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TestGorilla vs Toggl

Both TestGorilla and Toggl are pre-employment screening services that allow companies to improve their hiring process. While some features are similar (such as Programming tests incl. coding challenges, the ability to create your own custom tests, multiple tests in each assessment, mobile-friendly), there are major differences that make TestGorilla stand out. This page is to help you decide if TestGorilla is the best choice for you.

What makes TestGorilla different from Toggl

Find skilled developers, fast

Find skilled developers, fast
Custom coding questions, coding challenges, language-specific tests and more make it easy to zero in on top talent.

A new way to interview: video

A new way to interview
Custom video questions let you get to know candidates on a deeper level—and in less time than a traditional interview.

anti cheating methods

Powerful anti-cheating measures
IP and geolocation tracking, randomized questions, webcam snapshots, and other tools to keep the integrity of your assessment safe.

Tests crafted by real experts

Tests crafted by real experts
Our testpreneurs are experts in their fields. In addition, each test is peer-reviewed and checked for quality in an extensive 28-step process.

Surprisingly simple

Surprisingly simple
Easily build and customize your assessment, then invite candidates in just a few clicks.

Stellar support at all times

Stellar support at all times
We offer live chat, email support, onboarding, an extensive help center, and more. Our team is always here to help.

Feature comparison TestGorilla vs Toggl

Test library
· Cognitive ability tests
· Situational judgment tests
· Job-specific tests
· Software tests
· Programming tests (incl. coding challenges)
· Language tests
· Personality tests
· Culture add test
· Motivation testRelease in 2021
· Typing testRelease in 2021
· Your own custom tests
· Custom questions (with various question types)
· Test recommendations for each job role
· Multiple tests in each assessment
Functionality to hire developers
· Coding languagesJavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, C, C#, C++, SQL
· Web development frameworks
· Mobile development frameworks
· Algorithmic thinking challenges
· Debugging challenges
· Language-specific concept challenges
· Your own custom coding challenges
· Code playback function
· Code originality checkRelease in 2021
· Automated scoring
· Live peer coding
Video interviews
· One-way video interview
· Custom video questions per assessment10
· Candidate's recording attempts per question3
· Restrict maximum answer length3 Options: 30 sec, 60 sec, 2 min
· Recording and playback on any device
· Rate and comment on video answers
· Live video interview
Candidate experience & company branding
· Your company's intro or outro video
· Assessments branded with your company logo and color
· Customizable invitation and rejection emails
· No login required for candidates
· Mobile-friendly
· Help and support for your candidates
· Typical assessment length30-60 minutes
· Knockout questions prior to assessment
Enterprise / start-up friendly
· ATS integration
· Multiple users and role-based rights management
· GDPR compliantYes, custom data retention period to be released Q3 2020
· Multiple candidate invitation options
· Public links for each candidate source
· Track candidate stages from invited to hired
· Enable anonymous candidate data for bias-free recruitingRelease in 2021
· Chrome Extension to invite candidates directly from LinkedInRelease in 2021
· White labelingRelease in 2021
· API accessOn request
Quality control
· Proprietary algorithms that continuously improve quality of each test
· Extensive quality check before tests go live28 Step process incl. peer reviews, sample testing, copywriters, review by phsychometrician, and more)
· Questions automatically replaced after reaching exposure limitYes, after 10,000 times
· Customer feedback used to improve tests
· Test-taker feedback used to improve tests
Anti-cheating measures
· IP address logging (to avoid multiple attempts by the same candidate)
· Logging of candidate location
· Webcam snapshots (with option to turn on/off)
· Full-screen mode detection (to avoid research during test)
· AI proctoring: voice detection, face recognition, object recognitionFrom 2021
· Randomized questions per test
· Large question pool for each testYes, 100+
· Questions and answers not visible to employers to protect test integrity
· Time limit on testsYes, typically 10 minutes (making it virtually impossible to look anything up and finish on time)
· Mouse tracking
· Copy-paste disabled
Reporting and analytics
· PDF and CSV reports of assessments and individual candidates
· Comprehensive overview for all current and past candidates
· Scoring benchmarks for candidates (including percentile rank scoring)
· Add your ratings and personal notes for candidates
· Reporting by candidate source
· Candidate anonymization
· Detailed funnel and candidate analyticsRelease in 2021
Customer support
· Live chat
· Help & Inspiration Center
· Email support
· Training & onboarding tour
· Phone assistance

All information on competitor features is taken from the service’s website and is current as of September 2020. Some information may have changed since this page was published. Please contact us via email at hello@testgorilla.com to report any changes.

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