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Assessing your candidates’ attention to detail with TestGorilla


Attention to detail is listed as one of the ‘4 Fundamental Entrepreneurial Skills That Can Transform Your Business’ in Forbes because candidates with this skill can proactively identify and react to obstacles. That’s because employees with a high level of attention to detail can increase efficiency and improve time management. This optimizes the success of your organization as completing tasks efficiently the first time around means less time is wasted on repeating projects.

That said, while discovering candidates with this skill is important, it isn’t always an easy task. How can you find out if a candidate is meticulous enough for a role that requires attention to detail? We recommend our attention to detail test.

Employee mistakes

Why is an attention to detail test important?

Did you know that the average American worker makes 118 mistakes per year? Examples of errors in the workplace caused by a lack of attention to detail include:

  • incorrectly drafting documents,

  • writing a contract incorrectly, or

  • making a calculation error

Testing for attention to detail is important because it helps you to identify candidates that may make mistakes or miss mistakes made by others in key areas of your business. By avoiding candidates that lack attention to detail you can avoid:

  • leaving customers with a bad impression of your company

  • errors that will cost your company money

  • wasting time fixing mistakes

Which job roles require a high level of attention to detail and why?

There is a wide range of roles that require a high level of attention to detail as well as specific types of attention to detail. For example:

  • administrative work

  • customer service positions

  • copywriting and copy editing

  • legal roles, and

  • project management

Legal positions, project management, and administration work require specific levels of organizational skill for managing projects, whereas copywriting and copy editing roles require grammatical precision for creating content free of spelling or grammatical errors.

To carry out administrative tasks efficiently, such as taking minutes or arranging appointments, a candidate should have exceptional organizational skills and good attention to detail. Good organizational skills are also required in project management and legal roles to efficiently organize tasks and carry out projects efficiently.

In some roles, numerical attention to detail might be required. This might include positions such as:

  • financial advisor roles

  • auditing positions, or

  • bank manager roles

Searching for numerical attention to detail in a candidate is essential when hiring for each of these positions. You should prioritize candidates that can demonstrate these aptitudes on attention to detail assessment.

Attention to detail

What are the benefits of TestGorilla’s attention to detail test?

Our attention to detail test will allow you to easily compare your candidates’ test results, which makes it easier to narrow them down to decide who to invite to the next round of the hiring process. You’ll be able to see each candidate’s ability to:

  • match information

  • filter information

  • compare statements for differences

  • check the consistency of information

This test will help you hire for any role that requires attention to detail, such as customer care, office assistant, administrator, and bookkeeper, among others. It is also well-suited for testing candidates’ overall focus for entry-level jobs.

Discover the most meticulous candidates with TestGorilla

Hiring a highly meticulous candidate will benefit your organization in many ways. From increasing efficiency to saving money, attention to detail is incredibly important.

It’s not always simple to find these attributes but using TestGorilla’s test will allow you to quantify a candidate’s ability in this area so that you can make the best hire.


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