How Bain & Company improved their candidate experience

How Bain & Company improved their candidate experience

improve candidate experience

Bain & Company is a global consultancy with 59 offices in 37 countries. In addition to working with their clients to achieve extraordinary results, Bain & Company has committed to invest more than $1 billion in pro bono services to help improve education, racial equity, social justice, economic development, and the environment around the world.


Bain has a popular reputation with job-seekers and employees, so positions at the company are highly sought after. This means the company receives thousands of applications a year.

At Bain & Company Amsterdam, Recruiting Manager Eveline Offermans receives about 1,300 applications for senior positions. Junior positions draw about 800 applications. She spent about 2 to 4 hours reviewing resumes for between 40-50 candidates each week.

This was inefficient. She was also concerned that focusing on cover letters, resumes, and grades might lead them to miss out on great candidates.

Unfortunately, many of the options she considered were not candidate-friendly. “Some were almost like the GMAT and could take up to 90 minutes of testing.”


Eveline was looking for a more efficient way to shortlist candidates while also identifying great applicants who might go unnoticed using traditional resume screening techniques.

And it was important to her to find a way to do that in a candidate-friendly manner.

Using TestGorilla to conduct assessments at the top of the hiring funnel, she could see all of the candidates ranked in order of their skills.

And TestGorilla’s short, ten minute tests, delivered with our clear, easy-to-use platform, made for a candidate-friendly experience that lived up to Bain’s elite reputation.

Two of the features that helped the most were public links and custom branding.

“I’ve taken assessments where it was hard to even start the test, let alone navigate the platform,” Eveline said. “But TestGorilla is very clean and straightforward. You just open the link and get started.”

Custom branding

TestGorilla’s custom branding options allowed Bain & Company to create assessments that matched the look and feel of their brand so that candidates had a cohesive experience.


Bain & Company has worked hard to develop and maintain a caring, family-oriented culture. “We really care for one another,” Eveline says. “And we want candidates to feel that during the hiring process.”

It’s a competitive market, we’re targeting the same candidates with a few other companies, and we want to make everything as perfect as possible.

Eveline Offermans, Recruiting Manager, Bain & Company

Bain’s entire recruiting strategy is built on making sure candidates are comfortable. “As soon as we meet people at events all the way to the interview, we want to make sure they have a positive experience,” she says. “And we feel that TestGorilla has allowed us to extend that into the assessment process.”

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