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Best 5 talent assessment test tools with anti-cheating measures


One of the most important features to look for when choosing a talent assessment test platform is strong anti-cheating measures. 

With reduced opportunities for candidates to cheat, your pre-employment testing is fair for all candidates. You also know the results are an accurate reflection of the candidates’ aptitudes, skills, and personalities.

With this in mind, we’ve researched the top providers with robust anti-cheating measures to help you find the best one for your business.

Top 5 talent assessment software with anti-cheating measures at a glance 

Software provider name

Tool/test name

Best for





Businesses of all sizes

Over 300 tests; Candidate webcam snapshots (with candidates’ permission); Disable copy/paste IP address monitoring; Full-screen mode detection; Randomized test questions

Top-tier anti-cheating features; One-way video interviews; Customizable features; Affordable plans; Extensive support; User-friendly interface

No live video interview features


Hiring remote candidates

Face detection; Randomized questions; Audio proctoring

Live coding interviews; Good customer support

No free plan available; Candidates must create an account

Alva Labs

Personality and logical ability tests

Customer support via live chat, email, and online help center; ATS integrations and API access; Tests can be readministered for validation

Short, mobile-friendly assessments; Good quality control measures

No custom questions; No role-specific skills test, apart from coding challenges

Mercer Mettl

Large-scale international recruitment

Lock to prevent candidates exiting test screen; Copy-paste and print screen disable; IP address permissions

Practice tests; Supports more than 26 languages

Pricing not publicly available; Doesn’t appear to offer live chat support


Oto_Code; Oto_Video; Oto_Qualify;


Video interview features

AI-powered ID verification; Eye movement detection; Customized tests

Large test library and question pool; Candidate reports available in various formats

No online help center; Some users report that the UI could be improved

Top 5 talent assessment software with anti cheating measures list

Top 5 talent assessment test tools with anti-cheating features: Comparisons

Below, we review the top 5 talent assessment test tools based on their anti-cheating measures. Read on to learn about the main features, pros, and cons of each software. 


TestGorilla is a popular pre-employment testing platform that offers a range of tests to assess candidates’ cognitive abilities, personalities, culture fit, and job-specific skills. With fully customizable assessments, you can choose tests to suit the role you’re hiring for and add custom questions. 

Best of all, TestGorilla offers advanced anti-cheating features to protect the integrity of test results. These include IP address and full-screen monitoring, randomized test questions, and webcam snapshots of candidates, with their permission. These features keep your testing fair and ensure candidates’ test results are reliable. 

Best for:

Businesses of all sizes


  • Over 300 tests in its test library

  • Regular webcam snapshots of candidates (with candidates’ permission)

  • Disable copy/paste feature

  • IP address monitoring

  • Full-screen mode detection

  • Randomized questions from a large question pool


  • Top-tier anti-cheating features

  • One-way video interview features for screening candidates before in-person interviews

  • Customizable features including custom questions

  • Affordable plans including a free-forever plan

  • Extensive online support for both customers and test-takers

  • User-friendly interface for quick test creation


  • No live video interview features


  • Free (forever) with access to up to 10 tests

  • Pay-as-you-go: $312 per year

  • Scale: $3,900 per year

  • Business: $26,400 per year

  • Custom plans available


TestGorilla is one of the most popular pre-employment testing platforms available and it’s easy to see why. With a large test library and customizable questions, you can tailor a TestGorilla assessment to suit any role you’re hiring for. There is also a range of reasonably priced plans, including a free version with access to 10 of its most popular tests. 

What makes TestGorilla stand out are its robust anti-cheating measures. Full-screen monitoring, copy-paste disable, and webcam snapshots help ensure candidates complete the assessment honestly. This means you can rely on TestGorilla results to make important hiring decisions. 

2. iMocha

With iMocha, users can assess a wide range of skills and conduct remote interviews with candidates to aid hiring decisions. Robust analytics offer hiring teams insights into candidates and how well suited they are to a role. 

When it comes to preventing cheating, iMocha takes regular snapshots of candidates during the test and tracks any attempts to exit the test window. It also offers an advanced AI-proctoring feature that requires candidates to verify their identity and restricts IP ranges to ensure the intended candidate takes the test. 

Best for:

Hiring remote candidates


  • Face detection to alert when a candidate leaves or another person joins them

  • Randomized test questions

  • Audio proctoring to detect instances of potential cheating


  • Offers live coding interviews

  • Good customer support


  • No free plan available

  • Candidates required to create an account and log in


  • Free trial available

  • Professional plans from $5000/year 

  • Custom enterprise plans available


iMocha is a user-friendly platform that enables users to test for a large number of job-specific skills, including technical developer skills. Importantly, iMocha offers a high-level proctoring feature to reduce the chance of candidates cheating. However, candidates must create an account to use the platform, which may impact their experience. 

3. Alva Labs

Alva Labs uses pre-employment testing to deliver insights into candidates’ logical abilities, personalities, and coding skills. The platform offers several anti-cheating measures including logging candidates’ locations, randomized questions, and time-limited tests.

However, Alva Labs doesn’t appear to use full-screen mode tracking, webcam snapshots, or copy-paste disable to prevent cheating. 

Best for:

Personality and logical ability tests


  • Customer support via live chat, email, and an online help center

  • ATS integrations and API access for large recruitment processes

  • Tests can be readministered under supervision for validation


  • Mobile-friendly assessments that candidates can complete in under 25 minutes

  • Good quality control measures including continuous review of tests


  • Cannot add custom questions to assessments

  • No role-specific skills test, apart from coding challenges


  • Free trial

  • Pay-as-you-go: $390 per job position

  • Grow: $149/month

  • Scale: $799/month

  • Custom enterprise plans available


Alva Labs’ tests are good tools for measuring candidates’ logical abilities and personalities. You can also use the platform to recruit for programming roles. With flexibly priced plans, Alva Labs is ideal for both small and large businesses. 

The platform also includes several mid-level anti-cheating measures but doesn’t offer the highest level of protection when compared to other providers. 

4. Mercer Mettl

Mercer Mettl offers a range of online psychometric, aptitude, coding, and job-specific skills tests. These tests provide you with unbiased insights into your candidates to help you identify the best person for the job. 

Mercer Mettl’s tests can be monitored manually or with AI technology to identify any instances of cheating. Candidates must pass a three-factor authentication process to enter a test and snapshots or recordings may be taken during the test. 

Best for:

Large-scale international recruitment


  • Browsing tolerance that prevents candidates from exiting the test window

  • Copy-paste and print screen disable features

  • IP address permissions limiting the IP addresses a candidate can take their assessment from


  • Practice tests available for candidates

  • Supports more than 26 languages


  • Pricing not publicly available

  • Doesn’t appear to offer live chat support


  • Contact the vendor for details


Mercer Mettl’s assessment platform can support large-scale recruitment drives involving thousands of international candidates. It offers a large number of tests that can be customized to the role you’re filling. 

The platform’s combination of manual and AI-based proctoring is a strong deterrent against cheating. But it lacks transparency around its pricing, and you have to contact its team for details. 

5. Otomeyt

Otomeyt offers four hiring tools including platforms to test candidates’ aptitudes, personalities, skills, potential, and technical programming skills. Otomeyt also offers a video interviewing platform. 

The platform uses an AI/live proctoring tool to watch for instances of potential cheating. Users can also disable copy/paste functions, log candidate locations, and use screenshots to monitor candidate activity during test sessions. 

Best for:

Video interview features


  • AI-powered ID verification for video interviews

  • Eye movement detection during tests

  • Customized tests developed by AI based on job descriptions


  • Large test library and question pool to limit potential cheating

  • Candidate reports can be downloaded in a range of formats to easily share


  • No online help center

  • Some users report that the UI could be improved


  • Free plan

  • Professional plan: ₹12,600/month (approximately $152)

  • Business plan: ₹49,500/month (approximately $598)

  • Custom enterprise plans available 


Mercer Mettl offers users customized tests to assess candidates’ personalities, soft skills, and technical skills. Its use of AI-driven and live proctoring ensures a high level of protection against cheating. 

While the platform offers advanced anti-cheating features, it could improve its UI according to some customers. 

Conclusion: Our top 3 choices

There is a range of talent assessment test providers available to suit your business needs. But when it comes to robust anti-cheating measures, our top picks are

  1. TestGorilla

  2. iMocha

  3. Mercer Mettl

Besides extensive test libraries and customizable options, these providers offer a full suite of advanced features to limit instances of cheating during assessments. 

Disclaimer: The information on TestGorilla competitors has been taken from the relevant competitor website and is accurate at date of publication.


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