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Most accurate 16 personalities tests for assessing candidates

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With so many tests churning out personality type results, you might wonder if it’s all just pseudo-science. 

Well, some of it might be. But there are science-backed tests out there, too.  

The 16 Personalities test is a popular choice that tells you what factors drive your candidates’ decisions and behaviors and what shapes their preferences and communication styles at work.

So, which platform provides the most accurate 16 Personalities test? In this guide, we list our top five contenders, along with their pricing and standout features.

Top 5 most accurate 16 Personalities tests

Accurate 16 Personalities tests are science-based and help you make informed hiring decisions.

Here are our top five picks.

16 Personalities test platform

Price starting from

Top highlights


$75/month (unlimited assessments and candidates; billed annually)

Expert-crafted, statistically validated tests  

Robust anti-cheating measures 

400+ test library, including skills and job-specific tests


$66 for three tests

Strong test validation and reliability methods

130+ test questions

Test credits don’t expire


Inquire for quote

150+ tests


Free (three assessments, seven-day assessment access)

400+ test library 

Test quality improvement

AI insights


Inquire for quote

Personality predictor works across email and LinkedIn

Browser extension available

Communication and interview suggestions

1. TestGorilla

TestGorilla offers the most accurate 16 Personalities test. Using expert-vetted questions, it checks how candidates would act, think, and feel in specific situations. 

Here’s what makes TestGorilla great.

Science-backed personality test

TestGorilla’s 16 Personalities test is based on the latest psychological research. Plus, its advanced technology analyzes thousands of test results to ensure the test is valid and reliable. In other words, if the results indicate a candidate is an ENFJ, we’re as sure as statistically possible that’s the true case!

Anti-cheating measures

Occasionally, candidates may wish to present a different version of themselves during assessments. However, TestGorilla prevents this by using robust anti-cheating measures. These include:

  • Disabling copy-paste

  • Detecting exits from full-screen mode 

  • Taking webcam snapshots (with consent)

  • Randomly selecting questions from a pool of 100+ alternatives

Candidate-first experience

The 16 Personalities test takes only 10 minutes, and the questions are easy to understand. Candidates can get started straight away, with no account needed. Plus, you can localize the test in seven different languages, including French and Japanese.

Optionally, candidates can leave feedback about their test experience, which TestGorilla uses to improve the test and platform quality.

Practical insights

Test reports include candidates’ personality types, top attributes and challenges, suggested interview questions, and how best to engage them at work. 

Plus, you can use TestGorilla’s extensive library (400+ tests) to create well-rounded assessments using cognitive, situational judgment, and other test types. Your dashboard automatically ranks your best-performing candidates, so you can quickly identify top talent and make data-based hiring decisions.

2. Truity’s TypeFinder®

TypeFinder® is Truity’s 16 Personalities test. It features 130 questions, takes 10-15 minutes, and asks applicants to rate statements from one (inaccurate) to five (accurate).

Truity uses statistical methods to ensure tests are valid and reliable. It also gathers candidate feedback, asking, for instance, if test results feel accurate. However, it’s unclear if Truity improves test questions based on this feedback.

Basic reports are free, but you must pay for comprehensive ones. The full report breaks down individuals’ scores on specific traits – for example, 37% impulsive and 63% disciplined. It also describes values, motivators, teamwork style, and workplace opportunities and pitfalls.

Taking Truity tests is free for individuals, but using TypeFinder® for hiring is quite steep. Pricing starts at $66 for three tests.

3. HiPeople

HiPeople is a candidate assessment platform with more than 400 screening tests, including the 16 Personalities test. It also offers 1,000+ prebuilt assessment packs for specific job roles.

HiPeople’s 16 Personalities test takes 10 minutes to complete and is available only in English. The company uses rigorous psychological research and scientific evidence for ongoing test development. For example, it monitors test performance and uses psychometric data to improve content. 

Once candidates take the test, you can track real-time results on your dashboard. HiPeople also offers an AI assistant that summarizes candidates’ personalities, generates interview questions, and tells you if they fit your company culture.

HiPeople’s 16 Personalities test is available on its free plan, but it’s limited to three tests and seven-day access.

4. Maki

Maki is an assessment platform offering more than 150 cognitive ability, job-specific, and personality tests – including the 16 Personalities test. You can create assessments in as little as five minutes and send candidates personalized invites. Candidates can take the test in their own time, with no limit.

You can view and analyze real-time assessment results using an interactive dashboard. For instance, you can see candidates’ test scores, personality types, percentiles, and more. 

While Maki is versatile and user-friendly, the company doesn’t share much about how it maximizes accuracy, such as its anti-cheating methods, or how it measures test reliability and validity. It does, however, hire experts to create and review test questions. 

5. Crystal

Crystal offers a cross-channel 16 Personalities test you can use for candidates, employees, and sales leads. Its browser extension pinpoints personality types from inputs such as email messages and LinkedIn profiles.

The “traditional” 16 Personalities test is about 30 questions long and takes around five minutes. As results pour in, you get personalized candidate communication advice, interview playbooks, and a breakdown of energizers, drainers, and pain points.

While Crystal has a free plan for individuals, you must inquire to get a business quote. The free plan includes job profiles and assessment tracking. 

Crystal also provides extra personality tests, including a DISC assessment, but you don’t get other must-have hiring tests, such as cognitive ability or software-specific tests.

How do workplace personality tests work?

Workplace personality tests break down your candidates’ and employees’ communication styles, decision-making approaches, and innate strengths and challenges. 

Knowing this information, you can improve:

  • Team collaboration by personalizing communication and collaboration processes to your team’s personality mix. (This also helps prevent personality clashes.)

  • Training, as you can tailor the content and pace of training to personality types.

  • Task assignments by adjusting task types, details, and deadlines to different personality types.

  • Employee development, as you can adapt how you provide feedback and mentoring based on personality traits.

How to use personality tests in hiring

If you’re considering offering someone a job based solely on their personality type – don’t. 

Instead, use a multi-measure assessment approach, pairing personality and skills-based tests for a 360-degree understanding of each candidate’s abilities.

Once you know your candidates’ personality types, you can adjust email communications and interview questions to better suit their preferences. We also recommend tailoring successful candidates’ onboarding based on their personality types’ strengths and weaknesses. 

Check out our in-depth guide for more information on using personality tests in hiring.

Find candidates’ 16 Personalities type with TestGorilla 

An accurate 16 Personalities test uses research and evidence to determine what drives your candidates – and show how you can help them thrive at work. However, hiring based on personality type alone is a big no-no. 

Taking a multi-measure approach to candidate assessments is key – and with TestGorilla, that’s easy! Our platform lets you combine up to five tests – from our library of 400+ tests – for a holistic view of your candidates. We recommend combining the 16 Personalities test with communication, problem-solving, software, and role-specific tests to understand candidates’ personalities in context.

Curious to learn more? Book a live demo or sign up for TestGorilla for free today.


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