TestGorilla’s test library surpasses 300 tests

TestGorilla surpasses 300 tests in its library

We’re delighted to announce an exciting milestone at TestGorilla. Our test library has surpassed 300 tests! The number stands officially at 311 tests on the date of this publication.

This achievement marks a huge step towards our mission to place 1 billion people in dream jobs. With an ever-increasing variety of tests, we can help more and more employers in a whole gamut of sectors implement skills-based hiring – creating an expansive library of valid and reliable tests is crucial to our vision for the future of recruitment.

300 tests translates into over 1000 unique skill areas that can be assessed. TestGorilla now has over 9,000 customers; together, these companies have filled 130k jobs using our assessments. In total, more than 2.3 million candidates have been assessed using these tests. 

We couldn’t celebrate this milestone without mentioning the hard work of our Assessment Team (also fittingly known as the A-Team), and the leadership of our Head of Assessment, Kim Severinsen, who joined TestGorilla in September 2022. “When I joined, we had 248 live tests, which I already thought was impressive. But we have added more than 50 new tests since then, in addition to data-driven improvements to some of our original tests.” 

The team has been evolving and includes an impressive host of industrial and organizational psychologists, data and assessment scientists, psychometricians, academics and editors. Between the 14 of them, they boast 94+ collective years of experience in assessment and/or talent acquisition, 16 advanced degrees, and 56+ publications. They’re a clever bunch, and our test library is in the most capable of hands. 

“The breadth, depth and diversity of the talented people in our A-Team ensure we have the capacity and expertise to deliver leading edge, science-based measurement, assessment content, insights and innovation.” Kim Severinsen

👀 Keep your eyes peeled for their next milestone. 

You can browse the test library itself here. Our most recent additions include a Branding Strategy test, a Merchandise Planner test, and a Kotlin (coding): Working with Arrays test.

Want to work with us? Check out our open roles! Though the A-team is currently not hiring, we’re looking for talented people to join our Marketing, Engineering, and Sales teams, and we’d love to meet you.

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