Join us in celebrating International Recruiters Day 2022

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International Recruiters Day was created in 2011 as a way to recognize and celebrate the dedication, skills, and impact of recruiters across the globe. At TestGorilla, celebrating skills is at the heart of what we do every day. But taking a moment to appreciate recruiters worldwide feels especially important to us. Here’s why.

What do recruiters do?

There are lots of different kinds of recruiters, but generally, they work internally or with agencies to make sure talent-acquisition processes work for everyone involved. Recruiters scout and manage applicants for jobs posted by their clients, the employers, and check candidates’ suitability before reviewing applications, organizing interviews, and helping to create a shortlist.

The work they do is for employers and candidates, assisting with applications and advising applicants on employment issues and opportunities as well as sourcing talent for companies. And the best recruiters know that a good hire is one that the candidate is happy with, too. 

Because of this, the recruiter’s role can be a sensitive one that requires negotiation and careful communication. Recruiters will often be the first point of contact for candidates, informing them of successful and unsuccessful applications.

recruiters are experts in finding attracting and acquiring talent

It’s a role with an important social impact

Helping people land their dream jobs is incredibly rewarding. Using expert knowledge to match-make job openings and strong potential candidates, recruiters have an end goal of finding dream candidates for job openings and dream jobs for candidates.The work that recruiters do is even more crucial in the wake of Covid-19. The pandemic has had a huge impact on employment worldwide, and recruiters everywhere are working to pick up the pieces by helping people find employment.

The US unemployment rate reached an all-time high of 14.7% in April 2020

BLS, 2020 

Recruitment practices need to change

Unfortunately, standard and traditional recruitment practices don’t make this job easy. In fact, they make it much harder for recruiters to get people into dream jobs. 

Currently, CVs and resumes are at the center of hiring methods across the world. They provide recruiters with two pieces of information about candidates: education and job experience. Neither is a reliable predictor of job success. And, depending on the job opening, recruiters might have to trawl through hundreds of resumes just to find strong candidates.

There is no data to suggest that CVs help recruiters and hiring managers make great hiring decisions. There is, however, plenty of evidence to suggest that most people lie or exaggerate on their CVs. A survey from 2020 found that 23% of people lied even though they were qualified for the job they were applying for.

The future of recruitment is bright, and it’s skills-based

With the rise of technology, recruitment processes have already come along in leaps and bounds. Popular platforms such as LinkedIn have made it easier and faster for recruiters to scan potential candidates’ profiles, and ATS developments enable the automation of certain steps in hiring processes. There will always be a place for recruiters, but the way they recruit is shifting all the time as innovation continues to change the landscape.Now that we have advanced software that can support large-scale pre-employment testing online, the next step for recruitment is clear. CVs and resumes are unreliable and outdated. Using pre-employment skills assessments, and employing candidates for their skills rather than education and experience alone, is the best way for companies and their recruiters to update their hiring practices.

TestGorilla’s mission

Like recruiters, we’ve made it our mission to put people in dream jobs. We’re committed to data-driven, skills-based hiring that offers a positive experience for candidates and ensures they can find jobs that match their skills and ethos. 

By continuing to expand and improve our test library, we aim to help employers, recruiters, and candidates everywhere ditch the CV and use pre-employment assessments instead. This way, candidates can be evaluated faster, more reliably, and without hiring bias, and recruiters can do their jobs more ethically and effectively.

Recruiters: You’re important, and we need you

Recruiters are experts in finding, attracting, and acquiring talent for job openings in all industries, using their expertise to help teams find great candidates with the right skills and high culture-add potential. We’ve got the tests down, but only recruiters know how best to decide who to send them to, and what to do with the results.

We’re already working with forward-thinking recruiters who realize that hiring practices need to be overhauled and updated. As of March 2022, TestGorilla has worked with thousands of recruiters to assess 500,000 candidates for jobs across the globe. 

thousands of recruiters use testgorilla

Thank you for everything you do!

The recruiters we work with are generally the forward-looking ones who realize that old hiring practices based on manual CV screening are a thing of the past, together with smoking in public spaces and driving without seatbelts… We love working with these forward-thinking and modern recruiters. We need their input in building a product that is fair for all applicants and continues to predict job success.

Wouter Durville, chief executive of TestGorilla

Let’s change the future of hiring, together

TestGorilla’s mission simply wouldn’t be possible without recruiters. Learn more about the future of hiring and join us in celebrating International Recruiters Day 2022!

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