Basic triple-digit math

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About the Basic triple-digit math test

Triple-digit math skills help workers in various sectors perform their daily duties easily and more efficiently. From calculating measurements to managing task times and schedules, the ability to perform math equations and solve simple mathematical problems is a fundamental requirement for many positions.

This basic triple-digit math test evaluates candidates' ability to solve equations using triple-digit numbers. This screening test assesses candidates' ability to solve mathematical problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as their ability to perform simple time calculations and understand the relationship between nearest numbers (including fractions).

Candidates who perform well on this test have a good understanding of basic mathematics and can perform simple equations easily and accurately. This screening test is especially useful for hiring workers in manufacturing and industrial roles that require basic math skills that don't involve complex reasoning or problem-solving. For a simpler test along the same lines, check out our basic double-digit math test.

Basic triple-digit math test

The test is made by a subject-matter expert

Anirban C.

The global IT industry has benefited from Anirban’s talents for over two decades. With a flawless reputation that precedes him, Anirban has earned a status as a sought-after agile project manager and consultant. He’s worked internationally as a Senior Project Manager with companies such as Ericsson, IBM, and T-Mobile.

Anirban’s love for learning helps him keep his skills sharp. He holds an MBA and a degree in engineering, is a certified Scrum Master, and has certifications in Prince2 and ITIL.

Crafted with expert knowledge

TestGorilla’s tests are created by subject matter experts. We assess potential subject-matter experts based on their knowledge, ability, and reputation. Before being published, each test is peer-reviewed by another expert, then calibrated using hundreds of test takers with relevant experience in the subject. Our feedback mechanisms and unique algorithms allow our subject-matter experts to constantly improve their tests.

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basic math skill tests

How basic math skill tests can help you hire

Searching for a mathematical expert or a professional who is skilled with numbers can be difficult, but when you choose our basic math skill tests you can’t go wrong. TestGorilla’s basic math skill test takes the difficulties out of finding a math expert for your organization. Find out how it can help you assess your candidates’ equation-solving abilities with hardly any effort from you as an HR professional.

Basic math skills are vital for enterprises because…

This skill set is crucial for large and small organizations, for startups that are growing and enterprises that are established across the world since critical calculations can help a business run efficiently. For accurate business transactions and budgeting, you need candidates who have basic math knowledge with triple-digit skills.

Handling basic financial operations that require an intermediate-level, triple-digit skillset everyday doesn’t have to be an impossible challenge. Hiring candidates who have expert division, multiplication, subtraction, and addition skills (and more) will make this easier, and our basic math skill tests will help you find the talent required.

Choose TestGorilla’s basic math skill test to simplify the hiring process

Crafted by professionals, all of our basic math skill tests significantly simplify your hiring process, even if you have several exceptional applicants to choose from, with the primary goal of helping you find the talent you need for your enterprise. Selecting can be a challenge, but TestGorilla’s basic math skill tests will reveal the exact candidate who has outperformed them all.

When you choose our basic math skill test, finding candidates with sharp division and multiplication, accurate subtraction and division, expert prime number and fraction, and exceptional time calculation skills is effortless.

Select our basic math skill tests to find talent for…

Cashier workers, assistant accounting roles, senior programming positions that require mathematical knowledge, data engineering roles, industrial and manufacturing positions, business intelligence analyst jobs, accounting positions, and any open role that needs intermediate-level math skills.

Significant advantages of our basic math skill tests for businesses

Use TestGorilla’s pre-employment tests to simplify your recruitment process and avoid mis-hires.

Hiring the incorrect talent for your organization can happen without the right tools, leading to errors in financial accounts, budgeting errors, and mistakes with analysing statistics and data. It can lead to cashing up errors and accounting mistakes, which can cause inaccurate financial logs for your enterprise.

Mitigate mathematical mistakes and ensure that all financial logs for your organization are accurate. Invest the right amount of time interviewing the candidates who you already know have the basic triple-digit math skills by using our basic math test.

When TestGorilla’s basic math skill tests should be used

Our tests offer accurate results. Find and hire mathematical professionals with TestGorilla.

TestGorilla’s basic math skill tests should be your priority when you begin receiving responses to your open job vacancy. Using the basic math test at this stage makes your hiring process faster and increases the chances of finding exceptional talent for your enterprise.

You can also easily remove candidates from the application process in the event they do not suit the requirements of your vacancy with the results of our basic math skill tests.

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• Decide between candidates with minimal deliberation with ranked results: Finding which candidates are the ideal option takes no time – check the candidates’ results, which are ranked by TestGorilla, and choose the best candidate who has outranked all of your applicants.

basic math skill tests
basic math skill tests

TestGorilla is the best option for applicants and enterprises

The TestGorilla team ensures that you get a complete, detailed perspective of your candidates’ skills. For this reason, we allow businesses to combine our basic math test with other tests such as culture add and personality tests.

Selecting from our comprehensive selection of tests from our test library gives you other hard skill tests related to the basic math skill tests we offer, and soft skill tests related to your vacancy.

We offer the best level of convenience for test-takers, enabling applicants to complete the assessments on any device without logging in, which keeps dropout rates low.

Get the math experts your team needs: Use TestGorilla

Your hiring process can be short, effective, and yield good results when you choose TestGorilla.

At TestGorilla, we recognize that candidates with expert three-digit math skills can bring your business success and exceptional results. With TestGorilla, you can avoid the mis-hiring concerns and hire professionals who will make an impact on your team straightaway.

Keeping your time-to-hire metrics low can be achieved. Use our basic math skill tests to hire the best talent and get the math experts you need on your team.


What is the difference between an assessment and a test?
An assessment is the total package of tests and custom questions that you put together to evaluate your candidates. Each individual test within an assessment is designed to test something specific, such as a job skill or language. An assessment can consist of up to 5 tests and 20 custom questions. You can have candidates respond to your custom questions in several ways, such as with a personalized video.
Can I add my own questions to an assessment?
Yes! Custom questions are great for testing candidates in your own unique way. We support the following question types: video, multiple-choice, coding, file upload, and essay. Besides adding your own custom questions, you can also create your own tests.
How do video questions work?
A video question is a specific type of custom question you can add to your assessment. Video questions let you create a question and have your candidates use their webcam to record a video response. This is an excellent way to see how a candidate would conduct themselves in a live interview, and is especially useful for sales and hospitality roles. Some good examples of things to ask for video questions would be "Why do you want to work for our company?" or "Try to sell me an item you have on your desk right now." You can learn more about video questions here.
Can you explain how the other custom question types work?
Besides video questions, you can also add the following types of custom questions: multiple-choice, coding, file upload, and essay. Multiple-choice lets your candidates choose from a list of answers that you provide, coding lets you create a coding problem for them to solve, file upload allows your candidates to upload a file that you request (such as a resume or portfolio), and essay allows an open-ended text response to your question. You can learn more about different custom question types here.
Can I customize an assessment with my company logo and color theme?
Yes! You can add your own logo and company color theme to your assessments. This is a great way to leave a positive and lasting brand impression on your candidates.
What type of support do you offer?
Our team is always here to help. After you sign up, we’ll reach out to guide you through the first steps of setting up your TestGorilla account. If you have any further questions, you can contact our support team via email, chat or call. We also offer detailed guides in our extensive Help & Inspiration Center.
What is the cost for using the Basic triple-digit math test?
You can find our pricing packages here. Sign up here to try TestGorilla today.
Can I combine the Basic triple-digit math test with other tests?
Yes. You can add up to five tests to each assessment.
Where in my recruitment process should I use the Basic triple-digit math test?
We recommend using our assessment software as a pre-screening tool at the beginning of your recruitment process. You can add a link to the assessment in your job post or directly invite candidates by email. TestGorilla replaces traditional CV screening with a much more reliable and efficient process, designed to find the most skilled candidates earlier and faster.
What are the main cognitive ability tests?
We offer the following cognitive ability tests: Numerical Reasoning, Problem Solving, Attention to Detail, Reading Comprehension, and Critical Thinking.
Which cognitive ability test should I add to my assessment?
Our cognitive ability tests allow you to test for skills that are difficult to evaluate in an interview. Check out our blog on why these tests are so useful and how to choose the best one for your assessment.

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