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How to hire a squarespace designer (And mistakes to avoid)

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Squarespace designers’ resumes can be dazzling – but as a hiring manager, you’ll need to dig deeper to know what they’re really made of.

After all, picking the wrong designer can be a real headache. You might end up with a site that’s confusing to navigate, doesn’t reflect your brand, or flops on mobile.

We’re here to help you avoid all that agony. In this article, we walk you through what to look for in stellar Squarespace designers, where to find them, and how to assess them once they’re in your talent pipeline.

What you need to know before hiring a Squarespace designer

Don’t dive into your search for a designer until you get clear on these points.

If it’s the right time

First, decide whether it’s actually time to hire a Squarespace designer. Hiring one is ideal when:

  • You want to quickly launch a high-quality website from scratch.

  • You already have a Squarespace website but aren’t satisfied with it and need a redesign.

  • You plan to create an online store on your Squarespace site.

  • You need to set up advanced features like custom forms, membership sections, or integrations.

  • Your existing team doesn’t have Squarespace design experience or the


    of experience you need for the project.

The point of your website

Next, consider what you want your site to do – like selling products or snagging leads – and how complex your project is. Need a designer for basic Squarespace features, spell that out. Want more customization? Make that clear from the start.

This helps applicants get what your site’s about, so you avoid any poor-fit submissions and can more easily snag a Squarespace designer who’s just right for your project.

Your target audience and brand identity

Also, decide who your site is for. If it’s for busy young pros, go for something snappy and clean. For artsy types, bold visuals are key.

Know your brand, too. All about eco-friendliness? You’ll want earthy tones and a clean vibe for your site. In tech? Think sleek and futuristic.

If you don’t know your audience and brand, it’ll be tough to know what to look for in designers – and tell new hires what you need. Even a great designer might miss what you’re aiming for, leading to extra rounds of changes or bigger issues.

Any industry regulations

If you’re in a certain industry, like health and wellness or e-commerce, your site will need to follow specific rules – like FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines for product details or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for handling credit card info.

You might need to stick to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for data privacy, too.

Know what rules your site should follow before you start hunting for a designer. That way, you can tell if a candidate knows their stuff to keep your site – and company – safe and compliant.

Skills to look for in a Squarespace designer

Here are some must-have Squarespace designer skills.

  • Squarespace expertise. Your designer should expertly use Squarespace’s tools to guarantee your site is beautiful and user-friendly.

  • CSS and JavaScript skills. Beyond templates, they should jazz up your site with personalized touches using custom CSS and JavaScript.

  • Design flair. Top designers do more than just pick colors and fonts. They craft a look that tells your story and immediately makes visitors feel welcome.

  • Mobile-friendly design skills. Designers also need to make your site look awesome on any screen, big or small.

  • SEO insights. Looks aren’t everything. Your site needs to be seen. A designer who understands SEO can help your site get noticed online.

  • Integration experience. From adding a shop to linking your latest Instagram posts, your designer should use integrations to make your site more than just a digital brochure.

  • Clear communication. Designers should clearly explain their ideas, understand what you want, and use your feedback to make sure the site’s just right.

  • Creative problem-solving. When surprises pop up, your designer should quickly figure out clever ways around Squarespace's quirks, keeping projects on track.

Where to find skilled Squarespace designers

Many businesses post Squarespace designer jobs on sites like LinkedIn and Indeed. They might get a bunch of applicants, but not all will be great.

If you want a top-notch designer, try some creative sourcing strategies.

5 creative ways to find Squarespace designer candidates

These recruitment sources can help you find Squarespace designers with the right skills.

1. Scour portfolio sites

Dive into platforms like Behance or Dribbble where designers showcase their best work. Use search terms like “Squarespace website designs” or “Squarespace portfolio” to find professionals with the expertise you’re looking for. You can see their creative flair in action – and get their contact info, too.

2. Slide into DMs

Instagram and X are great spots to find skilled Squarespace designers.

Check out hashtags like #SquarespaceDesigner or #SquarespaceDesign on Instagram to see designers’ latest projects.

On X, look for posts with these hashtags or similar ones. Feel free to like and reply to designers’ posts and DM them to chat and see if they’re a fit for your role.

3. Tap into creative marketplaces

Sites like Etsy and Fiverr have web design sections where freelancers, including Squarespace pros, offer their services. You can browse their work, see what they offer, and even request custom services that meet your needs.

4. Hit up design schools and programs

Local and online design schools often have job boards where you can post your needs or chat with career services to find up-and-coming talent.

Plus, many advertising schools showcase their students’ portfolios online. Explore them to find students with the creative flair and Squarespace skills you’re after.

5. Explore Reddit communities

Check out Reddit’s communities r/squarespace, r/web_design, and r/DesignJobs. These groups can be goldmines for finding skilled remote designers. You can share your job opening or message people whose work catches your eye.

How to select the best Squarespace designer candidates

Once you’ve got a bunch of promising applications, don’t just pick the ones with the flashiest resumes. Use multi-measure talent assessments with TestGorilla!

With our expert-designed tests, you can pinpoint candidates who check all your boxes.

Here are some tests you can use to assess Squarespace designer candidates:

  • Our HTML5 test – to check if candidates can use advanced HTML5 skills for building websites and apps.

  • The CSS Online test – to test candidates’ coding skills and how well they can customize Squarespace sites.

  • Our UX/UI Design test – to spot designers who understand user needs and can create user-friendly websites and digital product designs for a top-notch user experience.

  • The Attention to Detail test – to find candidates who catch tiny inconsistencies, like slightly off font sizes, to keep your Squarespace site user-friendly and functional.

  • Our Communication Skills test – to zero in on designers who know how to communicate their creative process, receive feedback, and understand nonverbal cues.

You can bundle up to five of these tests into a single assessment and even add custom questions.

In addition to these tests, use our 60+ web design interview questions to learn about candidates’ skills in real time. Want to know their communication style? Try these 20+ interview questions to assess candidates’ communication skills.

And don’t forget to review their portfolios to see their design range and style, accomplishments, and more.

3 common mistakes when hiring a Squarespace designer

Here are three common mistakes to avoid during your Squarespace designer search.

1. Overlooking security capabilities

Security is a must on any site, and your Squarespace designer should know to protect yours with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. SSL encrypts data between your site and web browsers, keeping sensitive details safe.

Without SSL on your site, visitors could see a “Your connection to this site is not secure” message, which can really scare them off. Plus, sites without SSL can plummet in search engine rankings.

So, when you’re checking out designers, make sure they’ve got experience setting up SSL.

2. Rushing the portfolio review

It’s easy to rush through hiring and just skim a designer's portfolio. But picture this: You want a sleek, modern site, and you hastily hire someone you didn’t realize does mostly old-school designs. They probably won’t nail the look you want.

Taking a good look at designers’ past work can help you avoid mis-hires and find someone whose style matches your needs.

3. Forgetting about site upkeep skills

After your Squarespace designer has whipped up an awesome-looking site, it’ll still need updates, backups, or even a few changes to the design, layout, or integrations. Make sure your designer is skilled in Squarespace maintenance so your site stays running smoothly.

Snag skilled Squarespace designers with TestGorilla

A stellar Squarespace designer can whip up eye-catching websites, chat with you about your vision, and consider your end user’s needs. Settling for an imperfect fit could mean dealing with website headaches, design hiccups, and a snooze-worthy user experience.

Luckily, TestGorilla’s got your back. Our skills tests let you thoroughly assess candidates’ skills – from design smarts to problem-solving chops.

See for yourself: Sign up for a free TestGorilla account or schedule a free live demo to ditch paper-thin hiring for good.


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