How to hire an AutoCAD expert

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The architectural and design industry is continually advancing amid technological innovations. To remain relevant in the industry, businesses must constantly adapt to changing modern design techniques.

AutoCAD is one of the most popular design software tools for professionals in architecture and engineering. Having an AutoCAD expert on your design team allows your business to harness the software’s various advantages. 

Due to its occasional updates, you need AutoCAD experts who can operate the software and quickly adjust to modifications.

With that in mind, in this article, we’ll provide some tips for an AutoCAD drafter job description, outline steps to hire an AutoCAD expert and discuss the most effective way to test their AutoCAD skills. Let’s begin!

What is an AutoCAD drafter?

What is an AutoCAD drafter?

An AutoCAD drafter is a tech professional who uses AutoCAD to create designs for construction and engineering purposes. They use the software to design building plans, machinery, blueprints, and models for various construction purposes.

AutoCAD experts can render drawings in 2D and 3D and simulate moving parts. 

What does an AutoCAD drafter do?

AutoCAD drafters are primarily responsible for creating building blueprints for architects or product models for engineers.

Below are some of the responsibilities of an AutoCAD drafter:

  • Presenting designs and concepts to clients

  • Creating 2D and 3D models

  • Making architectural designs that satisfy safety guidelines

  • Adapting designs for construction

  • Identifying deficiencies and modifying blueprints

  • Determining the materials necessary to complete a project

  • Creating electrical plans for buildings

  • Educating AutoCAD interns and trainees

What skills should an AutoCAD expert have?

The following section outlines the essential skills every AutoCAD expert should have regardless of the project you want them to manage:

What skills should an AutoCAD expert have part 1

1. AutoCAD software skills

To be an AutoCAD drafter, an individual must be adept at using the AutoCAD software. A good drafter needs advanced knowledge of the software and its features to devise creative modeling and designing methods.

2. Construction knowledge

An AutoCAD expert must have a fundamental understanding of construction and engineering projects. This experience is valuable in creating better plans for all construction projects. 

3. Math and computer skills

Advanced math and computer skills are necessary for drafters to operate specialized software and tackle projects. At the same time, they need solid knowledge of engineering and sciences to complement their skills and enable them to design with precision.   

4. Other design software

Experienced drafters often use multiple design software when creating a blueprint. A good AutoCAD drafter should have experience with similar design software like Inventor, SolidWorks, and Fusion 360 to develop more sophisticated designs.

What skills should an AutoCAD expert have part 2

5. Communication skills

AutoCAD drafters frequently interact with architects, engineers, and other clients. As such, they need excellent oral and written communication skills to convey ideas, express opinions, and present their designs.

6. Creative skills

AutoCAD drafters need to be innovative when designing product models and plans. This helps them stay relevant in a constantly advancing design industry. 

7. Detailing and aesthetics

Attentiveness helps drafters create accurate building plans for engineers to work with. As such, AutoCAD experts should be attentive to details and aesthetics. 

8. Problem-solving skills

Excellent drafters review blueprints to find errors or identify the need for adjustments. They must also be able to deliver adjustments timely to meet deadlines, and their designs must be functional to solve real problems.

9. Management and organization skills

AutoCAD experts should know how to manage multiple competing tasks and ensure that projects remain within safety guidelines and regulations. Consequently, their organizational skills are critical to maintaining team spirit and effectiveness.

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Steps to hiring an AutoCAD expert

Hiring a skilled professional may be challenging if you can’t align your needs with the necessary expertise to satisfy such requirements. Below is a step-by-step procedure for hiring an AutoCAD expert: 

Steps to hiring an AutoCAD expert

1. Identify your company’s needs

The first step to hiring any professional is to evaluate the scope of your hiring process. You need to determine the organizational objectives you want your AutoCAD expert to achieve. These goals will vary from creating new product models to designing floor plans. 

2. Determine the requirements

Next, you should identify the skills and knowledge requirements for the position. For an AutoCAD drafter position, you can focus on design-software skills, creative skills, and problem-solving abilities.

You can also choose if you prefer an expert with a college degree or recognized certifications (or both).  

3. Draft a compelling job description

The next step is to prepare a job description that briefly explains the nature of the responsibilities your future employee will take on.

This description specifies the requirements of the role that you already determined in step two. You can either prepare an original or find an online job description template to modify.

4. Publish your opening

If your organization has a functional website or any other online platform with a large audience and traffic inflow, publish the job listing there. Alternatively, you can consider creative sourcing strategies to hire top talent.

5. Use a pre-screening test

A pre-screening test is an excellent method of assessing candidates solely on their AutoCAD skills without evaluating their resumes.

Pre-screening tests help to discover the most talented candidates before the interview stage. It makes the recruitment process easier and more seamless. 

6. Conduct the interview

After the pre-screening assessment, you’ll have a shortlist of credible candidates. You can ask candidates AutoCAD interview questions and non-technical questions to see how they’ll perform and align with your organization’s values.

What to look out for when hiring an AutoCAD expert

A keen eye on specific traits is crucial for assessing your next AutoCad expert. Below are critical factors to consider in a candidate before hiring:

1. Ability and willingness to learn 

Regardless of the skills and qualifications already possessed, a willingness to learn differentiates an AutoCAD professional from mediocre drafters.

Expert drafters constantly look for opportunities to grow in the field and related areas of expertise to build their portfolios and expand their knowledge scope. Having an employee with such drive is key to achieving organizational goals. 

2. Ability to work independently 

Although many projects involving the expertise of an AutoCAD drafter involve teamwork, they also spend time designing independently. 

As such, it’s important to determine whether an AutoCAD expert can perform tasks and deliver to a high standard without close supervision. 

3. Work ethic and discipline 

To improve the level of effectiveness in your organization, your employees need to maintain a certain standard of discipline and work ethic. You can hire drafters temporarily to determine these qualities.

You can also gauge their work ethic by examining how they structure their work hours to meet deadlines and interact with colleagues.

4. Certifications 

There are some crucial certifications to look out for when gauging an AutoCAD drafter’s level of expertise. These certifications help a drafter gain in-depth knowledge of modeling and other areas.

Examples of recognized certifications are:

What’s the work environment of AutoCAD drafters like? 

AutoCAD drafters primarily work in an office where they design architectural plans and models for their company. Depending on the organization and industry, their work environment may change to semi-remote or fully remote.

They also often visit sites to meet with clients and other professionals, discussing design plans and project deliverables. 

What is the salary for an AutoCAD drafter?

ZipRecruiter estimates that the national average salary for a CAD drafter is $46,676 per year. Pay varies based on various factors, including experience, location, and scope of work. 

Hiring an AutoCAD expert with TestGorilla

Hiring the best AutoCAD expert for your organization doesn’t need to be that tricky.

With the addition of a pre-employment assessment like TestGorilla’s AutoCAD test, you can examine how well your candidates operate the AutoCAD software before hiring. 

This pre-screening test is useful for evaluating AutoCAD skills for candidates in numerous fields like engineering, architecture, interior decoration, urban and infrastructure development, landscape artistry, and industrial design.

The AutoCAD test examines a candidate’s ability to operate the software’s interface using specific functions. Candidates who perform well on this assessment have enough experience with AutoCAD and can carry out drafting tasks efficiently.

Sign up for free with TestGorilla today and start creating your ideal assessment to hire your next AutoCAD expert.

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