How to integrate Greenhouse ATS and TestGorilla to make better hires

Greenhouse ATS
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Greenhouse ATS, one of the industry leaders in talent acquisition (TA) software – as recognized by Gartner in their Market Guide for Talent Acquisition Applications from 2020 – is not just an ATS. It features data reporting, a CRM system, and a lot more. One of its main advantages, however, is the fact that it enables companies to have a structured interviewing process.

Greenhouse users are able to get even more out of their ATS by using TestGorilla’s Greenhouse integration. Using both tools together will streamline the hiring process, eliminate unfair hiring practices and interviewer bias, and improve applicants’ experience. TestGorilla helps you hire based on skills and avoid spending time on unqualified candidates, while Greenhouse gives structure to your hiring process and optimizes it. 

The integration is fairly simple and straightforward, and you only need to set it up once. You can find more info on that in our Greenhouse and TestGorilla Integration Guide.

What are the advantages of using Greenhouse ATS and TestGorilla together? 

Both TestGorilla and Greenhouse ATS allow your hiring team to implement a data-driven hiring process, which is fairer, less resource-intensive, and allows you to recruit the best talent. Let’s look into the advantages of using both systems together. 

They allow you to make hiring decisions based on skill level

Using TestGorilla together with Greenhouse ATS allows you to test candidates’ skills early in the hiring process. And by testing candidates’ skills and knowledge first, you screen out unsuitable applicants.  This makes the next steps much less time-consuming. Instead of interviewing a big pool of candidates only to find out that few of them have the necessary expertise, you only interview the pre-selected ones, who have already demonstrated having the right skillset. 

Which leads us to the next point:

The make your hiring process less biased

Data-driven recruitment makes your hiring decisions considerably better, as it allows you to actually look at applicants’ capacities and compare them, rather than rely on resumés and on gut feeling. And, if you think about it, intuition and gut feelings have no place in the hiring process – they’re simply an expression of your unconscious similarity biases in most cases.

Indeed, interviewer bias is still a major factor in recruitment – even if you’re not aware of it. It has many different forms and expressions: similarity bias, cultural bias, confirmation bias, and more. And all of them are equally problematic.

They help you ensure that you’re not using unfair hiring practices

Both systems allow for a more structured hiring process, which gives you the possibility to eliminate unfair or illegal hiring practices, such as discrimination or hiring candidates based on their resumé or political views. 

Unfair hiring practices are still a problem in many companies and can reduce your competitiveness and overall performance. Not to mention that they’re detrimental to your brand and employer image. 

They work no matter the size of your business

Any company can use TestGorilla and Greenhouse ATS together, regardless of its size and growth rate. 

Both software tools are infinitely scalable and can fit any business, from small and mid-size companies to large international organizations. Both systems can grow with you as you grow, or adapt to quieter periods whenever necessary. 

The success of your hiring decisions can be tracked and measured 

In order to optimize the hiring process and identify any potential weak points or structural vulnerabilities, it’s important to be able to analyze your results. Some of the metrics you can track with Greenhouse ATS are, for example: 

  • Time to hire

  • Applicants per hire

  • Application drop off rate

  • Candidate experience

  • Cost per hire

  • Quality of hire

  • Retention rate

They allow you to see what’s working and eliminate what isn’t, and tweak your hiring process to improve its efficiency. With TestGorilla, on the other hand, you can get as granular as you’d like in the analysis of your applicants’ test results, and see which results and tests combinations lead to the best hires. 

Your candidates’ hiring experience is improved

With automated recruitment software, it becomes easier to track progress and follow up with candidates on time. You can give them better transparency and keep them closely informed on the next steps and on the things they need to do to prepare. Timely communication is an important component of employer brand image, which is essential if you want to attract the right talent

Do not only concentrate on your best applicants, though – quickly inform unsuccessful candidates of your decision, as well. Applicants are likely to talk about bad experiences with their friends and family and could even post about them online – which can even impact your relationship with your customers. According to Inc., it takes approximately 40 positive customer experiences to undo the damage of a single negative review – which can come from a client or from a candidate. 

How can you integrate TestGorilla and Greenhouse ATS for better hires? 

The two systems can be easily integrated together, which allows you to use TestGorilla’s skill assessments within Greenhouse ATS. This way, you can improve your recruitment process altogether, and make it less costly and more efficient. 

So, at which stage of your hiring process should you use TestGorilla to make the best out of both systems? Does it make sense to test all your candidates at the beginning or only a few at the end?

We believe it’s much better to use skills assessments early in the hiring process before you move on to structured interviews. Interviews are the most resource-intensive part of the recruitment and take a lot of effort from both sides to prepare and organize. 

Skills tests, when administered at the right time, allow you to shortlist candidates with the right skillsets for the job. With TestGorilla, can test for a lot of different skills: from business judgment and attention to detail to HTML5 and entry-level database operations in SQL.

If you combine that with Greenhouse ATS’ possibilities to create a structured, data-driven interviewing process, you get to hire the best talent without spending a fortune on recruitment each time you need to fill a new position. 

Improve your hiring process with Greenhouse ATS and TestGorilla

With ATS software like Greenhouse, you define and structure each step of the hiring process through a series of workflows. This allows you to streamline and automate recruitment, which, in turn, help you eliminate bias and make better hiring decisions. This, in combination with TestGorilla’s skills tests, drastically improves your chances of success. 

With Greenhouse ATS and TestGorilla, you can hire the best candidate based on their skills and performance, rather than on your own impressions, their resumé, or on their ability to perform well at interviews. Because let’s face it, none of these things are actually related to their expertise and capacity to perform well at the position you’re looking to fill.

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