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Measure your Ict Security Administrator candidates on job skills, personality and fit


Problem Solving

This Problem Solving test evaluates candidates’ ability to define problems and analyze data and textual information to make correct decisions. This test helps you identify candidates who use analytical skills to evaluate and respond to complex situations.
9 min

Culture Add

This Culture Add test assesses how a candidate’s values and behaviors align with your organization values and the behaviors that would make your ideal hire successful in a specific role, based on a customized survey you fill out.
10 min

Reading Comprehension

This reading comprehension skills test evaluates candidates’ ability to read a portion of text and comprehend its contents. This pre-employment screening test helps you identify candidates who can process written information and draw appropriate conclusions using analytical thinking.
13 min

Smart Contracts

This Smart Contracts test evaluates a candidate’s technical skills using Solidity and smart contract structure, as well as deployment and debugging. This test will help you identify developers who are skilled working with smart contracts on a blockchain.
10 min

Critical Thinking

This online Critical Thinking screening test evaluates candidates’ skills in critical thinking through inductive and deductive reasoning problems. This pre-employment skills test will help you identify candidates who can evaluate information and make sound judgments using analytical skills.
12 min


This CSS test assesses candidates’ ability to solve problems commonly encountered in a front-end development context. This screening test will help you hire CSS experts who can deliver visually captivating web experiences.
10 min


This Bash test identifies candidates who can effectively use the Bash shell in Linux and other relevant implementations. This screening test will help you hire a developer with Bash skills to improve efficiency and effectiveness in your company.
10 min


This Cybersecurity test evaluates candidates’ technical knowledge of cybersecurity and their ability to comprehend important key fields such as endpoint, network, and web security. This test will help you identify experts for various cybersecurity roles.
10 min

Microsoft 365 (IT & Engineering)

This Microsoft 365 test evaluates candidates’ technical skills using the Microsoft 365 platform (Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams) and their ability to evaluate, design, deploy, and manage Microsoft 365 services.
10 min

English C1 (Advanced)

The English C1 (Advanced) test evaluates a candidate’s knowledge of the English language at the C1 level of the CEFR framework. This test will help you hire employees who can participate in demanding professional and social conversations in English.
12 min

Windows Server Administration

This Windows Server Administration test evaluates candidates’ technical knowledge of and skills using Windows Server operating systems and their ability to deploy and support Windows Server. This test helps identify skilled Windows Server administrators.
10 min


This Cryptography test evaluates a candidate’s ability to solve problems relating to cryptography. This screening test will help you hire cryptographers with knowledge of how to keep your business’s sensitive data safe.
10 min

Working With Data

The Working With Data test evaluates candidates' ability to work with data, including handling data correctly and performing basic data analysis. This test helps you identify candidates who understand how to work with data to track and present results.
10 min


Rooted in Oldham & Hackman’s Job Characteristics Model, this online Motivation test measures the extent to which your candidates’ expectations align with your job offer, based on a customized survey that you and the candidate both fill out.
15 min

Ruby (Coding): Data Structures

This Ruby on Rails online coding test evaluates candidates’ abilities with data structures in Ruby. The test gives candidates 30 minutes to solve a problem using Ruby language structures. This assessment test will help you hire mid-level Ruby developers with strong skills.
30 min

Blockchain software development

This blockchain software development test helps you identify intermediate-level developers with practical skills and theoretically sound knowledge of blockchain software development and implementation.
10 min

Python (Coding): Data Structures & Objects

This Python (Coding): Data Structures & Objects test evaluates your candidate’s object-oriented programming skills. In 30 minutes, they will work with Python objects and implement a data structure. This test will help you hire mid-level Python developers.
30 min

16 personality types

The 16-type personality test is based on the work of Carl Jung. This personality test gives insight into a candidate’s source of energy, the way they process information, how they make decisions, and the kind of lifestyle they prefer.
10 min

Java (Coding): Data Structures

This Java (Coding): Data Structures test assesses a candidate’s ability to effectively manipulate core data structures in the Java programming language. In 30 minutes, they will work with the core Java API to implement typical and real-life scenarios.
30 min