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How to attract and assess ENTJ “Commander” candidates


ENTJ “Commanders” can be a dynamic force in your organization with their leadership and strategic prowess. However, you may run into problems if you don’t fully grasp their strengths and weaknesses or carry out a comprehensive skills assessment.

Possible problems include issues with team compatibility, as ENTJs have distinct leadership styles, or a failure to leverage ENTJs’ full potential due to a mismatch in role responsibilities. Also, overlooking skill evaluations can lead to a clash in working methods and expectations. 

Fortunately, TestGorilla provides both personality tests and skills assessments, offering a complete view of ENTJ candidates. In this article, we'll explore their characteristics and workplace preferences, as well as how to effectively attract and hire them.

ENTJ Candidates: Key strengths, limitations, and personality traits 

ENTJs, also known as "Commanders," are one of the 16 personality types derived from a framework inspired by Carl Jung's theories.

They’re characterized by their leadership qualities, strategic thinking, and assertive nature. ENTJs thrive in environments where they can implement and oversee plans, and are known for their ability to lead and inspire others. But they may face challenges in adapting to situations that require high emotional sensitivity or flexibility.

Let's delve deeper into the strengths and limitations of ENTJ types to better understand this dynamic personality profile.

Key strengths of ENTJ types

  • Leadership and confidence: ENTJs are natural leaders, exuding confidence and often taking charge in group settings.

  • Strategic thinking: They excel at strategic planning and have a knack for seeing opportunities and potential pitfalls in advance.

  • Decisive and assertive: ENTJs have a remarkable ability to swiftly analyze scenarios and make clear, firm decisions.

  • Effective communication: They communicate their ideas and visions clearly and persuasively.

  • Problem-solving skills: ENTJs excel at pinpointing key issues in complex situations and devising practical, effective strategies to resolve them.

Limitations of ENTJ types

  • Impatience with detail: Their focus on the big picture can sometimes lead to overlooking important details.

  • Perceived insensitivity: ENTJs' straightforward and logical approach can sometimes come off as lacking empathy.

  • Struggle with flexibility: They can find it challenging to adapt to changes that deviate from their plans.

  • High expectations: They often have high expectations for themselves and others, which can lead to disappointment.

  • Difficulty in relaxed environments: ENTJs may become restless in environments that lack structure or clear goals.

Personality traits of ENTJ types

In the workplace, ENTJs are forward-thinking and goal-oriented, often excelling in roles that require leadership, organization, and the implementation of complex systems. They approach decision-making with a logical and objective mindset, favoring rational analysis over emotional considerations.

In a project management setting, an ENTJ typically steers the team with a clear vision, ensuring tasks align with strategic goals. They focus on streamlining processes for maximum efficiency and successful results.

Their ability to envision future scenarios and plan accordingly makes them valuable assets in any team, particularly in positions that require foresight, organization, and a proactive approach.

What ENTJ applicants look for in a workplace 

To catch the eye of an ENTJ in the job market, it's crucial to know what they're seeking in a job. Let's dive into four key things that draw in ENTJ applicants.

Leadership opportunities and strategic impact

ENTJs are drawn to roles that allow them to lead and make a strategic impact. They enjoy positions where they can exercise authority and influence over the direction of projects or the organization as a whole.

To attract ENTJ candidates, emphasize opportunities for leadership in your job descriptions. Share success stories of strategic initiatives led by employees. During interviews, discuss the leadership roles available and how they can shape company strategy. 

During interviews, mention how ENTJs can get involved in specific, high-impact projects like leading a new product launch or streamlining company-wide processes, highlighting how their skills directly contribute to the company's success.

This will attract ENTJs but also provide insight into their leadership and strategic planning abilities.

Dynamic and challenging work environment

ENTJs thrive in dynamic environments where they can tackle complex challenges. They prefer workplaces that offer variety and the chance to solve intricate problems.

When recruiting, emphasize the role's challenging aspects, like managing a cross-functional team to innovate a product line or strategizing a market expansion plan. Share stories of how your team tackled a major client crisis or developed a groundbreaking technology. 

Efficiency and results-oriented culture

ENTJs are all about efficiency and getting results. To grab their attention, show off how your company is a well-oiled machine. Maybe you use the latest project management software or lean methodologies to keep things running smoothly. 

When they start, let them dive into these systems straight away, like mastering a new CRM tool or spearheading a project using agile techniques. This way, ENTJs see firsthand that your workplace is where their efficiency can shine.

Growth and advancement opportunities

ENTJs are on the lookout for roles that promise growth and upward mobility. Make sure to emphasize how your company supports ambitious journeys, such as how you offer leadership training or have a track record of promoting from within. 

In interviews, throw in real stories, like someone who climbed from junior analyst to department head. This paints a clear picture for ENTJs that your company isn’t just a job stop but a place where they can truly soar and achieve their career goals.

How to assess ENTJ type candidates 

While Commanders known for their leadership abilities and strategic vision, they may struggle in roles that emphasize emotional sensitivity or continuous adaptation. So it’s important to evaluate their distinct strengths and potential areas for growth to ensure you get the right person for your role. 

To do this, you can combine a mixture of skills and personality tests in your hiring process, as we outline below.

Effective testing methods for ENTJ candidates

Personality tests, like TestGorilla’s 16 Personalities test, are useful for gaining insights into an ENTJ’s motivations and workplace preferences. But assessing traits specific to ENTJs is also important.

TestGorilla offers a variety of pre-employment tests tailored to evaluate critical thinking, leadership, and role-specific skills, which are crucial for appraising an ENTJ's aptitudes.

For example, ENTJs are natural leaders and decision-makers. Our Leadership & People Management test can help identify candidates with strong leadership potential and the ability to make effective decisions.

ENTJs are also great communicators. TestGorilla’s Communication Skills test evaluates your candidates' ability to communicate clearly and professionally. It covers both written and verbal communication skills, along with non-verbal cues and active listening, ensuring a well-rounded assessment of their communication abilities.

To further evaluate their strategic and organizational skills, consider using our Project Management test. This test assesses how well candidates can make effective business decisions, from planning to execution.

While personality insights are valuable, they should complement a skills-based evaluation. 

TestGorilla’s extensive library of 400+ tests offers a balanced and objective assessment, focusing on a candidate's practical abilities in job-related tasks.

This approach overcomes unconscious bias and provides a well-rounded view of the candidate, combining their inherent traits with their professional skills. It results in more informed hiring decisions, ensuring that ENTJ candidates are chosen for their comprehensive fit for the role.

Secure top ENTJ candidates with TestGorilla

ENTJ candidates will bring leadership and decisiveness to your organization. But overlooking a thorough skills evaluation can lead to mismatches, low team morale, and damaged productivity. 

Luckily, TestGorilla is here to cover all your bases. By analyzing the results of our 16 Personalities test, coupled with our data-driven skills assessments, we provide you with a comprehensive profile of each candidate.

This way, you understand ENTJ candidates' traits and their practical abilities, ensuring hiring decisions benefit both your team and the candidate.

To take a deep dive into our platform, ask for a live demo, take a product tour, or sign up for a free account.


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