A recruiter’s guide to pre-employment online math assessments

A recruiter’s guide to pre-employment online math assessments

A recruiters guide to pre-employment online math assessments

Do you need to hire a math expert but are unsure which recruitment technique is the best? Are you struggling to distinguish between two math whizzes and finding the process frustrating? 

You may need a Math test and assessment to aid your hiring: This is the fastest, most accurate method to assess your candidates. 

And if you’re looking for the facts on pre-employment online math assessments, this article is the recruiter’s guide you need. Check out the information below for all the essential facts.

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What are basic math aptitude tests?

Basic math aptitude tests are pre-employment tests you can use to evaluate or screen applicants’ core math skills. This type of test is usually short and features multiple-choice questions, asking candidates to select the correct answers.

What types of questions are on a math aptitude test?

Some of the main questions your candidates will face when they complete a math aptitude test include the following:

The types of questions you can find on a math aptitude test
  • Addition and subtraction questions
  • Questions on rounding to the nearest number
  • Multiplication and division questions
  • Questions on time calculation
  • Equation solving questions
  • Questions on single- and double-digit numbers
  • Algebra-related questions
  • Mathematical word problems

How should you use a math aptitude test during the recruitment process?

The best way to integrate a math aptitude test into your recruitment process is to use online math assessments when applicants register an interest in your vacancy. 

Such an assessment will feature five tests, including the math pre-employment assessment. Usually, the best method is to get your candidates to complete the assessment straight after you’ve sourced the applications.

Once you’ve sent applicants the assessment, all you need to do is wait to receive their results – and then you can start shortlisting candidates for the interview phase. 

There are several advantages to using a math aptitude test, which you’ll discover later in this article. But first, what kinds of basic math aptitude tests can you use?

What are some online basic aptitude assessments related to math?

Depending on your skills-testing platform, you can opt for a variety of online math assessments. Some of the most popular pre-employment math tests you can choose include the following examples.

1. Basic Double-Digit Math test

With the Basic Double-Digit Math test, you can review your applicants’ skills in solving mathematical problems and equations with single- and double-digit numbers. The test reviews division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction skills, as well as assessing time calculation and the ability to find the nearest number.

2. Basic Triple-Digit Math test

Using our Basic Triple-Digit Math test, you’ll have no trouble assessing your candidates’ abilities to solve equations that feature triple-digit numbers. As with the above test, this evaluates division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction skills, in addition to time calculation, finding the nearest number, prime numbers, and fractions.

4. Intermediate math

From converting numbers to fractions and decimals to using percentages and ratios, you can review plenty of math skills with this Intermediate Math test. You’ll also evaluate your applicants’ time estimate abilities. 

Need to know whether your candidates can calculate rates? Looking for someone who understands durations? This test will be your best guide.

5. Financial Math test

With this Financial Math test, you will determine which applicants understand the time value of money, how to apply the time value of money to business scenarios, and linear programming. The test evaluates whether your candidates can compute present and future value, net present value, and internal rates of return, and assesses their understanding of profit maximization.

What are the advantages of using a math aptitude test?

Some of the advantages of using an online math assessment test include the following points:

The advantages of using a math aptitude test

Forget about tiresome resume screenings

If the longest part of your day involves looking at resumes and putting them into “Yes” and “No” piles, it’s time to start using math aptitude tests instead. This approach enables you to shorten your recruitment process and identify the applicants with the math skills your business needs, without looking at resumes at all.

Find math experts even if you lack the skills yourself

Need to spot a math expert fast but lack the skills? If you don’t consider yourself a math whiz, the best, most reliable option is to use a pre-employment math assessment. With a reliable skills assessment platform, experts create math skills tests – so you can put your concerns to the back of your mind. Leave the assessment to the pros and focus on other recruitment challenges.

Avoid unconscious bias

Letting your candidates’ math skills do the talking is always a priority, as is avoiding unconscious bias. With a basic math test for employment, you focus only on applicants’ demonstrable math skills to help you avoid unconscious bias creeping into those difficult hiring decisions.

Use a basic math test for employment training

If you notice that your applicant lacks certain basic math skills, you can use the results of the basic math test to guide your employee training and development. For instance, say your new hire lacks algebra-related or triple-digit addition and subtraction knowledge, and they will work in your shop. In that case, you can offer them training related to these skills to help them improve.

Integrate pre-employment math assessments into your hiring process to find experts

Hiring a math expert can take a long time, but there’s an easy method to complete the process quickly and effectively. Take your pick of our various math aptitude tests and use them when you source candidates.

Remember, there are several benefits of pre-employment math assessments. If you want to avoid lengthy resume screening and need an accurate way to assess applicants’ abilities, check out our basic math skills tests and other aptitude tests to make hiring easy.

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