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8 benefits of using the DISC test in your hiring process


Are you considering using the DISC hiring test to recruit applicants for your organization?

It’s vital to hire applicants whose values and work ethic align with those of your team. Using DISC for hiring is one way to effectively assess your candidates’ personality and passion for the role.

But what are the other benefits of giving candidates the DISC test, and why should you use it for hiring? Find out in this article.

What is a DISC test, and why should you use it?

A DISC test is a type of pre-employment test that evaluates your applicants’ behavior and values.

Here are eight reasons you should use the DISC test when hiring.

image showing what is a DISC test and why you should use it

1. It’s a valuable and accurate recruitment tool

As a recruiter, you may know that there are many personality tests for hiring candidates and evaluating employees, but did you know that the DISC hiring tool is highly accurate? 

The DISC test gives you objective data on your candidates’ personality and behavioral traits. You can use the test to make informed hiring decisions and select productive candidates based on precise, objective data.

2. It promotes smooth relationships in the workplace

The results of the DISC test can help you to better understand how your candidates or current employees handle conflict. Tensions can occur in the workplace, but you can build well-functioning teams with ease by analyzing the DISC behavioral traits of employees who are involved in conflicts.

3. It facilitates the employee performance review process

Many businesses use the DISC test as an employee profiling approach to predict and monitor their performance. These tools offer a handy way to set performance benchmarks and motivate and encourage employees to achieve significant goals. 

4. It boosts sales team efficiency

DISC hiring tools are also handy for hiring employees in a sales department.

By evaluating sales candidates, you can target specific applicants who have the right DISC profile for your organization and can meet sales targets effortlessly.

image showing ideal DISC traits

A sales manager, for instance, should have the following traits to help them sell products efficiently:

  • High D – a decision-maker and problem solver

  • High I – a motivator, inspirer, and influencer

  • Low S – adaptable and embraces change

  • Low C – an innovator and inventive

5. It helps foster excellent team communication

You can foster effective team communication by giving a DISC test to your employees to gain deeper insight into your team’s communication styles, strengths, and skills.

A DISC test can help you understand your employees’ unique communication methods and facilitate productive interactions in spite of their different ways of communicating.

6. It contributes to increased self-awareness

For your employees to make constructive changes in their approach to their work, they should be self-aware and able to understand how they respond to challenging situations.

Using a DISC test helps employees to enhance their self-awareness and solve challenges in the workplace by using what they know about themselves to improve their work behaviors.

7. It increases employee retention and satisfaction

Combining a DISC test for hiring with performance benchmarks can improve employee retention. This will enable you to choose a candidate who not only has the right behavioral attributes for the role but also feels comfortable in the role and seeks to improve their productivity. Hiring such candidates will lead to better employee retention for your business.

8. It complies with EEOC regulations

One other advantage of the DISC hiring test is that it complies with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

It is an objective test that makes the list of employment tests and selection procedures accepted by the EEOC. You won’t violate equal employment opportunity laws by using a DISC test for hiring candidates.

Is DISC a good tool for hiring?

So, we’ve considered the eight reasons that DISC hiring tools are useful. But is DISC a good tool for hiring? 

Some employers may fall into the trap of using DISC hiring tools to focus entirely on a candidate’s weaknesses.

Keep in mind that when you use DISC tests in an unconstructive way, you can cause a negative candidate experience and ruin your organization’s reputation.

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DISC hiring tools don’t measure specific skills

DISC tests also don’t target or precisely measure a specific skill set, which is critical for you to consider as a recruiter. This is why you should use a DISC test along with other skills tests. 

For this reason, we recommend that you explore other skills tests on top of the DISC test and use them as part of your candidate assessment process.

With TestGorilla, you can give candidates a skills assessment, which can include up to 5 tests and up to 20 custom questions.

Use a DISC hiring tool as part of your hiring process to find the right applicant

At TestGorilla, we recommend that you use a comprehensive testing process, and the DISC test is a great option to evaluate a candidate’s behavioral traits.

Check out the DISC hiring test, and use our test library to select other tests to include in your candidate assessment process. This will enable you to choose the right candidates for your open role effortlessly.

Happy hiring!


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