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Beyond buzzwords: Download our free skills-based hiring glossary

Traditional, CV-based hiring marginalizes diverse candidates and makes them vulnerable to unconscious bias. By using scientifically validated skills tests, companies can make sound decisions about who to interview and hire using data that isn’t open to bias. This is the premise of skills-based hiring.

Skills-based hiring benefits both organizations and individuals

When recruiters put skills first and give their candidates the chance to demonstrate them, they can promote equality of opportunity and make better, faster hires. With so much evidence that CVs are the worst way to predict job performance, it’s time to change the way we hire.

At TestGorilla, we’re not interested in buzzwords. We’re invested in the skills-based hiring movement and we’re determined to push for change because we believe that what we can do is more important than what we’ve done or who we know. 

This glossary is our understanding of common language related to skills-based hiring.

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