What’s the average .NET developer salary, and what should you offer pro candidates?

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What’s the average .NET developer salary, and what should you offer pro candidates?

What’s the average .NET developer salary, and what should you offer pro candidates

If you’re about to hire .NET developers for your team, you may not be sure about the salary you should offer them. But you need to get this correct to keep your new hires motivated and retain top talent.

The salary you should offer .NET developers largely depends on their .NET developer skills (which you can test with a .NET developer skills test). You should also base it on their experience with .NET and several other factors.

What’s the best way to ensure you offer them the right salary? In this article, we’ll let you know the average .NET developer salary and explain the key factors that affect their salary to help you decide what to offer.

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Which types of developers earn the highest salary?

Among the many types of developer roles, full-stack, mobile, and back-end developers receive the highest salaries.

Whereas full-stack developers earn between $84,788 and $112,280 annually, mobile developers earn between $84,877 and $111,820, and back-end web developers earn between $107,416 and $127,223.

Which types of developers earn the lowest salary?

It may also help you to know that front-end web developers earn the lowest salary. However, remember that each developer role has three different seniority levels. Therefore, front-end developers can earn different salaries depending on how much experience they have. 

Junior front-end developers earn around $49,600 yearly, whereas senior front-end developers earn around $114,500.

What is the average salary of a .NET developer?

If you’re making an offer to a junior .NET developer, consider this: The average salary of a junior-level .NET developer is between $64,070 and $79,500. 

Perhaps you’re hiring a mid-level .NET developer? In that case, you should know that a mid-level .NET programmer earns around $83,121 yearly.

What is the average salary of a senior .NET developer?

The average salary of a senior .NET developer is usually between $84,428 and $111,948. Candidates with exceptional .NET knowledge typically earn more. To retain these top developers, you can offer them between $111,948 and $125,029. (A competitive .NET developer salary should reflect the developer’s skills and experience.)

Are .NET developers considered to be well paid?

On the whole, .NET developers are considered to be well paid. However, location can be a significant factor in their typical salary.

For instance, developers often earn around $62,000 or less if they work in low-paying states like Indiana. On the other hand, they can earn much more if they work in top-paying states like Washington and California.

Which .NET skills affect a .NET developer salary?

Which .NET skills affect .NET developer salary

When you make an offer to a .NET developer, you should consider their skills, including skills in client-side technology, object-oriented programming, file handling, and PHP. Let’s discuss why these skills are essential and how a developer with these abilities may be a more valuable hire.

Why is client-side technology knowledge vital for .NET developers?

Client-side technology knowledge is critical for .NET developers because it enables them to create exceptional, interactive, and creative applications for the web.

If your next hire is a master of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and has knowledge of Bootstrap, they’ll be confident when creating apps for your organization.

Do you need to assess your applicants for these skills? We have some of the most reliable pre-employment tests available in our test library, such as the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills tests

Why do .NET developers need object-oriented programming skills?

Are your candidates familiar with the object-oriented programming design philosophy?

Applicants should know that object-oriented programming is based on structuring code into classes and objects. They must understand how to create classes and objects and derive new classes from existing ones.

A developer who can save time through object-oriented development is a worthwhile investment, so review their object-oriented programming knowledge using our .NET skills test.

Why are file handling skills crucial for .NET developers?

File handling is a crucial skill for .NET developers. From creating files to writing and closing them, applicants should know how to perform various operations on files to help them during the development process.

Our .NET skills test is the best way to review and assess your developers’ .NET file handling skills. Integrate skills testing into your recruitment process after sourcing .NET developers for your open role.

Why must .NET developers have PHP skills?

Since PHP is one of the most frequently used web development languages, your next .NET developer should be proficient in it. PHP knowledge will enable your new hire to build dynamic websites quickly and efficiently.

Review your applicants’ PHP skills, including their ability to write basic algorithms, by using our PHP skills tests. You can also choose from our 50 .NET interview questions to assess your candidates in an interview.

Offer your next .NET developer the right salary that matches their skills

Since the salary you offer .NET developers can greatly impact their performance and motivation, we strongly recommend you consider it carefully. However, you now have an accurate idea of the average .NET developer salary, which you can use to make an offer within the right range.

Remember to always base the salary you offer on the candidates’ skills and experience level. And don’t forget to evaluate their abilities with a .NET skills test before you make a hire.

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