TestGorilla chief executive Wouter Durville featured in MT/Sprout’s Inclusive30 of 2023

Written by Adnan
Wouter Durville named Top 30 Inclusive CEOs
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We’re proud to announce that our chief executive, Wouter Durville, has been featured in MT/Sprout’s Inclusive30 for 2023. 

The Amsterdam-based marketing and advertising agency publishes this list on an annual basis to put a spotlight on entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders that have shown a clear commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the Dutch business community. 

Nominees for Inclusive30 are selected by a committee of recruiters, industry experts, government members, and past entrants based on the demonstrable impact of their D&I initiatives. 

MT/Sprout celebrated Wouter’s inclusion on the list by highlighting his efforts to “democratize opportunity” for underutilized and underrepresented talent through his work at TestGorilla. The platform now boasts a base of over 9000 customers including major names such as Sony, Ernst & Young, and H&M, showing how effective it has been in sparking a seachange in hiring. 

Speaking on his nomination, Wouter emphasized that the key to building a more equitable future for hiring lies in removing the built-in bias and assumptions that underlie the traditional recruitment process. 

“Factors like education, experience, or references tell us very little about a candidate’s job performance while also shutting out a wealth of diverse talents from roles they could be ideally suited for. Skills-based assessments give these candidates a chance to show their true capabilities on a level playing field and by extension, allow recruiters to make better hiring decisions.”

At TestGorilla, we see the shift from resumes to skills-based hiring as a truly disruptive trend that could revolutionize the dynamic between employers and candidates. To find out more about the principles behind this revolution, check out our upcoming webinar outlining our new rules for hiring.

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