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TestGorilla's test library surpasses 400 tests


In the past 9 months, we've added 100 new tests to our test library. This means that we’ve reached an exciting milestone here at TestGorilla – our test library has officially surpassed 400 tests! 

This achievement takes us another step closer to our mission of placing 1 billion people in dream jobs with skills-based hiring. The bigger and more comprehensive our test library gets, the more employers we can help implement skills-based hiring effectively – so the expansion and improvement of our test library are crucial to our vision for the future of recruitment.

86% of candidates say they’re more likely to secure their dream job with skills-based hiring. 

Source: The State of Skills-Based Hiring 2023

TestGorilla now has over 10,400 customers, and in total more than 2 million candidates have been assessed for their skills using TestGorilla.

“The breadth, depth and diversity of the talented people in our Assessment Team ensure we have the capacity and expertise to deliver leading edge, science-based measurement, assessment content, insights and innovation.” 

– Kim Severinsen, Head of Assessment at TestGorilla

Our most recent additions to the test library include a Data Storytelling test, a Working with Generative AI test, and a Multi-Task Learning (MTL) test. Browse our test library yourself or sign up for a free demo for a walkthrough of our product! To learn more about the science behind the 400-plus tests in TestGorilla’s test library, check out our science series.

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