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9 Qualified.io alternatives to make hiring a simple process


Comparing two skilled software developers, hiring without bias, and recruiting a diverse team are some of the  goals you may want to achieve if you’re hiring software developers for your organization. The best method to accomplish these goals is to use a skills-assessment platform.

If you’ve considered Qualified.io, you likely already know that this platform provides hiring managers like you with some benefits. However, it also has a few disadvantages, so you may be looking for a suitable Qualified.io alternative.

Our article provides the information on Qualified.io alternatives you’ve been looking for. Here, we outline the pros and cons of this platform and go into detail about the Qualified.io alternatives you should consider. Read on for the facts.

What are the 9 Qualified.io alternatives you need to try?

Our nine Qualified.io alternatives are the best coding-assessment platforms for technical hiring, online coding tests, and reviewing your software engineers’ coding skills:

the 9 Qualified alternatives you need to try
  1. TestGorilla

  2. Codeaid

  3. Mercer Mettl Assessments

  4. Coderbyte for Employers

  5. Codility

  6. iMocha

  7. TestDome

  8. DevSkiller TalentScore

  9. Skillspace.ai

Qualified.io vs. its alternatives: the quick critical facts

Looking for a summary of the critical differences between Qualified.io and its alternatives? Get the quick, essential facts you need in this table:




Free plan option

Customer support


Prices available upon request

It’s not possible to open the web preview on a different web page


FAQ section and documentation sections available


Subscriptions range from $300 to $24,000 annually, depending on the plan you select

Lacks time flexibility for candidates when they respond to questions for some tests


Help center with plenty of information, blog, FAQ section, and live customer support chat



Doesn’t offer many ATS integrations

All features are free to use

Blog, “How it works” section on website, and contact form

Mercer Mettl Assessments

Prices available upon request

Proctoring is unavailable when candidates use the mobile version


Customer support chat, help center with plenty of information, and email


Various prices for different add-ons (the highest price is $1,800 per year for all add-ons)

Doesn’t support multiple spoken languages


FAQs, help center, contact form, and interview kits


Prices available upon request

Some tests are not challenging enough


Chatbot, blog, information in the help center, and knowledge hub


Prices available upon request

You can’t edit multiple tests simultaneously


Guides, blog, podcasts, newsroom, and knowledge base


Plans range from $7 to $20 per candidate

No robust anti-cheating feature


FAQ section, pricing FAQ section, support section, blog, phone, email, and social media

DevSkiller TalentScore

$499 for TalentScore and $999 for TalentBoost billed annually

Lacks some soft-skills tests


Learning hub with blog, HR resources, newsletter, and help center


$3 per invitation on Micro plan and $2.65 per invitation on Growth plan (custom plan also available)

Lacks ATS integrations


Product tours, webinars, blogs, phone, and email

What are Qualified.io’s best features, and which need improving?

The following sections describe the advantages and disadvantages of the Qualified.io platform.

Pros and Cons of Qualified.io

Pros of Qualified.io

The real-world tasks and top online coding tests that Qualified.io offers are ideal for determining whether talent has the skills required for a given role. If you’re hiring for tech teams and need to review in-demand technical knowledge and skills with online exams, Qualified.io is an excellent platform that provides real-world coding challenges.

Qualified’s pricing includes access to a free trial. It also provides you with options to complete technical interviews and supports 29 different programming languages.

However, Qualified also has a few disadvantages you need to consider before choosing it as your coding-assessment platform.

Cons of Qualified.io

The following are the main drawbacks to the Qualified platform:

The user experience isn’t ideal for recruitment teams

With Qualified.io, you can’t open the web preview on a different web page. This makes it challenging to view the web page and console simultaneously.

Qualified also lacks a dark mode feature.

Insufficient IDE features

Qualified’s integrated development environment (IDE) has limited features and some imperfections. It doesn’t offer parameter information or code completion features that you can get with some of the platform’s alternatives. Features like code completion are critical because they have been shown to significantly improve developer productivity.

Qualified.io doesn’t offer notifications, and the candidate experience isn’t great

While completing an assessment, candidates don’t receive sound notifications to let them know when their time is running out. This can hinder the candidate experience, as can the small size of the task explanation window.

Support for some skills tests is also lacking

The platform admits it will have “support for Scala and Groovy coming soon,” which may be another limitation to watch out for if you plan to assess candidates’ ability to use these programming languages. 

9 top Qualified alternatives for real-world coding challenges

Are you ready to get the facts you need on Qualified.io alternatives? Read the sections below for the features, pros, and cons of the top Qualified.io alternatives.

1. TestGorilla

The key features of this leading assessment platform distinguish TestGorilla from Qualified.io. Its range of programming problems and exceptional user experience make TestGorilla one of the best HR platforms for non-technical recruiters who want to review candidates’ technical abilities, such as their QA engineering skills.

Whereas Qualified.io’s tests focus mainly on assessing programming skills, TestGorilla offers a variety of tests for a wide range of skills.

The platform provides several personality tests, a Culture Add test, and soft-skills tests, such as its Motivation test, Critical Thinking test, Problem Solving test, and Time Management test. This is a crucial feature, especially since 92% of talent professionals agree that soft skills matter at least as much as hard skills.

You can include these tests in your skills assessment in addition to role-specific tests to evaluate your candidates comprehensively. Learn more by signing up for a demonstration.

Screenshot of Test Gorilla's Python test

TestGorilla also offers technical skills tests, such as Python, Angular, and a React assessment, to test various competency levels. It comes with pre-recorded video interviewing features. This enables you to, for example, ask candidates Java debugging interview questions or ETL interview questions.

Overall, TestGorilla offers variety, a smooth user interface, a wide selection of programming problems, tools to hire developers, and online tests for assessing different skill levels. Use the platform to quickly create skills assessments and hire software engineers. You can create a free account to get started.

Pros of TestGorilla

Here are some pros of the TestGorilla platform:

  • All tests are scientifically validated and created by experts

  • Automatically grades and ranks your candidates

  • Helps you hire diverse teams

  • Offers an exceptional and engaging candidate experience

  • You can try out TestGorilla for free

Screenshot of TestGorilla positive Review about streamlining hiring processes for a company

Cons of TestGorilla

One con of the TestGorilla platform is that it lacks some time flexibility for candidates when they respond to questions for some tests.

2. Codeaid

codeaid homepage

All of Codeaid’s features are completely free. This perk is just one of the ways the platform outcompetes Qualified.io.

Codeaid offers an assessment tool with automated scoring to help companies like yours save time when looking for software developers to help you complete a project.

But it’s also a site that offers plagiarism checks for candidates, records of your applicants’ results, and a grading system.

Whereas Qualified doesn’t offer candidates notifications, Codeaid provides notifications to you and your candidates. It also enables you to extend the candidate’s time limit when completing the test and view all the data on a centralized dashboard.

Pros of Codeaid

Codeaid’s advantages include the following:

  • Similarity and authentic percentages tell you if candidates have cheated

  • Several teams can use the Codeaid platform at the same time

  • Codeaid offers flexibility and cancellation options for test invitations

Cons of Codeaid

One of Codeaid’s drawbacks is that it doesn’t offer many applicant tracking system (ATS) integrations.

3. Mercer Mettl Assessments

mercer mettl homepage

One advantage Mercer Mettl Assessments has over Qualified.io is that it offers HR professionals a huge library that features 100,000 questions for coders. Unlike Qualified, it also offers psychometric and communication tests.

The platform offers tests that assess skills like CSS, Angular JS, AJAX, and XML, as well as coding simulators and aptitude tests.

Another interesting aspect of Mettl is its integration partners. You can use it with several applicant tracking systems, such as Greenhouse, Darwinbox, Freshteam, Lever, and Skillate.

Pros of Mettl

Here are some of the main benefits of Mettl:

  • The platform provides AI proctoring services

  • It features behavioral tests that other platforms don’t

  • It offers a wide range of tests

Cons of Mettl

One disadvantage of Mettl is that you can’t use its proctoring features if candidates use mobile devices to complete the test.

4. Coderbyte for Employers

Coderbyte’s proctoring features give it a leg up on Qualified.io. Its code editor can browse developer resources, giving you insights into your candidates’ coding processes.

Through Zapier, you can connect this platform with more than 5,000 applications, including applicant tracking systems like Greenhouse and other software tools like Slack.

Coderbyte gives you access to various online coding tests for software developers, featuring more than 1,000 challenges for several vacancy types, such as sales, marketing, finance, and operations (in addition to software development roles).

Pros of Coderbyte

The following are some of Coderbyte’s pros:

  • The platform offers multiple-choice and open-ended tests

  • It includes proctoring and anti-cheating tools

  • It provides collaborative interview options for HR professionals

Cons of Coderbyte

One of Coderbyte’s disadvantages is that the platform doesn’t support multiple spoken languages.

5. Codility

codility homepage

Codility’s best feature is that it offers more than 90 online coding tests for various programming languages and technologies. The platform will help you hire for various roles, including back-end, front-end, cloud, full-stack, and mobile developers.

Some of the programming languages and technology skills Codility will enable you to evaluate include jQuery, JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript, and React. The platform also has anti-plagiarism features and expert technical support.

Your recruitment team will appreciate the many integrations available with Codility, including SmartRecruiters, Workable, Oracle Taleo, and Lever.

Pros of Codility

Codility’s pros include the following:

  • Codility is ideal for remote hiring and live coding challenges

  • The platform is ideal for hiring diverse teams

  • It has proctoring and fraud detection features to prevent cheating

Cons of Codility

The following are two cons of Codility:

  • The platform isn’t user-friendly

  • Some of Codility’s tests aren’t sufficiently challenging for candidates

6. iMocha

imocha homepage

iMocha offers a wide range of tests. You can review your candidates’ cognitive, business, and coding skills with its online assessments. This platform is a good option if you need to use many different types of tests.

A few of the top tests this platform offers include C++, Java, Python, and SQL coding tests.

Some of its skills assessments are also available in Portuguese, such as its advanced AngularJS framework and HTML5 tests. This could be important for your business since Portuguese is the most widely spoken language in the southern hemisphere.

You’ll notice that iMocha doesn’t have as many coding tests as other platforms on this list, but it makes up for this with its variety and integrations.

Pros of iMocha

Here are three pros of iMocha:

  • You can choose skills tests in various spoken languages

  • The platform’s user interface is smooth and user-friendly

  • Its proctoring features prevent candidates from cheating

Cons of iMocha

One con of iMocha is that it’s difficult to edit several tests at the same time.

7. TestDome

testdome homepage

TestDome’s top features are its 1,000 premium questions, custom questions, automated results scoring, and 150 skills tests. You can send candidates email notifications about their pass or fail status and schedule invitations with this platform.

It also offers secure anti-cheating measures, including proctoring for webcams and prevention of copying and pasting answers. The platform provides real-world tasks to assess software developers’ skills.

Pros of TestDome

Three pros of TestDome are:

  • It’s simple to compare your candidates’ performance

  • 150 skills tests and 1,000 premium questions are available on TestDome

  • The platform automates the scoring process

Cons of TestDome

One of TestDome’s drawbacks is that it doesn’t track user location, randomize test questions, or remove questions after a certain level of exposure (although they are removed if obsolete for more than one year).

The lack of these features means candidates may be able to find answers to historic questions online using another device.

8. DevSkiller TalentScore

Code-pairing sessions are just one of the features DevSkiller offers to help you hire developers. The platform also provides sophisticated assessments that present programming problems to your applicants.

You can access plenty of assessments for software engineers to evaluate skills like Python, PHP, Java, and JavaScript. Reviewing a back-end engineer is also simple with the platform’s .NET, SQL, and C++ tests.

DevSkiller’s unique security tools, including its cloud firewall, make this platform ideal if you have security concerns.

Pros of DevSkiller TalentScore

The following are three pros of DevSkiller TalentScore:

  • You can choose tests in various spoken languages

  • The platform ranks your candidates’ scores automatically

  • You can select tests based on difficulty and level

Cons of DevSkiller TalentScore

One disadvantage of DevSkiller TalentScore is that it lacks some soft-skills tests.

9. Skillspace.ai

skillspace homepage

Skillspace.ai is another pre-employment screening platform that helps you prevent cheating with its proctoring features. These services come with coding assessments for more than 40 programming languages.

You can conduct one-on-one tech interviews with Skillspace.ai and ask applicants to complete professional assessments, such as data-science-related tests.

It’s also possible to create custom questions using the Skillspace.ai platform.

Pros of Skillspace.ai

Here are Skillspace.ai’s main benefits:

  • The platform offers a free trial option without requiring a credit card

  • Skillspace.ai is ideal for one-on-one coding interviews with candidates

  • The platform’s proctoring service includes AI features

Cons of Skillspace.ai

One of Skillspace.ai’s cons is that it doesn’t have as many integrations as some other Qualified.io alternatives.

Hire the most skilled software engineers with the right pre-employment testing platform

Hiring a skilled software engineer is as difficult as choosing the right pre-employment testing platform, but nothing’s stopping you now: You have detailed descriptions of the best Qualified.io alternatives available.

The top-ranked option on this list, TestGorilla, will quickly become your favorite skills-assessment platform. Its range of coding assessments (such as our PHP coding test) and custom options are perfect for your hiring needs.

You can check out its features right away. Simply create a free account or reach out to the team for a demo, and find out why TestGorilla is the best hiring platform for assessing expert software engineers.


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