnclear
Extensive quality checks before assessments go liveYesUnclear
Questions replaced after reaching exposure limitYesNo
Customer feedback used to improve assessmentsYesUnclear
Test-taker feedback used to improve assessmentsYesUnclea

TestGorilla vs. Realcoderz: Anti-cheating measures

Pre-employment testing can help level the playing field for applicants and prevent you from spending time and money on candidates with overly embellished resumes.

Anti-cheating measures are necessary to ensure that test results accurately reflect a candidate’s abilities, skills, and personality. 

Common anti-cheating measures include time limits, the use of a wide range of questions, and randomizing the order of questions to prevent collaboration or dishonest behavior.

TestGorilla’s anti-cheating measures

TestGorilla provides a robust set of anti-cheating measures to protect the integrity of the results. This includes preventing copy-paste functionality, tracking the candidate’s IP address, randomizing questions, and setting time limits for tests. 

TestGorilla also enforces full-screen mode, preventing candidates from opening other windows. With the candidate’s consent, the platform takes webcam snapshots every 30 seconds to confirm the candidate is working alone.  

Realcoderz’s anti-cheating measures

While the platform has likely implemented some anti-cheating measures, their website doesn’t give any details on what these are. 

Anti-cheating measures: Comparison chart at a glance

IP-address loggingYesUnclear
Logging of candidate locationYesUnclear
Webcam snapshotsYesUnclear
Full-screen mode detectionYesUnclear
Randomized questions per testYesUnclear
Large question pool for each testYesUnclear
Questions and answers not visible to employersYesUnclear
Time limit on testsYesUnclear
Copy-paste disabledYesUnclear

TestGorilla vs. Realcoderz: Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics provide valuable insights into your candidates’ test results and your organization’s broader hiring efforts. 

Pre-employment testing platforms can rank candidates automatically. Data analysis can help identify issues in your hiring process, such as the lack of diversity of employees. It can also help forecast the future hiring needs of your organization. 

TestGorilla’s reporting and analytics features

TestGorilla Insights and Reporting Tests

TestGorilla offers you a comprehensive overview of all candidates, past and current. 

You can easily see how many candidates have engaged with your hiring process, and identify common skills among successful candidates, plus any hard-to-find skill sets.

TestGorilla also provides benchmark reports that compare each candidate’s skills to the wider candidate pool, which you can annotate and share with your team.

Realcoderz’s reporting and analytics features

Realcoderz provides a 360-degree candidate view intended to match candidates with suitable roles and benchmark their skills against each other. It also ranks candidates for each role to highlight top applicants. 

Realcoderz doesn’t indicate whether their reporting functionalities extend beyond individual candidate or role views. It’s unclear whether available reports can assist in improving the overall hiring process. 

Reporting and analytics: Comparison chart at a glance

PDF reports of assessments and individual candidatesYesUnclear
Excel and CSV reports of assessments and individual candidatesYesUnclear
Comprehensive overview for all current and past candidatesYesUnclear
Scoring benchmarks for candidates (including percentile rank scoring)YesYes
Add your ratings and personal notes for candidatesYesUnclear

TestGorilla vs. Realcoderz: Customer support

Any new software has a learning curve, so having convenient access to customer support is crucial.

While many pre-employment testing providers offer support via phone, chat, or email, others take a more hands-on approach with live training and onboarding tours. 

TestGorilla’s customer support

TestGorilla offers a free 30-minute live demo to provide a detailed overview of the platform and address your questions in real time. Training and onboarding are also available to ensure your entire hiring team is confident using the software.

TestGorilla’s online help center provides step-by-step guides and answers to FAQs. Additional assistance is available via live chat, email, and phone support. 

Realcoderz’s customer support

Realcoderz offers 24/7 support but doesn’t explain how customers are able to access this. Email and phone contacts listed on the Realcoderz website are generic and don’t distinguish between sales and support. 

The website also makes no mention of onboarding support like product tours or training for hiring staff. 

Customer support: Comparison chart at a glance

Live chatYesUnclear
Help centerYesNo
Email supportYesYes
Phone assistanceNoYes
Training and onboarding tourYesNo

TestGorilla vs. Realcoderz: Pricing

While most pre-employment testing software is priced per user and per month, some providers offer annual pricing, while others use pay-as-you-go models. 

Scalable solutions are often available for businesses that need to adjust their hiring capacity as they grow. Many offer free plans or trials to test out the software before committing to a paid subscription.

TestGorilla’s pricing

TestGorilla Prices and plans

TestGorilla offers four pricing plans (billed annually), including one that’s free forever. 

Plans include candidate credits; for each credit, you can invite an applicant to complete an assessment. Additional credits can be purchased as needed.

  • Free plan: Provides 10 tests, including personality tests
  • Pay as you go: $312/year. Gives access to all tests from the library, unlimited account users, and 100 candidate credits per year.
  • Scale: $3,900/year. Includes everything in the Pay as you go package, plus PDF reports for candidates, ATS integrations, customizable tests, and 1,500 candidate credits per year. 
  • Business: $26,400/year. Includes everything in the Scale plan, plus a customized onboarding demo, API access for custom integrations, and 12,500 candidate credits per year.

Realcoderz’s pricing

TestGorilla vs RealCoderz pricing

Realcoderz offers two pricing plans. 

The Standard plan costs $10/user/month (for up to 100 users) and enables you to access the platform and assess the skills of existing employees. Pre-employment assessment is not included in this plan.

The Enterprise plan is required to access the platform’s recruitment-focused tools, including skill matching.

Pricing: Comparison chart at a glance

PlanPrice (billed annually)PlanPrice
Free$0No free plan
Pay as you go$26 per monthStandard$10/user/month
Scale$325 per monthNo mid-level plan
Business$2,200 per monthEnterprisePrice on request

TestGorilla vs. Realcoderz: Ease of use

To ensure a high completion rate, you need an easy-to-use testing platform: Candidates will abandon assessments that are too complex or confusing. Additionally, your HR team needs to navigate the platform efficiently to make the most of it.

Important factors include intuitive design, seamless navigation, and straightforward test instructions. 

TestGorilla’s user interface and ease of use

TestGorilla is designed for quick and easy implementation: You can set up the right tests for each role in no time. The comprehensive test library is also flexible, with customizable questions and tests tailored to your business. 

Customers like Digital Care specifically choose TestGorilla for its simplicity and ease of use. 

Realcoderz’s user interface and ease of use

Realcoderz focuses on hiring and upskilling developers and employees at other technical roles. 

Resume parsing and skill matching are driven by AI, aiming to decrease the time recruiters spend identifying matching talent. Tests can be customized. 

Realcoderz’s website provides no insight into test-taker usability or abandonment rates. 

Conclusion: TestGorilla vs. Realcoderz

TestGorilla is a comprehensive pre-employment testing solution that can improve hiring decisions across your entire organization. By comparison, Realcoderz focuses exclusively on tech hires and technical skills. 

TestGorilla takes a comprehensive approach to vetting and reviewing test questions and improving tests. All our tests are backed by science and undergo strict quality checks before they go live. 

Our easy-to-use platform enables you to easily identify top candidates for all roles and at all levels – and our robust anti-cheating measures help protect the integrity and accuracy of test results.

With TestGorilla, you’ll be able to speed up recruitment and improve your hiring process to make it more efficient, objective, and fair.

Streamline your hiring process with pre-employment testing

Pre-employment testing can save organizations time and money by enabling them to improve the quality of hire. Businesses can confidently make unbiased hiring decisions, resulting in a more diverse and inclusive workforce. 

To get started with TestGorilla’s skills assessments, sign up for a free demo today. We’ll help you find the best plan to streamline your company’s recruitment process. 

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