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Most accurate Enneagram tests for hiring campaigns


The Enneagram is a popular personality test that’s often used as part of the pre-employment screening process. It consists of nine personality types that are related to your core desires and the key drivers in your life. 

However, not all Enneagram tests are the same, and some are much more accurate than others.

In this short guide, we outline everything you need to know about choosing the most accurate Enneagram test for your next hiring campaign. 

Are Enneagram tests accurate? 

Enneagram tests across the board are based on the same psychological principles and theory, but they aren’t all equal. Different tests can deliver different results. For example, you might get two different personality types with two different Enneagram tests. 

At the end of the day, there’s no definitive measure of accuracy with Enneagram tests, and any estimate of accuracy is subjective. However, there are key factors to keep in mind when choosing a test provider, such as scientific validation and rigorous quality control. 

In addition, learning how to interpret Enneagram types can help you understand what to look for when selecting a high-quality option. 

What makes an Enneagram test accurate/good? 

Although the accuracy of Enneagram tests is somewhat subjective, the most accurate tests share a few key features. Consider the following to ensure you’re choosing a reliable test. 

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Test development

For starters, you should always look for a test that has been developed in line with psychometric principles. Tests should be designed and assembled by industry experts, and it’s important to ensure they’re peer-reviewed for validity. 

Alongside this, accurate tests will have undergone a significant amount of testing and calibration to ensure it works as expected. 

Question pool

The best Enneagram tests are built on a large number of diverse questions that touch on every aspect of the nine Enneagram types, ensuring they are able to capture the necessary information to accurately determine your candidate’s personality. 

Clear instructions

Look for clear instructions that explain exactly what the test involves and what candidates are required to do. Limited or confusing instructions can lead to participants misunderstanding how they’re meant to answer the questions, which will invariably lead to inaccurate results. 


High-quality, accurate tests should be reliable, which means giving consistent results over time. You can test this yourself by taking a number of repeat tests and comparing your results. Tests that give different results over time shouldn’t be used, as you can’t guarantee they’re going to be accurate. 

Quality feedback

A reliable Enneagram test will provide detailed and comprehensive feedback based on the results of your test. This can include an interpretation and explanation of your candidate’s personality type, along with other related information. Unclear explanations are easily misinterpreted or misunderstood. 

Which Enneagram test yields the most accurate results? 

TestGorilla’s Enneagram test is one of the most accurate on the market. It’s a short, 10-minute test that’s designed to identify a candidate’s Enneagram type. 

This test has been developed by a qualified psychologist and psychometrist, as well as peer-reviewed and calibrated with hundreds of test-takers. This ensures that it’s as accurate as possible. 

Applicants are presented with a selection of questions where they will be asked to select which of the two available statements is most applicable to them. The results page contains their personality type along with detailed information about associated attributes, challenges, and opportunities. 

What’s more, TestGorilla enables you to combine multiple tests from its extensive library to create a complete prescreening assessment. It’s easy and intuitive to use, affordable, and boasts top-quality reports and smooth candidate rankings.

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Get started with TestGorilla's Enneagram test today

At the end of the day, the accuracy of an Enneagram test is subjective and can’t be measured quantitatively. However, the most accurate tests share a number of traits, including development by qualified professionals, rigorous testing, clear instructions and results, and a large question pool. 

TestGorilla ticks all of the boxes with its powerful Enneagram test, which is designed for candidate screening during the hiring process. It can be combined with any of our other tests to form a complete assessment, enabling you to make accurate hiring decisions with confidence. 

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