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Online assessment platforms available in different languages


Let’s say you need to hire someone for your office in Paris. An online assessment platform will enable you to evaluate their skills objectively, even if you’re based in a different country.

Another thing to consider is that candidates in your Paris location might not be fluent in English. This is why it’s good to look for online assessment platforms that not only have large test libraries but are also available in different languages.

To help you find the ideal solution for your business, below we cover the top four online assessment platforms available in different languages. Read on to see what they are!

Top 4 talent assessment software for different languages at a glance

Software provider name

Tool/test name

Best for






All-in-one candidate testing around the world

Training and onboarding tour, Customizable invitations and tests, Localized language websites, GDPR compliant, Custom questions, Candidate reports

Positive user experience, Support, Easy to create assessment, Large test library

No live video interviews

The Predictive Index

PI Hire

Behavioral and cognitive testing

Behavioral and cognitive assessments, Four languages, Recommendations for job targets, Candidate reports, GDPR compliant

Recommends interview questions, Tests are short

No custom questions, Doesn’t test job-specific skills, Only four localized sites



Companies with a few Portuguese-speaking candidates

Large test library, Anti-cheating proctoring, GDPR compliant, Applicant reports

Live interviews and coding interviews, User-friendly platform

Only two languages, No localized websites



Companies wanting language translation during the hiring process

Create and post job ads, Integration with recruiting and HR tools, Candidate reports, GDPR compliant, Cognitive and personality assessments

E-sign, Anonymized applications

No custom questions, No localized websites, No job skills assessments

Top talent assessment tools for different languages explanation

Top 4 talent assessment tools for different languages: Comparisons

Here is a detailed review of the top hiring assessment tools available in different languages. We look at the pros, cons, and features of each platform to help you choose the right solution.

1. TestGorilla

TestGorilla is a top-rated pre-employment assessment platform you can use to design customizable assessments for every job position. Create assessments in minutes just by typing in the job title and choosing from the recommended tests.

With a library of more than 300 tests, TestGorilla makes it easy to test for cognitive ability, culture add, language skills, software familiarity, and more. Add in coding challenges or your custom questions, and ask applicants to reply via video recordings, text answers, or multiple-choice questions.

You can also customize your tests and invitations with your company logos and color. Once you send invitations to applicants, they can complete their assessments from a mobile device, just by clicking on a link. No downloads are needed.

Once candidates have completed their tests, you’ll get a report so you can compare all the applicants and share the results with your team. 

With localized websites in 12 languages, TestGorilla makes it possible to create assessments in English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, and Portuguese. Localized websites mean you can get demos, assessments, and even customer and candidate support in these languages.

Best for: companies looking for all-in-one candidate testing around the world

Companies looking for an all-in-one solution that can be used to hire globally for any type of position should find that TestGorilla has all the features they need. 

The platform has a large test library, is intuitive to use, and offers good customer support in different languages, so multilingual candidates and teams can easily get help.

And with a range of plans starting from free, TestGorilla has something to offer for all businesses, small and large.


  • Training and onboarding tour helps you get familiar with all the features TestGorilla offers

  • Customizable invitations and tests so you can brand your assessment experience consistently, even across multiple locations

  • Localized websites in 12 languages

  • GDPR compliant for hiring across Europe

  • Custom questions with multiple response types, so you can tailor the assessment experience for different open positions

  • Candidate reports that let you compare applicants, add your own comments, and share the reports with your hiring team

  • Robust anti-cheating features, such as disabling copy and paste on tests

  • Quality control measures, including a 28-step quality control process applied to every test before it goes live


  • Test library of more than 300 tests created by subject-matter experts

  • You can create assessments in minutes in 12 different languages

  • The platform is mobile-friendly and can be used on your favorite device 

  • Intuitive platform is easy for both employers and test-takers to navigate, even if they’re new to pre-employment assessments

  • Candidate and employer support is available in multiple languages through live chat, online help centers, and email


  • No live interviews are available, though one-way interviews, where candidates can pre-record video replies to your custom questions, are an option


  • Free (forever) plan

  • Pay-as-you-go plan at $26/month

  • Scale plan at $25/month

  • Business plan at $2,200/month

  • Custom pricing plans for large enterprises


TestGorilla is the best online assessment tool for most organizations thanks to its many features, ease of use, customer support, and localized websites in 12 different languages. Fair, flexible pricing means the platform can be adapted as your business grows and your hiring needs change.

2. The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index has a feature called PI Hire, which is the company’s pre-employment assessment solution. PI Hire builds a behavioral profile for any open position and offers assessments for cognitive and behavioral traits.

It also creates reports that evaluate how close each applicant came to the behavioral and cognitive target for a role. Based on this data, the platform sends the hiring team interview questions customized for each candidate.

Unlike TestGorilla, PI Hire doesn’t allow you to test job-specific skills, such as language skills or programming ability. You can’t create coding challenges, either.

The Predictive Index and PI Hire have localized websites in English, French, German, and Spanish, so you can access all the features in these languages. 

Best for: Behavioral and cognitive testing

Companies interested in evaluating candidates for cognitive ability and behavioral traits in four languages may find The Predictive Index a match. But if you need custom questions, want to evaluate job-specific skills, or use localized websites in a wider range of languages, you might find TestGorilla a better fit.


  • A behavioral assessment that evaluates dominance, extraversion, patience, and formality

  • A cognitive ability assessment that evaluates verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning ability

  • Assessments are available in English, French, German, and Spanish

  • PI Hire makes recommendations for behavioral and cognitive job targets and allows employers to customize these targets

  • PI Hire creates reports about each applicant, showing how they performed on the assessments

  • GDPR compliant


  • PI Hire recommends interview questions to ask each candidate

  • Tests are 12 minutes, on average


  • No custom questions

  • No ability to test coding experience, language skills, and other job-specific skills

  • Localized sites in four different languages only


  • Contact company for pricing


The Predictive Index allows you to create pre-employment assessments in four major languages. The main disadvantage is that the platform only offers behavioral and cognitive testing without customized questions, coding challenges, or additional features.

3. iMocha

iMocha is an AI-powered pre-employment test assessment platform with a test library to evaluate app development skills, communication abilities, software familiarity, and other job-specific skills. Most tests are in English, but it offers some assessments in Portuguese, such as for receptionist and marketing positions.

However, it doesn’t have localized websites in different languages, so all support and instructions for the Portuguese-language tests are in English.   

Best for: companies with a few Portuguese-speaking candidates  

iMocha is most suited to companies hiring through English, but that also have some Portuguese-speaking candidates. Its Portuguese assessments include a sales aptitude test, an English proficiency test, a physical therapist aptitude test, and a Java test.


  • Tests for job skills, including cognitive ability,

  • Anti-cheating proctoring uses AI to detect suspicious activity on an applicant’s screen

  • GDPR compliant

  • Applicant reports offer details about how each candidate performed on each test, overall and in comparison to other test-takers in their cohort  


  • Live interviews and coding interviews 

  • User-friendly platform design with simple menu options


  • Only English-language and Portuguese language tests

  • No localized websites, so no support and instructions in languages other than English


  • AI-EnglishPro, starting at $5000 annually

  • Professional plan at $5000 annually

  • Enterprise plan: contact iMocha for pricing


iMocha lets you evaluate job-specific skills, such as communication and developer skills, in English and sometimes in Portuguese. 

There is no separate website in Portuguese, which means that information about Portuguese-language tests is in English. You also need to search to find these specific tests, as they aren’t grouped together.

4. Workable

Workable is an end-to-end hiring platform for creating job listings and careers pages, testing candidates on cognitive ability and personality traits, onboarding hires, and more.

It’s available in six languages: English, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, and Spanish.

However, unlike TestGorilla, Workable doesn’t offer localized websites. The website is in English, so while local candidates can be reached in their native language, hiring teams in other locations won’t be able to access the Workable platform in their preferred language.

Best for: companies wanting language translation during the hiring process

Workable translates job postings, assessments, and job invitations into local languages. It also has templates for emails you can send to candidates during the application process in six different languages.  

Workable even sends you an alert if, for example, you try to post a job ad in France using English. This alert will tell you that you might want to post in the local language, increasing your chances of being understood by prospective candidates.


  • Create job ads and automatically post to more than 200 job boards

  • Integration with more than 70 recruiting and HR tools

  • Candidate reports you can share with your hiring team

  • GDPR compliant

  • Five different cognitive and personality pre-employment assessments


  • Has e-sign options so hires can sign employment contracts

  • Options to anonymize applications, so your hiring team can’t see names and other identifying details on resumes, cover letters, and other application information


  • No custom questions

  • No localized websites

  • No way to evaluate job-specific skills, such as language or coding abilities


  • Starter Plan at $149/month

  • Standard Plan at $299/month

  • Premier Plan at $599/month


Workable is an option for companies who want an overall recruiting and hiring platform.

It offers translations so you can communicate with candidates in English, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, and Spanish. However, the lack of localized websites in these languages can be a challenge for bilingual hiring teams.

Conclusion: Our top 3 choices

Our review found that the top three assessment platforms available in different languages are TestGorilla, The Predictive Index, and iMocha. All three have assessment tools for global hiring and are GDPR-compliant.

TestGorilla stands out among the three for its large test library and localized websites. It offers online assessments in more languages than competitors do, and localized websites mean hiring teams who speak languages other than English can access resources and support, too.

Sign up for your free-forever TestGorilla plan, and get access to full versions of 10 of our most popular tests (including all of the personality tests).

Disclaimer: The information on TestGorilla competitors has been taken from the relevant competitor website and is accurate at date of publication.


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