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Top 13 diversity hiring tools to include in your recruitment strategy


Building a diverse workforce has many benefits, including improved financial performance. The less biased your hiring process is, the better hires you make. However, bias is often unconscious, and it may have a lot of negative effects on your business

Achieving diversity at the workplace is not an easy task, though. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to diversity hiring. Implementing blind hiring and using the right tools can make the process a lot easier and more efficient.

Best diversity hiring tools to aid your hiring process

We have compiled a list of the best diversity hiring tools to aid in your hiring process and help you build a productive workforce.

1. TestGorilla—best pre-employment testing platform  

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How do you assess applicants’ skills accurately and without bias? The answer is simple: pre-employment testing. 

TestGorilla’s skills testing is the most efficient way to automate your hiring process and evaluate candidates objectively. 

TestGorilla’s test library contains over 170 scientifically validated skills tests for job-specific skills, such as IT business analysis or social media management, as well as more general skills, like problem solving.

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a preview of TestGorilla’s test library

They also offer personality and Culture Add tests. The Culture Add test helps you bring objectivity into your hiring process, assess candidates’ culture add potential, and identify the right candidates without any unconscious bias. 

With this testing platform, your hiring team can use a data-driven approach when making decisions and not just rely on their gut feeling. Develop a more professional and fact-based HR culture in your company with TestGorilla! 

2. ATS like Greenhouse—best for automating your end-to-end recruiting process 

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ATS stands for applicant tracking system, which is software that enables you to streamline and automate the entire hiring and recruitment process, including job postings. These software applications are built to assist the management of resumes and applicant information. They filter applications based on given criteria, such as skills and years of experience. 

Greenhouse’s intelligent sourcing solution is the best tool for automating the entire recruitment process from end to end. It can help you discover the right candidates for your business, connect with them, and guide them through the application and hiring process with ease. 

Greenhouse attracts great talent, eliminates hiring teams’ administrative burden, improves your efficiency, and helps you mitigate bias and build a fair hiring process. 

3. Entelo Diversity—best for seeking candidates from underrepresented groups

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Entelo Diversity is a great tool for sourcing candidates from underrepresented groups based on gender, ethnicity, or skills. 

Entelo’s algorithm sifts through social media accounts and other types of online data to collect information about applicants for your company and compiles them into detailed candidate profiles.

Its use of multiple sources for creating applicants’ profiles, optimized applicant outreach, and ATS integrations make it a great tool if you’re looking to hire a truly diverse workforce. 

Entelo is not a tool for blind recruitment (though this may be another approach worth exploring). Instead, it aims to give underrepresented groups a platform and, at the same time, ensure that your company finds suitable candidates.

4. Textio—best for writing unbiased job descriptions

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Textio is an augmented writing platform powered by a proprietary database featuring 350 million job postings. 

It’s the best tool for writing unbiased job postings—it can filter the content of your postings and provide recommendations about how you can edit them based on the type of language that will appeal to certain target groups. This helps ensure you’re not excluding these groups with your ads. 

The platform uses AI to analyze text in real time and highlights parts that come across as specifically feminine or masculine, helping you to use more gender-neutral language. 

Textio is a tool built to supply advanced language insights for your hiring and employer brand content. It can help you build a more inclusive workforce and call forth the attention of underrepresented groups. Use it for text/tone evaluation and editing guidance.

5. Jopwell—best career platform for PoC

Jopwell is the leading career platform for Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals. It allows companies to find and recruit qualified candidates who come from historically underrepresented backgrounds at top-tier companies. 

The platform has attracted tens of thousands of candidates since launching in 2015. Jopwell has received many awards during the years, including Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Most Brilliant Ideas” and Business Insider’s “One of The Hottest NYC Companies to Watch.” 

The platform’s mission is to make the workforce more diverse by using all the benefits of technological advancements to connect companies with qualified underrepresented candidates. 

6. Blendoor—best analytical tool

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Blendoor is among the best blind recruitment companies that specialize in diversity analytics. 

The platform allows job seekers to upload resumes and then blurs out any information that can stir unconscious bias, only showing employers their qualifications. The tool analyzes what is relevant for a job position and highlights it. 

Blendoor’s founder and CEO Stephanie Lampkin says that the initial purpose of the platform was to source qualified diverse candidates by minimizing unconscious bias in the recruitment process. However, the company’s focus is shifting: Now, they’re also building an algorithm that can dynamically score companies on how inclusive they are based on their diversity records. 

To increase diversity in the workforce, it’s important to have a credible source to see which companies actually put in the work to hire underrepresented candidates and create equal opportunities for everyone.

7. pymetrics—best tool for behavior-based games

pymetrics is a company that specializes in developing proven neuroscience gaming assessments for recruitment purposes. Powered by their bias-free AI, these assessments can be used to predictively match qualified candidates to job positions that align well with their skills. 

The testing process is based on a combination of short games that measure attributes such as memory, emotionality, ability to learn, and many others. The applicants spend about 20 minutes playing, and if their results match a certain job profile, they move to the next round. 

pymetrics lets candidates check the job positions on their website and has its own database of people who have scored high on various behavior-based games and are suited to particular job positions. Its assessments are easily accessible and engaging, and they also reduce bias and help you develop a data-driven approach to hiring. 

8. RippleMatch—best tool for campus recruitment

RippleMatch is the best tool for campus recruitment. It uses bias-free AI to find the most skilled early-career candidates for your company. 

This platform is designed to help the modern campus recruiter by connecting employers to qualified students virtually. It combines automation with data insights with one goal in mind: increasing productivity and diversity. 

Employers pay an annual subscription fee to connect to a pipeline of top candidates for internships and jobs. The company’s mission is to increase diversity and provide a fast and efficient way to connect young professionals to inclusive companies. 

9. Hired—best for sourcing candidates for tech roles

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Hired is among the best tools for sourcing in-demand technology roles. It provides a large, highly skilled pool of applicants you can invite for an interview. These applicants have already been screened by a set of proprietary algorithms and a curation team, so only the top tech talent is recruited on the platform. 

Hired was founded in 2012 and has been committed to building and sustaining equity in the recruiting process for almost a decade. The company provides complete transparency for the candidates’ desired salaries, industry preferences, and more. 

10. Getting Hired—best for hiring disabled people

screenshot of getting hired homepage

Getting Hired is the best recruitment solution to help employers hire veterans and candidates with disabilities and create more diverse teams. The company’s mission is to connect qualified professionals to inclusive companies and advocacy organizations and to raise awareness that diversity in hiring isn’t connected only to gender and ethnicity but also to disability status

The platform has earned its place as one of the top diversity hiring tools for people with disabilities by providing a full-service solution for recruiting and retaining an inclusive workforce. Getting Hired helps underrepresented job seekers, especially those with disabilities, connect easily to a variety of employment resources.

You can use Getting Hired to find the resources you need to build a thriving and inclusive workplace. The company is committed to addressing the challenges that employers face when they try to build an inclusive strategy, as well as the hardships that people with disabilities have to overcome to find appropriate employment for their skills. 

11. RecruitMilitary—best for hiring veterans

screenshot of recruit military homepage

RecruitMilitary is a veteran-owned company that aims to connect employers to transitioning and civilian-experienced military men and women who are looking for a job. 

A LinkedIn study found that veterans are 37% more likely to be underemployed than non-veterans. There certainly needs to be more attention directed at finding skill-appropriate roles for veterans and helping inclusive companies to connect with and hire them, which is what RecruitMilitary has been doing since 1998. 

The company offers its services free of charge to veterans and their spouses and hosts the largest single-source veteran database in the USA, with more than 1,400,000 members. They also publish a magazine named Search & Employ once every two months with the goal of helping veterans and their spouses find suitable jobs, opportunities, and education. 

RecruitMilitary also holds job fairs where veteran men and women can connect to companies that realize that veterans can bring a unique set of skills and knowledge to the table. So far, they have organized over 1,200 job fairs. 

12. Hiretual—best for AI-powered sourcing

screenshot of hiretual homepage

Hiretual is an AI-driven sourcing tool that aims to centralize all recruiting tasks. 

The company offers fast and simple AI-powered solutions for sourcing candidates from a large database of web profiles and career platforms. It allows you to automate the end-to-end hiring process and to create personalized recruitment strategies.

Platforms with an integrated ATS help you build and maintain an unbiased and data-driven hiring process. Hiretual’s best features are its powerful AI sourcing function and the analytical insights it provides. 

13. The Gender Decoder—best for analyzing job postings for gender bias

Workplace language can encode gender expectations that present an obstacle to building an inclusive workforce and creating equal opportunities for everyone. Without realizing it, we use gender-coded language based on social expectations of how men and women act—and differ. 

This language shows in job postings, too, and it may put off people from applying to jobs they’re qualified for simply because they’re advertised through gender-coded language that excludes them. 

That’s why it’s best to use a professional tool to objectively identify linguistic gender-coding in your job postings. The Gender Decoder provides the solution—it’s a simple tool that helps you identify gender-coding so that you can write your job postings in a more inclusive way. 

The platform’s creation was inspired by a research paper from 2011 about gendered wording in job advertisements and how it sustains gender inequality. 

Diversity and inclusion hiring is now more important than ever

One thing is certain in the business world: Nothing is certain, and everything changes. 

Things change at a rapid pace. The COVID-19 pandemic is a good example. If you want to build a successful business, you need to hire a diverse workforce and gain a variety of fresh perspectives helps you find innovative solutions and adapt to challenging situations. 

Diversity hiring tools can help you identify top candidates from a multitude of underrepresented talent pools and include qualified professionals regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, veteran status, disabilities, sexual orientation, religion, or background. 

One of the best features of these tools is that they uncover and remove unconscious bias from the hiring process. Diversity hiring tools can help you improve the interview and review process and base your recruitment process on objective analysis, solid data, and facts.

Develop a transparent and efficient hiring process by using the best diversity hiring tools, and hire a powerful workforce that helps your company excel. Try TestGorilla for free.


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